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Believe in Gary Johnson, Vote Libertarian!

“Gary Johnson for U.S. President 2012 – One must possess INTELLIGENCE to “get it” – One must muster COURAGE to “SHOUT IT!” – One must summon the ENERGY to “BELIEVE IT!” – I believe in GARY JOHNSON as LEADER of the UNITED STATES of AMERICA!” – Sheri Hooper ©2012

This proclamation may not be appreciated by everyone though I meant every single word and still do.

While some American’s debate as if there are only two choices to vote for, Obama (Democrat) and Romney (Republican), I have taken a “road less traveled” and I know that will “make all the difference.” Regardless of the outcome, I support Gary Johnson for President of the United States, running as a Libertarian.

After the circus the Republican Party created with the cruel and unusual treatment to Dr. Ron Paul, I turned my back on they and their delegate “winner” Mitt Romney. I will no longer vote nor support the Republicans or the Democrats again. Both sides and the mainstream media were harsh and unfair to our beloved Ron Paul. Unfortuntely, as hearts were breaking, Dr. Paul decided against running with another party, leaving a kind “Thank You” and “Goodbye” and “Look for me again in 2016.” American’s were crushed as they read this letter from Ron Paul’s domain (RonPaul2012.com) placed on the front page of his website September 2012. While I believe we have not heard the last from Dr. Paul, for me, at this writing, there is only one affiliation, call it a Party if you wish, I call it FREEDOM, I am a Libertarian.

There are many things I can appreciate about Gary Johnson, a former two-term (8 year) Governor for the State of New Mexico, where he made the state bloom with beauty, peace, grace and charm. He gave New Mexico citizens Liberty and Freedom, something to live for, a state people are proud to call home now. Even more so, he cleaned up their budget with brilliance and left them with loads of additional money and thousands of employment opportunities. Gary Johnson has been gifted with wisdom. He is genius, mature, compassionate and a powerfully proven business man already capable of running this country.

Gary Johnson will be remembered as the People’s President, one that will not be feared by the citizens. He will balance our budget immediately, as in a few weeks, unlike Mitt Romney who declares that it will take him “8-10 years” to balance a budget under himself should he be elected as president. That is weak Mitt, trying to get two terms are you? He is so transparent we can see right through to his creepy Mormon Long Johns. What style. (Sarcasm Alert!)

Romney and Obama have many notions comparatively in common and disturbingly parallel. Some have called the two of them “Obamney” meaning that they are the same person with identical, albeit crooked, ideals. One prime example is Marijuana Prohibition. Obama admitted not only to smoking weed but also snorting cocaine, shocking the entire nation in a matter of seconds. The rules however do not apply to Obama, it is okay for him, just not other Americans. Healthy Americans, Sick Americans, it does not matter, you are all criminals if you use medicinal or recreational cannabis and should be tossed into prison camps. This is reality with not only Obama in office but also Romney, and what they believe a good anti-weed administrator should do, with a “let them eat weed cake in the pen” attitude. It is eerie and the U.S.A is haunted with the cries of it’s people.

A superior U.S President would not be able to fathom the unjustice of this cold treatment to his people. With Obama as President over the last four years, marijuana arrests have increased sharply, leaving the nation in wonderment, “What is going on here?” Barack Obama is a hypocrite, deceiving the people who voted for him in 2008, thinking that at last we had a more progressive and kind hearted leader. We who voted for him are all shaking our heads in shame. Americans are in captivity and voting in either Obama again or Romney will lead to more unimaginable terror on our own land.

Barack Obama came into office in 2008 and since that period of time more American’s have been incarcerated, even for petty amounts of grass. Sadly in this intimidating wake, families have been ruined, jobs destroyed, mommy’s and daddy’s thrown into prisons unjustly, infants taken from their mothers breast and handed over to strangers for months, years, indefinitely, over a harmless, medicinal, plant. This is communist, and it is chilling. Anyone against cannibis sativa is definitely someone we do not need in office as they are against the people. Ending prohibition stops the Cartels from other countries importing their own drugs/flowers/etc… into ours. They laugh all the way to the bank at our stupidity. Gary Johnson will put an end to this right away and release those imprisoned for smoking or eating a natural herb made by GOD himself. The man makes sense. He will save and reunite families. It will be a beautiful event, a life changing America as we have never known, a Free Country for every man, woman and child.

Want to hear some gospel truth? Kids can get pot easier than ever before. The more illegal it becomes, the quicker it ends up in their hands. If it were legal, taxed and regulated, the problem would be solved. Showing an I.D. that you are of legal age to purchase marijuana, either in a dispensary or a “head shop” would prove to be more difficult for minors. This is why alcohol is arduous for under 21’ers to “score.” The TRUTH!

The Live and Online “Free and Equal” 3rd Party Candidate Debate was the only Presidential Debate worth watching this year. By far more entertaining, easy to follow, mellow and fun! Gary was blazing the stage and answered with confidence and backbone. He is an American by Birth, Lutheran by Faith, Socially Free-Spirited with more than 420 Reasons to Vote for him, Gary is an absolute delight. Would it not be heavenly to live in a country where the American Dream is still alive and growing with new found Patriotism that shines, sea to sea? Gary Johnson will Lead such an America the way it was always intended to be. My favorite statement Gary made during the debate was, “We Should NOT Bomb IRAN!” -“Let’s END the DRUG WARS” – LEGALIZE marijuana NOW!” – “REVERSE the PATRIOT ACT NOW!” Quite frankly, Gary stole the show, he sparkled! I was born in the sixties and this is not my first time watching a “match” between candidates, though this one was nothing I have ever witnessed before and I feel priviledged to have been part of such an outstanding Presidential Debate. It was phenomenal!

While enjoying the chance of listening to the questions read by Larry King, when Gary Johnson started speaking into the microphone the entire audience (on and offline) went into a joyous outburst of appreciated applause. It was a grand moment in history, one that I will never forget. The debate was filled with jubilation. Gary Johnson is an adored Presidential Candidate and his supporters are enthusiastic, cheerful, intelligent and loyal with all age groups represented.

Those voting for Gary, I send gratitude and blessings, you are doing the right thing as informed American’s. And when someone says to you, “that is a wasted vote” – correct them that the only wasted vote is voting for someone that you do not believe in. Truth is, no one really likes Obama nor do they like Romney. Few want Obama so they are chosing Romney, they are speaking of voting for the lesser of the two evils, however Obamney is really one entity. Voting for Obama or Romney is certainly a wasted vote. Do not be deceived by them, think for yourself.

And to those who are still undecided I leave you with the following . . .

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,
And sorry I could not travel both
And be one traveler, long I stood
And looked down one as far as I could
To where it bent in the undergrowth;
Then took the other, as just as fair,
And having perhaps the better claim,
Because it was grassy and wanted wear;
Though as for that the passing there
Had worn them really about the same,
And both that morning equally lay
In leaves no step had trodden black.
Oh, I kept the first for another day!
Yet knowing how way leads on to way,
I doubted if I should ever come back.
I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I —
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.
– Robert Frost (1916)


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