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VICTORY! Senate passes new bill on TSA

Today, February 7th, 2012 is going down as a celebration for those shouting out for our independence. This is the way it was intended to be in America and why our forefathers fought hard to make our nation a free one. Along the way we gave up our freedoms for “security” fueled by fear and irrationalism and lost the path of our Constitutional Rights, no longer a free country. Blamed largely with extremists from other countries it soon became ever so clear that our own people were being paid to terrorize on our own soil another “Brother-against-Brother” war on our own turf.

Americans have been entangled in a suffocating black hole and are now demanding escape from this harsh reality. A battle has been won with the Senate passing a BILL that will allow airports to dismiss the bullies who have been employed by the Federal Government, namely the TSA. This will enable the airports to hire Private Security and replace the TSA who are best known for their cancer causing and radioactive full “body scans”, adding in the sexually charged “groping” and “strip searching” of not only adults, pregnant women, teenagers, adolescents, and the elderly but also upon very small and often screaming children and infants. Accompanying this damning evidence is the other issue with robbing passengers of their property and hard earned cash with thousands in the aftermath wondering, “Will I ever get my property and money back?” Fat chance people, don’t hold your breath, it is the Federal Government, the TSA took it away.

My suggestion to those employed by the Transportation Security Administration is get your priorities in order quickly, including an updated professional résumé, and find another source of employment. Go to college and finish your education, it is time to lay down your blue rubber gloves. Not all who worked for the TSA are bad people, they were doing a job they were paid for though I question why anyone would be proud of this assignment. Most TSA agents I know removed their job titles from their Facebooks out of shame, that speaks very loudly to me. I trust they will go on and find better suiting jobs for their abilities.

Praised Blessings to all of the airlines who are taking accountability for their own security which will additionally create over 10,000+ new jobs in the private sector. The R3VOLUTION is moving forward sincere applause to all the Freedom Fighters who are taking our country back — God Bless America!

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