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Recommended Photographers 2012-2013

Artists are lovely people. Their commitment to superior work and high performance demands respect. This is the Pageant and Modeling Industry and it is a production for using alot of muscle and brain power. Pageant and Modeling Photography is physically laborious including set-up, lighting, props, and with camera in hand they appear to be doing their own version of “Zumba.” Then there is hair, make-up, (some photographers are providing all of these skills in one photo shoot) most offering a Free C.D. of your proofs immediately after the photo shoot. They are not finished, there is still Retouching (sometimes provided by the photographer and most often another Professional Retouch Artist who finishes the job to your wishes) and finally off to Printing and then Shipping.

The big tests are when these prints are competing, online or offline, especially Nationals where Judges want to see the very best in the industry while Pageant Directors and Promoters want the most culminating to be a representative of their Pageant Systems or Modeling Events. Demand is high, those at the top are making a good living, albeit a labor of love and back breaking work. For those seeking a professional photographer it is of the highest importance to have a pro with excellent skills and a positive history following them. Everyone wants a Winning Pageant Photographer with a shimmering business history! Once finding the photographer that is right for you or your child the next step is to google their name, state, website to make sure that they continue to hold positives with the BBB. Once cleared, you will need to email or telephone the photographer. I suggest doing both.

Do not be shy with them, let them know what you are looking for in a photographer, be professional yourself and tell them exactly what type of shots you are wanting, and where you can arrange to have your shoot. Often photographers travel to Live Stage Pageants, holding photo shoots at the pageant. Many find this accommodating and easier. Generally the photographer will have a list for you to follow out so that the shoot goes well with everything falling into place perfectly. Be sure to utilize every instruction that the photographer gives you and book early, it can take 6-8 weeks to get your finished prints back. Sometimes for an additional fee you have an option of a “rush” service order. Ask the photographer if Hair and Make-Up will be available. It is also recommended to utilize only professional hair and make-up artists. If this service is not done for you ask the photographer for names and numbers that they most often work with.

Those listed below have been acknowledged as accomplished Professional Photographers of our National 2012-2013 Placements. After Queens and Winners were announced an email was sent out to those who entered requesting the Names and Businesses of their chosen Photographers. As a rule I do not ask for photographer information on the Entry Form as a pre-requisite for entering the National Event at Charming Belles. Everyone listed below had a contestant who’s scores won a title in our National Pageant. These Photographers are highly recommended as a choice for seeking a Professional Photo Shoot with Glitz Headshots, Naturals, Portfolio Shots, Modeling Shots, Themed Shoots, Commercial, Weddings, Groups, and Live Pageant Stage Shots. A No-Politics Zone, each professional photographer here placed by their hard work and dedication to this artform, through the talents of their clients. A mix of perfect chemistry between photographer and model is paramount to your success.

If you were not listed the request was ignored. Do not take that personally as some wish to keep their photographer a secret. Names were placed alphabetically at the following url: http://www.charmingbelles.com/photographers.html
They will remain while our current cast of National Belles hold their titles for 2012-2013.

Baron Da’Parre

Bill Tracy

CSR Photography

Deanna Meredith

Donna Mallard

LaBelle Fille

Laura Hunter
Beyond Photography

Lilly Soto-Young
Photographed Memories

Mary Powell
Cherry Bean Photography


Teresa Easler
Clicky Chicks Photography

Tristan Duplichain Photography and Designs

Congratulations again to these recommended photographers and to all involved in the making of their shots. Jobs well done!


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