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March, 2012

Online Voting at The Scepter Awards

To vote in the Scepter Awards you will need to join the Charming Belles group on Yahoo where our Polling is located. Subscribing and Voting are Free. It is super easy and takes only a few minutes. No one knows who voted for whom or their location, their yahoo I.D./email/name – everything is 100% annonymous […]



Scepter Awards 2012 Preliminary Event

The Scepter Awards 3rd Annual Ceremony Photography, Talent, Beauty Pageants, Film/Television, Entertainment Industry Event • Venue • Charming Belles Productions • Host • Sheri Hooper • 2012 Categories • PAGEANT ENTERTAINER OF THE YEAR MOST FAMOUS PAGEANT COMPETITOR MOST INSPIRATIONAL COMPETITOR BEST SUPPORTIVE PARENT MOST FAMOUS PAGEANT PARENT MOST FAMOUS PAGEANT FACE MOST LIKELY […]