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State to State _\|/_ Green Gold Rush

Marijuana Legalization Movement grows faster than expected in the United States with Colorado and Washington States seeing a large increase to their economy and higher than normal amount of new visitors, just days after legalization.

Now that cannabis is legal in Colorado and Washington a sight of events have been unfolding quickly, literally overnight. Faster than one can say 4:20! A definite boost to the economy already – considering travel costs, gasoline, food, lodging and American Dollars taxed for purchases including their grass, the United States are in motion! These two savvy states are destroying the “tax-free, visit your local street corner” dealers. The new law is genius and why I say it did not pass in Oregon. The dealers and growers do not want cannabis legal because it dips into their pockets. They risk being arrested for illegally growing or selling rather than paying taxes on their number one cash crop.

If marijuana is a crime where you live it will not be taxed but held “under the table” as a secret income. Those who are operating this type of underground business in Colorado, Washington and bordering states will soon be out of a job, it is going to happen. They should fly legit, vote for it and help the welfare of the country by being taxed in a state where it is legal to grow and sell marijuana. It is simply the right thing to do. I was momentarily stunned when they did not get enough votes for legalization in a place where the fragrant flower is blooming everywhere. Oh Oregon – et tu, Brute? Oregon is an ideal environment to grow in the lush, green, secret places of it’s beauty. Now standing out bravely are the States of Colorado and Washington where you can “grow your own” with legally purchased accessories inside your home or outside in your gardens and green houses. The Drug War here has peacefully ended though what happened next was unexpected.

The American Public are flocking there in numbers, just days later, paying their visits, finding a way to the legal stores, dispensaries and restaurants offering the popular plant to their patrons. They are coming by the tens of thousands and leaving with weed in various forms. Everything is on the menu from smokables, oils, ointments, sprays, tonics, butter, ice creams, smoothies, cookies, popcorn, caramels and lolipops. Name a food, it is probably already being manufactured with THC (“Tetra – Hydro – Cannabinol”) the active, natural, mellow “high” substance found in the plant cannabis sativa. Writing this seems surreal. America is indeed moving ahead with these new pioneers traveling through the borders of one state, returning back to their homes into another state with safe, organic, legally purchased pot that has the highest food quality and/or smoking standards. Both the healthy and the sick are taking a risk in their own neck of the woods, but only because their state has forced them to. If for health reasons you needed marijuana would you go to an illegal, unknown, dealer or to a bordering state were the law says, “we’ve ended prohibition, come on over!” what would you do?

This is reality. You can now waltz into legal pot stores in America and buy whatever you want without a medical card because one no longer needs a medically approved reason to purchase them. You only require an I.D, such as a drivers license (even from other states) showing that you are of legal age. You do not have to live there or show proof of residence. It is no different than picking up a bottle of wine or having a beer with your fish & chips. Business is booming like never before in Colorado and Washington. It would be a good time to have a service-type business somewhere along the way or in the two specific states themselves. Green Gold Rush!

Colorado and Washington States gain extra revenue and tax dollars from all of these sales, what an achievement! Those depending on this medicine are willing to make the trip. These advanced states have taken money from drug peddler’s hands and finally admit that this sacred herb is not a “gateway drug”, unless you consider the refrigerator a “drug”. Chemotherapy patients, A.I.D.S patients, need the extra calories, so be it, leave them alone. If they get the munchies, halleluah! With real marijuana, people are less likely to throw it back up. Cannabis works better than anything else on the market, no if’s, and’s, or but’s about it. Please, do not be like the un-named dumb ass who while being videotaped asked a man in a wheelchair, “But isn’t there synthetic medical marijuana already?” – yes, there is, from pharmaceutical companies and it makes people sick. It does not work for nausea if it makes someone nauseous when you use it. The other benefits are also missing with this fake stuff, it is garbage and not good for you. But because of legalization, you do not have to be labled as sick to use and no one can call you a criminal any longer. Can you see the smoke signals being sent up? Can you hear the music? Freedom is Ringing!

What an exciting time to be an American. These large steps say that each generation of Voters continue to grow wiser and are better educated. Please join N.O.R.M.L (National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws) and L.E.A.P (Law Enforcement Against Prohibition). Happy Trails to you, Travel Safely, Drive Responsibly, Act your Age, and GOD Bless and Heal every step of your Journey.

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