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TSA took my baby away

Are you ready for the REVOLUTION? It is here America, taking place and brewing a tempest as I write. The momentum is moving strong. Citizens of the United States are FED up, literally, as in Federal. Today a TSA Agent was arrested for stealing five thousand dollars cash from the jacket of an unsuspecting New York City passenger. He was going through TSA “security” at the J.F.K Airport. This is not the first time a TSA Agent has been caught stealing, sadly it is common. Some have embraced the persona of a demi-god status thinking they are above the law, interfering in the lives of people locally, their neighbors, school mates, causing unrest and chaos, leaving everyone paranoid of each other. Are you a friend or are you a TSA agent? Hoards of links, programs, and newsclips are scattered over the internet and broadcast on national television. We are passing through an intimidating and chilling time in America, where you are concerned not only with the criminals and terrorists but also the government agencies who have torn apart our Constitution.

The Transportation Security Administration, also known as TSA are the overly aggressive agents at the airports, strip searching ninety year old ladies, pregnant women, nude scanning of adults and children, and the most disturbing of all thousands of YouTube and major news network video’s of TSA Agents frisking tearful babies and small children while they scream and cry out, “stop touching me!” Adults should not be fondling any child, it is morally wrong. Most parents tell their children to not allow strangers to touch their private parts, teaching them the phrase of saying, “NO! – GO! – and – TELL someone you trust!” A quick trip to the airport will illuminate the horrors of this happening every day in any given airport where the TSA lurks.

Many do not take to the skies anymore thinking they will avoid the TSA and their bullying. This has financially burdened the airlines where companies are going bust largely because of all the “bustings” of the TSA. In the wake of this violated aftermath less American’s are flying and it has nothing to do with terrorists overseas but the terrorists in our own homeland, roughing us up as we attempt to board an airplane. Unfortunately even if you travel via private bus, rv, limo, or car, you can still fall victim. The TSA are not just in the air but also grounded, setting up road blocks, and the same practices they use in the airports can be done on the ground — and it is. You can be taken from your car and the entire family searched and violated, all for the good of The United States.

The TSA claims to be providing security, for our own benefit because of 911, also known as September 11th, 2001, though where is the security when there are continuous reports on theft and harrassment that they themselves have commited? American People, your Constitutional Rights have been taken away and you are living in a Federal Police State, accept it as fact, it’s true. We allowed them to move in and take over and touch our private body parts with and without clothing on saying “be quiet, it’s for your own good!” Funny, that is often what child molesters say to their victims. This is a grotesque injustice to American people. Ron Paul will end the TSA and much other Federal interference that is costly and frankly, not needed.

My First Cavity Search

Dr. Paul is also against the Patriot Act which Obama signed into law. Shockingly, Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum are all in agreement with president Barack Obama for this injustice to our nation. Ron Paul is the only candidate against the Patriot Act, that can come into your home and arrest your child and imprison even for the suspicion of prank calling. This happened recently when a childs computer IP number was hacked and used for such a purpose.

This youngster was taken out of his home and brought to another state where he was questioned and imprisoned while under investigation. Months later the mother still had no answers, she had not seen her child in over two months and did not know exactly where the feds had taken him. The agents searched her home and found nothing, no bombs, no explosive supplies, the childs computer was hacked which was the only fact that was determined. Does this alarm you too? These events can happen to any American with a computer, even young children.

The Patriot Act enabled the federal agents to enter and search this families home, taking the boy away in a vehicle. The mother pleaded on television for help, falling upon deaf ears. Even with no “hands on” evidence they would not return him to his family – a child. As an American mother with The Patriot Act active, there was no where else to turn except the mainstream news media where she was interviewed by dozens of reporters and writers ready to tell the world of her startling circumstances.

We do not have to live in fear anymore. We can restore America to her original majestic beauty if you are willing to take a step out from the ordinary to the extraordinary and support Ron Paul for the next American U.S. President. May GOD lead you in your decision.

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