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Pageant “Go-Go Juice” is Toxic!

Is giving your child a dangerous drink in hopes to improve their stage routine worth their lives to you? Go Go Juice is a lethal substance that should not be given to children.

There have been a bevy of conversations and television coverage over a drink called “go-go juice” for beauty pageant contestants, namely children. Parents claim this gives their child an advantage over competition by staying alert and wired throughout their performance. They have bought the dress and other pageant wear, hired a Coach, Personal Physical Trainer, Gymnastics and Dance, Hair Stylists, Make-Up Artists, Professional Headshots, practiced faithfully, and are determined that their children blaze the stage, and win. At this writing you will not find the deadly potion on the supermarket shelves marketed under the lable of “Go-Go Juice” though you can easily locate the ingredients. This odd elixer of chemically extracted caffeine from “energy” drinks, additional sugars, soft drinks and other toxins including crushed up No Doz pills, are all mixed together into one concoction. Naive parents are administering this to young babies and children competing in pageants, flooding directly into their bottles and sippie cups. Others with older children pour into dark containers so that you cannot exactly tell what the contestant is drinking. Some mix their kids drinks in private, not from shame but afraid another will see what they add and steal their “recipe weapon” of mass pageant destruction – (Sarcasm Alert!) These “home brews” are an abusive pageant parents secret, a concentrated tincture of poison that should be poured down the sink. Shocking but true.

Would you like that shaken or stirred darling?

Red Bull, 5 Hour Energy, Monster Drinks, No Doz and the like were never intended to be given to babies and children. These are lethal synthetic chemicals that you are putting into your children. Truck Drivers use the adult products while on the road, but for a good reason. Truckers are making the decision in regards to everyone’s safety. As adults they are operating heavy trucks on our interstates and trying to stay awake. Pageant Children do not fully understand that the “juice” they are consuming can have terminal and permanent consequences. Pageant Parents, this is Child Abuse and no different than the scum bags who rub cocaine on their teething babies gums or drug them into a sleepy stupor with Benadryl. These acts are criminal, and make honest and loving pageant parents look bad.

Last week it was reported that Red Bull, 5 Hour Energy and other highly caffeinated energy drinks are causing deaths. There are people who sleep in their graves tonight from these legal beverages with cases being released to the public. This is something not to mess around with let alone give to your children. I love pageants and the art form of competition, but no crown or title is worth having to bury your child or live with the mental agony of forever damaging the central nervous system of a young, healthy developing body. Can you live with that guilt?

Some children who were taking Ritalin are now off of the pharmaceutical drug and doing just fine with a glass or two of iced tea or coffee with their breakfasts. They stay observant, focused, and the natural caffeine acts the same way as Ritalin with much less negative side effects. Sadly, pageant parents who think they will be gaining an edge are lying to their pediatricians and medicating their children with Ritalin for pageant use. Ritalin was not created for beauty pageants. There is no need for this. It would be far better to use natural caffeine like tea and coffee, perhaps with a little extra water or milk added, as tea and coffee will stain teeth. Stained teeth are one thing, standing in a cemetery overlooking your childs headstone because you gave them their “Go Go Juice” is another. I refuse to polish this over, it is far too serious subject matter.

Some argue, “but I only give my children soda’s for pageant day or while vacationing!” I have something to say about that too. Soda’s are carbonated and will strip and rot the enamel right off your teeth, no matter what age you are. It is not just the sugar. You must also consider the strength of those “bubbles” and the phosphoric acids that not only kill your teeth but also destroy your kidneys and bladder. Additionally there are correlations between soft drinks and oral, stomach and other cancers. Find a substitute to the forementioned and addictive substances. Most children, especially in the south, love iced sweet tea and iced coffee’s, the later topped with whipped cream is a very special treat. Coffee jelly beans are another delicious option producing a “beep, beep, za-bang!” on stage that so many are seeking, without the harmful chemicals produced in a laboratory.

An end to this chilling practice must be put into order immediately. Coaches and Pageant Directors, I strongly urge you to warn your clients and contestant parents that this toxic brew is not encouraged nor allowed at your events. Make it a Rule and have it in your Paper Work! Should a child fall or have a seizure, stroke or heart attack after drinking this liquid death at your pageant event a string of lawsuits will occur. If Directors and Coaches do not already have contestant parents/guardians sign a waiver, you should do so immediately. Who is to say what they drink behind your back and this be reflected back onto you? Do not lose your career over neglectful parents who want a big title so bad that they will sacrifice anything. I have given everyone other options, be wise and utilize the wisdom before another life is lost or someone is sued. Beauty Pageants have enough negativity thrown upon them, do not be another cliché in our world.

Dr. Drew drinking some “Go Go Juice” pageant poison, a/k/a “liquid crack”.
Watch the incredible and dramatic reaction it has on him.
-!- Do not give this toxoid to your children or babies -!-

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