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Gabrielle Woodard Interview

Gracing the Italian VOGUE magazine website with two remarkable photographs, model Gabrielle Woodard, a Charming Belles National Elite, is moving up fast into the right direction. Affascinante e bella con Flair meridionale! Translation from Italian, “Charming and Beautiful with Southern Flair!”

Gabrielle Woodard - Interview by: Sheri Hooper

 Gabrielle Woodard strikes a perfect pose, modeling her Charming Belles sashes and rhinestoned crown pin. She was photographed here by her mother, Shannon. Gabrielle claimed three National Titles at Charming Belles, representing the State of Mississippi.
National Elite Grand Overall 17+UP Lady Queen 2012-2013
Ladies National Overall Photogenic
Ladies Best Natural Photo

: SH : Chosing Modeling is a rough road to follow, though you make it seem easy with your jaw dropping portfolio of photographs. How long have you been pursuing this career?


: GW : About a year and a half


: SH : Are you taking Modeling Classes or have a Coach?

: GW : No


: SH : Modeling Accomplishments are:


: GW : Hinds CC Advertisements, Jackson Free Press Holiday Hair Tutorial, Hindsonian (school newspaper) Articles, Charming Belles National Elite, and Italian Vogue Magazine/Website.


: SH : You have competed (and won!) in Modeling Events. Have you ever participated in any “stage” beauty pageants?

: GW : Yes, Eagle Beauty Review at Hinds CC


: SH : How tall are you?

: GW : 5’4


: SH : You are in ideal physical shape and look so healthy. Your photographs are distinct and on target in every shot and at every angle. What is your secret to this statuesque, much sought after, long and lean figure?

: GW : Oh thank you! That is so sweet! I eat whatever I want, but always drink plenty of liquids.
I love fruit juice!


: SH : Tips for future models trying to lose a few pounds or maintaining a competitive weight?


: GW : I don’t think crash diets are ever a good idea, so I would suggest drinking plenty of water and eating a lot of fresh fruit and veggies.



: SH : Your ideal Breakfast?

: GW : Cheese grits with turkey bacon and fruit


: SH : Lunch?

: GW : Grilled Chicken Alfredo


: SH : Dinner?

: GW : Roast Beef with Mashed Potatoes and Green Beans


: SH : Healthy Snacks?

: GW : Pretzels, Fruit, Goldfish Crackers


: SH : Which Hair Stylists and Make-Up Artists do you choose for Hair and Make-Up?

: GW : I usually do my own hair. Kate McNeely helped me with my decision to get bangs.



: SH : Cosmetics that are “must have’s” for you?

: GW : Mascara and definitely a good red lipstick.


: SH : You have naturally gorgeous hair. What are your favorite Shampoo/Conditioners?

: GW : Moroccan oil products are amazing!


: SH : Would you like to also be involved with Acting?

: GW : Of course


: SH : Career, College, Both?

: GW : Both!


: SH : What are you studying towards in college?


: GW : I graduated in May 2012 with my Associates Degree in Fashion Merchandising.
Now I am studying Marketing.


: SH : What are your Hobbies?

: GW : Bargain shopping, spending time with friends and family, going to the movies,
dancing in my car, photo shoots and drinking Starbucks.


: SH : Favorite Bands/Musicians?

: GW : The Beatles are my all time favorite!


: SH : Favorite Films?

: GW : The Devil Wears Prada, Dear John, Benny and Joon, Finding Nemo.


: SH : Favorites Actors?

: GW : Zooey Deschanel and Johnny Depp


: SH : Favorite Television Programs?

: GW : What Not to Wear, Glee, The Office


: SH : Recommended Book List?

: GW : Anything by Sara Dessen! To Kill a Mockingbird, Stargirl, If I Stay.


: SH : Favorite Magazine Publication?

: GW : Vogue


: SH : How often do you update your portfolio and schedule a new photography session?

: GW : Every few months.


: SH : The best way for you to have a stress free and flowing shoot is . . .

: GW : Don’t overthink it! Relax and be yourself.


: SH : How do you plan on spending Christmas 2012?

: GW : I plan on spending Christmas with my family and my precious boyfriend who is in the military.


: SH : If you could write your future, penning to the perfect scenario, what would it entail?
What goals and accomplishments would you master? What is your Happily Ever After?


: GW : I just want to be happy and have a loving family of my own.
Possibly a very large closet too!


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Gabrielle Woodard - Interview by: Sheri Hooper  Gabrielle Woodard - Interview by: Sheri Hooper

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  • Beauty Tips says:

    Beauty Tips

    Thank you for this great blog!

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    I want to be makeup artist.

  • gabrielle says:

    Thank you so much Mrs. Sheri for your support, and a huge thank you to those that have supported me and shown me love! This has been a wonderful experience. I wish all of the Charming Belles ladies the best of luck in the future! Much love, “G”.

  • Shannon says:

    I am so proud of you, Gabrielle! What a blessing you are to all who know you! I know God will continue to direct your path in life. Thank you, Sheri, for your wonderful support of all of the Charming Belles ladies!

  • Sheri Hooper says:

    You are a wonderful Elite Lady, Gabrielle. It has been a pleasure sharing your photographs with the world over the year. Incredible Portfolio! SO PHOTOGENIC!. You are a sweetheart and a beauty both inside and out. A Bright Future for you and Shane Sink, I wish you all the best that life has to offer. Mrs. Sheri Hooper

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