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Online Voting at The Scepter Awards

To vote in the Scepter Awards you will need to join the Charming Belles group on Yahoo where our Polling is located. Subscribing and Voting are Free. It is super easy and takes only a few minutes. No one knows who voted for whom or their location, their yahoo I.D./email/name – everything is 100% annonymous even to the group owner. The only information the Admin can see are the percentage of votes for each nominee and the number of votes that Nominee has. I can tell you right now that there are dozens of ties! Nearly every category is tied – a very close race! If you want a Nominee given spotlight as a Scepter Award Winner vote for them and encourage others to do so also. At the end of this event, should there be a tie to any category we will be forced to have a 24 hour or less tie-breaker. We are trying to avoid that by getting folks to cast their ballots now, rather than later. What are you waiting for? Join us and participate in this third annual event to celebrate the leaders in our business.

– STEP ONE – Join the Group on Yahoo below –

Click above button or here to join Charming Belles and Cast your Votes now!

– STEP TWO – Voting
Look to the left hand side of the group. Find Polls and click. You will see the links for all twenty categories. Be a sport and give everyone a vote in all of the divisions. You may vote for only one Nominee for each category. That’s it, you are finished, simple! Tell your friends and have them send support for their favorites too.

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