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Au revoir Belles élite de Charme

Wishing your previous cast of National Queens a cheerful bon voyage as the new Winners are announced is not always easy, speaking for myself that is. Perhaps another reason why I was penned “Momma Belle” years ago, I am the mothering type to those appreciating of such adoration. Momma Belle, how I cherish the title, and true to form as any good mother/director should be (is there a difference between the two?), I do not move on with the next group and dismiss from mind the Charming Belles “kindred.” Those who remain in my life long after their reign has ended are especially precious and those I have lost touch with, levels of concern. One “retired” National Elite Queen at Charming Belles, Lanthe Emily, her brother Ricky was struggling with leukemia. All I know is that his previous website, Ricky’s Dragonslayer, met it’s goal of fundraising for this cause. I do not know what happened to this family and think of them often.

As a Director I have fostered bonds with nearly all, even their pets. Alongside numerous advertisements and promotionals at least twelve months after their National wins and in the end saying farewell to welcome in the new group of Elite’s is bittersweet. There is a rewarding end to this story however. Favorably, most of the Charming Belles Royalty have advanced further making me very proud. Our last five Elite Queens in particular have notably went on to accomplish magnificent achievements. As the Charming Belles Anthem says, “We are Beautiful, We are Photogenic, We are Intelligent, We are Charitable, Our Success is Destined!”, this is a group of Royalty that have been especially impressive.

Laura Hunter is Charming Belles 2010-2011 National Elite Lady. She is married with two beautiful children. I began hearing her name nearly a decade before her win with Charming Belles. Not just a pretty face with a fabulous figure, she is also a skilled Photographer, Actor, Cheerleading Coach, Photograph Retoucher, the list goes on and her performances great. I have had the priviledged honor of watching this talented photographer grow further into her art, viewing updated creations of her work over the years, and becomming a well respected professional with thousands of photo shoots under her belt. Laura’s photography studio, Beyond Photography, is located in Bellingham, Washington. No fiction to the name, a Charming Belle is really operating a business in ” Bellingham ” I Love it! Laura shoots excellent Headshots and Portraits for Models, Pageants, Actors, Newborns, Maternity, Graduates, Weddings and Business/Corporate Photography. Still a major “Pageant Player” Laura won the title of Mrs. Washington International and also MS. Washington America. She most recently competed in the MS. America Pageant winning “The Spirit of America Award”, Top 5 and 3rd Runner-Up. She is the definition of Physical Fitness and keeps herself in shape with hard work, self discipline and being the Coach and Owner of The Pacific Panthers Cheer Team. Laura can also be seen in National Commericals for Vehicles, Skin Care Products, Website Video’s, Car Insurance, iSpeak, even Tax Preparation commercials! This is one very “well seen” Charming Belles National Elite Queen and I am certain there will be continuations of her story in the future.

Cassandra Amber “Cassy” Axley is the current Charming Belles 2010-2011 National Elite Model, best known for her large, beautiful and expressive eyes. I met Cassy and her mother Tamilyn at The Pageant Tree party, July 2005. Cassy was a gem, a fantastic helper, asking “what can I do to help?” I amongst others that evening also found out just what a natural born comic Cassandra is. She is hilarious! My husband and I had them as house guests that night along with their dog Manny who found much delight in chasing our overweight cat Maury down the hallway. Manny just wanted to play. Rick said he didn’t know Maury could move that fast. Tamilyn, Cassandra and I were falling apart. Another favorite sidenote is that in the middle of the night Manny ditched Cassy and Tami who were sleeping in another room and found himself most comfortable with me and my husband. We awakened with Manny on one side of us and our dog, Briley, Manny’s new BFF, on the other side. Sadly we all lost Manny last year. He was a sweetheart and we all loved him. Rest in Peace, Count Manfred Von Bonz. In addition to having precious pets, including a new pup that they named Bella, (grin), Cassy is very active in sports including Cheerleading and Tennis. Cassandra is still competing and winning in beauty pageants and has also started a career in Pageant Coaching with winners already taking home titles under her guidance.

Rhiannon Beattie is the 2010-2011 National Elite Queen. Most recently she has started her own Pageant Coaching business, “Rockin’ Studio’s”, Rhiannon’s Rockers. In addition to Coaching she also loves to donate her time with Charity Work and to my delight wore her Charming Belles Elite Queen Sash while giving out a host of packages, shopping bags and boxes stuffed with nice clothing for our 2010-2011 National Charity, Wilmer Hall Childrens Home in Mobile, Alabama. Rhiannon and her family traveled to the coast of Alabama to reach this over 100 year old childrens residential dormitory. Once there they handed out the gifts of clothing for the children. Rhiannon’s act of kindness was also appreciated by myself and those who follow Charming Belles, seeing our Elite Queen in her lovely sash surrounded by all the contributions she was about to hand over. It was one of the most sweetest moments I can think of in the history of Charming Belles. The photographs taken by Mr. Dan Stockwell, (God Rest You Sir), allowed everyone a chance to witness this extraordinary act of humanity.

Rhiannon Beattie
Charming Belles 2010-2011 National Elite Queen
Donating Gifts and Clothing to the Wilmer Hall Childrens Home in Mobile, Alabama

Paige Samblanet, Charming Belles 2009 National Elite Queen is a very busy scholar in college. Between all of her school work and activities you can also see her cheering Live on ESPN Television as a Competive Cheerleader for her Universities Team, tres cool! And lastly, Madison Paige “Tootie” Berg, Charming Belles 2008 National Elite Queen. What a happy moment when she was seen and interviewed on Toddlers and Tiaras in 2009, certainly one of the best episodes. Madison is now also involved with Cheerleading though that does not keep her off the pageant stage. Tootie is still a fierce competitor. No longer sporting the short pageant dresses, she has moved up into a new age group and looks stunning in long gowns, stealing the show with every event. Babies and Children love her and she is often seen toting a precious little one around at a pageant, everyone loves Tootie, even babies. She will kindly stop a moment with a gorgeous smile, posing a quick photograph for the fans, she is a Star in the Pageant Industry and everyone wants to be photographed with her, remarkable! Madison is also the reigning Supreme Dolls 2011 National Elite Tribute Queen, that was held in memory of Mr. Dan Stockwell, Rhiannon’s dad. Madison Berg is a very popular Charming Belle that can accurately be described as a Photogenic Genius, it is one of her Super Powers, she is flawless!

Once a Charming Belle, always a Charming Belle, all the same, once winning any of the exclusive National Elite titles, you can never compete again. Granted, when the next National Event is nigh you see a select few again that will be chosen for diverse marketing opportunities. Another glimpse of truly exceptional Charming Belles, past and present in the Art Department, while future contestants await their turn, with hopeful wishes of also being bestowed as an Elite. And this cycle of pageantry, Charming Belles, my Gift from God, begins once again, as my pageant family evolves and branches out, charmingly.

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