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Snubbed into Silence

I voted for Ron Paul in the 2012 Republican Primary, secretively sporting my Ron Paul R3V0LUTI0N t-shirt under my jacket as a symbolic “rebel yell!” and good wish charm. In all honesty I expected him to win the Republican Vote with all states recording the votes correctly and everything carried out fairly at the polls. Not only were many states disorganized and muddling through the whole process but also the ballots cast incorrect, errors were reported, a catastrophe and I do not believe it was an “accident.” Lets also mention the people who are leading double lives, appearing to their (not so close) friends and church members that they are strict Republicans and extremely to the “right” when they are anything but that definition. Cowards! When Big Brother comes calling at your door, and your children are singing, “In the Ghetto”, remember who you voted for. Avoid this and redeem yourselves, there is another candidate.

I am one of those people who would have written in Ron Paul’s name at the 2012 Presidential Election, continuing strong the fight for Liberty, however it does appear at this writing, that some states will not allow this to happen, they will not let you write his name down. There has been so much dirty play against Ron Paul, an admiral man who was “snubbed into silence” by the mainstream media and also the Republican Party itself. I did not know the world was so evil, even against a well respected Congressman. It was really an eye opening experience where I believed everyone got the chance to speak and run as president. Not so, not anymore. Adding to the sadness, Ron has recently appeared on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno finally giving him due time and attention that the Republican Party and Media refused to give him before. Cheers and Thumbs Up to Jay Leno and NBC for their support in Dr. Paul who stated that he is “taking time off” and “preparing for 2016.” I count on that Sir.

I wanted Ron Paul as our next American President despite the people in charge who are against him. Another somber note, that there were not enough American people with balls big enough to stand up bravely and practice what they preach. Simply wearing t-shirts and hats and other promotions for Ron Paul in public would have been a nice gesture, they bought them afterall. Wearing them privately indoors, at home where no one but God can see you does not count, nor does firing up your doobies while writing out a check for Romney or Obama, now that is hysterical! What you do in your own home is your business, but both of these bozo’s think that you should be arrested and are a criminal, over a natural plant you use as a medicine. Why would you support their campaign by sending money? How exactly does that work for you? Explain this to me please. They are against you fool!

So it seems to be over, for now, with Ron Paul saying in response to Jay Leno’s question on “the chances of his running under a third party” as “not much” that summed it up for me, however disappointing. Now in the shadows of Ron Paul once again emerges Gary Johnson under the Libertarian Party. Oddly enough he was my first choice and I donated to his campaign even before I donated to Dr. Paul’s. I still get snail mail from the both of them. When Gary Johnson’s Facebook numbers dropped after an appearance on his second or third live “Yowie” chat hosted on the internet, many switched sides and the support of Ron Paul started to rise from there, while Gary’s numbers on Facebook descended. I chose Ron over Gary though silently wishing that the two would merge into one force together, sweeping the nation with their people equally. Gary Johnson is a good alternate and he has found his way onto the ballot with the Libertarian Party.

I will not vote for Mitt Romney nor Barrack, though voting for him in 2008 (with people still not speaking to me for that open decision) I will not be voting for either. If they were the only two up there I simply would not vote, see where this could be leading to? Anyone ever heard of communism? Am I angry, are others? Darn tootin’ folks are angry! The Republican Party snubbed my favorite candidate, you expect me to be bursting with fruit flavors?

Once again I find myself asking why Ron Paul refused to run as a Libertarian. Though it was his choice, I and others find it terribly disheartening. Regardless of Ron’s reasoning, Gary has found the courage to run under this political party, and while his supporters are in the lower percentages (right now) than Obama and Romney, Gary Johnson’s Facebook Numbers are turning around once again and climbing. Many Ron Paul supporters will now be voting for Gary Johnson in 2012 and it looks like I will be one of them. We are at the end, Ron left the race. There are no other options.

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