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Exposing Internet Child Predators

They are a plague and you have observed them online, Child Predators. Viewing their alarming posts on Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Groups, Message Boards, YouTube, Instant Messengers, Paltalk, Chat Rooms and the like. In anger you wonder how they made their way onto your “friends” list and look forward to deleting them, though wait until you ban them, it is your duty as a concerned advocate for the voiceless victims. Watch them long enough to gather information and in a nutshell – spy. Once armed with proof you can make a report not only to the website(s) they are using but also your local Police Department. Investigate these people from their names and information (employers, city/states, attended schools, military information, friends on their lists, etc…) you can find out nearly anything especially with Search Engines, tracing IP locations and closely working with Law Enforcement where everyone is working on the same Team – busting sexual degenerates and exposing who they are. They are often older, usually male but not always as an increase of women are being placed on the Registered Sex Offenders List. More adult survivors are speaking out on who took advantage of them and many are now reporting women and not just men. Years ago children were taught to stay away from creepy males and not to take candy from strangers or get in a car with them, rarely did one mention that females can be just as disgusting. When these poor souls were molested by a female they often remained quiet, too afraid to say anything, that no one would believe them and sadly that was and still is true. People will accept that a father can do such an atrocity but find it more difficult to take it as the gospel truth when a mother and/or grandmother stands accused. This kind of thinking needs to stop. Children need to be told to be aware of everyone, no matter their gender, no matter their age, no matter that they are family.

What are the Warning Signs on the internet? Though not always the case, these people often have no children themselves and are usually single or divorced. They have no professions or businesses related to babies, children or teenagers yet have found a strange obsession with adolescents and are either “friends” or “fans” of mainly children. They make references to young actors, child models and pageant children who have made their way from the stage to television on TLC (The Learning Channel) Toddlers -&- Tiara’s, an entertaining and popular program that unfortunately is a pedophile paradise. These predators post dozens even thousands of video’s of each episode or episodes of their favorite children. Doing so openly, they are not afraid nor ashamed of letting everyone know just what exactly they are into. Use your best judgement. Grown men placing these type of video’s on their Facebook, talking as if they know the children personally, making Lists of their favorites and using the website SIBOX IS GOODNESS (sibox.isgoodness.com) is a major signal to watch, report and ban. The video’s of these children are often found on the forementioned website. Anyone placing a video linked with small children that are linked to them is someone to unfriend and dispatch to the Police. Grown men and women who are not in pageants though they repeatedly upload these video clips to the places they lurk are the perverts your parents or guardians warned you about. Most disturbing are the video’s themselves, not just previews from Toddlers and Tiara’s but stolen photographs from the internet, photographers copywritten work taken without their knowledge or approval, cropped out and scanned pics from contest fliers, banners, magazines, they will even place their televisions on pause and snap a shot of their own adding all of these sources together, making their own videos uploaded wherever they get a chance to before it is taken down, all set to romantic music as if they are courting them. It is unnerving to view what they find sexy but the perfect bait to lure and catch these deviants.

Charging these criminals is great as is placing them on a sex offenders list and watching their every move on and offline. Time is important as most states have a limit of how many years can pass before they can be reported from the last accusation, you must act quickly because it will happen again to another child. Keep in mind that you cannot “fix” a pedophile, ask any Psychiatrist, they will always be one, regardless of time spent in therapy, jail, prison, singing in their church, saying they are innocent or framed, proclaiming their love for Christ, anything from a sexual predators mouth is filled with deceit, a detraction from the real perverse fable of just how “normal” they are when they are the exactly the opposite. Having no morals they love to throw themselves at others mercy with their private deceptions and enjoy the tasteless and uncultured compensations that it brings to them. They thrive on the pity of those around them proclaiming that they are the victims and the accuser is a liar. This scenario is played out every day on every street, city and state in America. When it involves family it is especially sad as the unit will generally turn away from the victim and close them out, too submissive to be able to admit they too are victims. Family denial and banishment is an all too common occurence even when the predator has been caught stalking the victims over the web ending with another family member throwing away their computers or given away only to be replaced again. It is shocking how far your relation will go in protecting someone else even when they have caved in and admitted they too have been violated by the same person. Why would someone do that? Humiliation, right? Wrong, greed! More are worried about their inheritance than they are about the past. It is about the mighty dollar. Money is indeed the root of all that is Evil.

Who do you think are taking the majority of child pornography, naked kids in a bathtub, boys dressed up in their grandmothers see-through silken slips that is talked about privately within “the family” though nothing ever done about it. Who would be the artist behind the camera? The parents are often the photographer, allowing their babies to be in naked pictures, even semi-nudes, and are being paid for it using the excuse of “they won’t remember it later.” This form of child abuse has been around since the camera was invented. This is not a new concept though the internet has shed much more light upon it. Remember this you wicked people, some are born with photographic memories which can be seen as either a blessing or a curse to never forget anything they have experienced even before the tender age of two. More families are being accused and with good reason. Parents who are found guilty should be locked up and all rights to the child(ren) severed. They should never see their children or grandchildren again. In the end if you lose them all for stating the truth or protecting your own children from the predator, the other family members were never yours to begin with. Regardless, in the end after this life, you will be Judged and everyone will know what you have done, there is no escaping, even in death.

The non-related weirdo’s on the internet, these child predators have another thing in common. They post from multitudes of sources and change their computers a lot. From PC’s to Android Phones to Laptops at Internet Cafe’s and Libraries to wherever else they can jump on a free Wi-Fi from restaurants, hotel rooms and even dormitories. When you see them, keep records, take photographs with your computer and burn to a disc of the things they are saying and posting. You know what to look for now, have your proof, allow the Police to take it from there and let Justice be Served. Be on the look out for new photo contests from people you have never heard of or cannot Google with a positive history. Often contests/pageants held online have a quick event, addresses given, prizes mailed and then these people “directors” leave, making pageant parents wonder, who was that person? Where did they go? No one ever meets these people, they are Pageant Predator Ghosts and now they have your mailing address. I have said this for over a decade, do not compete with your real home address, go to a different city and get a P.O. Box. Anyone with children are haunted by the Predator Ghosts, you may not even know it. Keep your eyes open. Do you know who is on your Friends List? Expose the Bad – Praise the Good! Right on to everyone making the Internet a Safer Place for our Children.


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