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Fraudsters vs Ron Paul 2012

Perhaps the most eye-opening and thought provoking element of the 2012 Presidential GOP Republican Primary Elections are the growing reports of voting fraud. Circulating from nearly every state where they have been held thus far, the dishonorable actions have American’s talking and in great numbers. There are four final GOP Republican Candidates, all winning at least one state, and only one of the four has not, the man whom everyone is envisioning to win, Ron Paul. While America sadly expressed disappointment over the states showering Romney, Santorum and Gingrich with more “votes” than Ron, we stood in wonderment of how the others were finishing at the top, it simply did not equate. Basic mathematics with no argument – more people show up for Ron Paul and cheer him on. The winner in the Straw Poll, Ron Paul has considerably more groups of followers across the United States than any of the others, so why is he not placing higher in these primaries?

People on both sides were anticipating a first place triumph for Ron Paul in the state of Maine. However the evidence of corruption quickly ignited and spread throughout the waves of communications and it flamed up rapidly. The media began showing more sympathy for Ron Paul and he deserved it, something clearly was “Rotten in the State of Denmark”, or Maine as it were. Everyone could see it now, you would be daft not to. The disillusionment of “fairness” in U.S.A voting channels were manifesting as something to examine and document.

Without warning came the cancellation at a voting site in Maine, for a mere few inches of snow which turned out only a dusting. Most find that hysterical since Maine natives are well accustomed and knowledgeable for driving in all types of weather, especially snow. Closing up shop and not allowing residents to vote because of a dusting of snow or a threatened two to four inches was ludicrous. The Republican Party in Maine eliminated places to vote and ran the prospective voters away who were ready to cast their ballots for Ron Paul. Within a matter of a few hours it was over, adding fuel to the fire and insulting the intelligence of Maine residents who drive upon a colossal number of snowy roads in any given year. These are largely outdoor people, sturdy, resistant, conditioned and in tune with nature where it is not unusual for them to have several feet of snow in one winter season. A person hailing from Maine laughs at two to four inches of snowfall. As educated people they are outraged that the doors were shut in their faces, denied the right to place their choice on the ticket. Then came the lost votes from other voting area’s, voter misplacement, and the most damning of all – the publishing of the “winner” and the poll totals well before voting was over.

No one is delusional and very few believe that Mitt Romney won the state of Maine which unveils a questionable and polluted prestige upon him and his advocates. Mitt Romney will not win the Presidency and his legacy will be remembered as the crooked billionaire who had people cheat for him, paying other wealthy or well known characters for their votes and endorsements. His path is a blind and desperate attempt for the presidency and he will fail. What does this say about the followers of the “mormon faith” and their “hero” Mitt Romney? For one, they are easily tricked into believing and encouraging election falsifications. This will hurt their “church” that many already believe to be a cult and not as a true Christian faith. With Mitt’s deceptions time will soon unravel the full extent of this catastrophe, another blow to the mormons moving them back into a deeper shade of darkness. Many view this “mormon representative” as a modern day con artist paying bribes for a “show of hands” – even hands that are invisible, crafty!

How will school aged children view these unfolding events where televised news programs, radio stations, internet video’s, websites, newspapers and magazines are all broadcasting on the overreaching trickery that is being fed to us? Do you think it is acceptable to win anything by cheating and do you want your progeny to develop a desire for power – gaining only through lying and pay-offs to their peers? Is this what we want emphasized to our nation? Romney takes risks but not in a positive way and he is already being destructive to America. Cheaters are not heroic or to be admired, they cannot be trusted in running a country.

America needs and demands Ron Paul for President in 2012. He is the REAL Winner in Maine – and predictably other states too. The United States has a genuine candidate for the Republican Party. Support Ron Paul and together we will take America back and celebrate our nations self-sufficiency, departing from the transgressions against our people.

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