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Q -&- A with Followers

Asking my followers, fans, friends and the like to ask me, ANY QUESTION brought in hundreds. These questions were hand picked. I liked them. Don’t be hatin’ if you were not chosen. See Q. on Pageant Mom’s. (giggle)

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Hello my darling Children

USA followers, it is nearing the Presidential Election are you ready? Mauryman, age 17 years and 5 months, much like his nephew, “Madden Hade” is all about the MAGA. Bless them, they allowed me to have a moment or two when our Trump Merch came in. It was memorably amusing. I confirm an all-day photo shoot with two ambitious and tolerant cats. Dutifully, they are helping MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN, cheering on President Donald J. Trump. Strike a Pose for The President!

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► His name is Cannon ◄


The brutal murder of Cannon Hinnant has nearly everyone enraged. Sadly, not all. The BLM and ANTIFA types couldn’t care less.

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☠ Toxic Tea ☠

Sassafras and Sarsaparilla are poisonous!

As a lady living a Ketogenic Lifestyle, I consume a large amount of tea and coffee. Of the two, tea is my “go-to” drink outside of plain water and I am likely to have a steaming cup next to me any time of the day or night. Consuming a variety of brews from Black, Green, […]

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I recently interviewed 50 couples who asked me to cover the chaos surrounding racism. “Black Lives Matter” was brought up frequently. I believe that everyone matters. All Human beings matter. There are many who agree with me. I asked them questions and created the following article. These kind people were of all races. No one was excluded. They all share something in common.

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Parents with school-aged children. Have you read through the CDC guidelines for returning to school next semester? I have seen their blue and white banner for days. If you are sending your progeny off to any public or private school later this year, your children will be placed into a world unknown.

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Apocalyptic Tribulation

April 2nd – TN Governor, Bill Lee, ordered a “Stay At Home” for anyone “non-essential.” Interesting noun there, it was a new one for many. Not many take this governor seriously, for the most part, because of cannabis. He backed out on his Medical Cannabis promise and is despised.

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First off, we are both fine. Our two furbabies are doing well also. Our home is strong and sturdy with not a scrape. Debris is floating around the neighborhood but no harm done. A token old plastic soda bottle was dropped into our fence from unseen forces as well as odd pieces of paper and plastic. We are fortunate. Friends in other counties are walking around in a nightmare. An early March tornado is not unheard of but 25 people dying overnight from one is.

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♫ That’s a Rap! ♫

Rap Music, not everyone comprehends the artistry behind its finesse. I appreciate Rap and have for decades. I remember it’s earliest beginnings and probably listening longer than many of you have been alive. Not trying to offend any age groups, just a fact. I did not perform Rap personally, but I love listening to it. I began my journey with rap as a sixth grader. 1979 or 1980.

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Can’t Rely on Dreams

Written by Lisa Marie Carillon McKinley ©1983 Cant Rely on Dreams
Sit in my room and wonder, what my future’s going to be, Wonder when a lucky break is going to happen for me? Will it be a Love Affair, like every girl dreams for? Will my Knight and Shining Armor come, and sweep me out the door? But you can’t rely on dreams. They never come true it seems. Just look and you’ll see what I mean. You can’t rely on dreams. Now and then you’ll find someone who has it all it seems. Ask them. They’re not happy, living those pipe dreams. So I’ll just sit here in my room and dream about the storm. Make my troubles go away on a magic unicorn. Cause you can’t rely on dreams. They never come true it seems. Just look and you’ll see what I mean. You can’t rely on dreams.

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