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Why are American Children being fed less at school?

American children are complaining of going hungry at school from the meager amounts of food being served by their cafeteria lunch staff. No matter if you pay full price or reduced, the government has intervened, limiting what schools adopting the new program may feed to their students. This travels deeper, read on.

Some of the new rules include limiting portion sizes, caloric intake by grade level and what is allowed in the school vending machines. Candy bars, cookies and other fattening or sugary substances smuggled into the school will become the new contraband. Brown bagging your kid potato chips will get them suspended. I feel sorry for the Girlscouts, they will no longer be able to peddle their tasty treats at school under the new rules that President Obama is backing 100%. Schools will be closely monitoring what your child eats, regardless if they buy their lunch or bring from home.

Dramatically, I picture a line of school aged children showing their teacher the contents of their lunch sacks for early morning approval. Then the predicted theatrics of watching one kid who tries to sneak in something illegal. A hidden bottle of sugar sweetened sports drink springs to life with bubbles rising to the top as the teacher inspects with rage. Terror rips through the room as she hisses, “You have broken our School Code of Food Ethics. Go to the Principals office at once, you Fat, Evil, Child!” The chorus of classmates tearful woes cry out, as the drink is slammed into the steel garbage can, innocent heads bowing from the brutal sound waves echoing throughout the class room. Then, silence, as the scene closes into darkness.

Is the Thespian coming out of me or am I truthfully vivid? Observe, ask, and watch what happens over the next four years under this administration – round two. They are not accepting fat American children with hints of pressure upon insurance companies to charge more for adults who are considered overweight. Will it soon be against the law to have extra pounds on your body? There are hints that this may be a possibility, you see the government wants to “take care” of you. The President is reaching far to stop obesity at his level. He won the most votes, Obama is the President, this is his country, he makes the rules, and it is his ballgame. Grab a blanket and soothe your chills on the cold, metalic bleachers. Yes Patriots, this is really happening in America.

The younger a student is by grade level, the less your child will consume. These authoritarian limits are unfair and should be recreated into something more flexible. No one is ever the same age or the same size in class. Children who have fallen two even three years behind generally require more nourishment than their grade level peers. There are thirteen year olds eating what nine year olds are being served with the same control of food rationing, again by grade. I am especially concerned for Diabetic children who’s bodies demand specific nutrients that might not fall under the rigid scheduling and policies of the schools. Additionally I am uneasy for those falling somewhere on the Autistic/Aspergers Spectrum and also Special Education students who are finding it difficult communicating that they are ravenous. They need more substance in their stomachs to benefit from the teachings being given to them. Kindhearted teachers bringing in special treats to help hungry students will be under corrective action or fired for doing so, regardless of tenure.

My questions upon hearing this was “why did this happen?” and “who passed into order?” and lastly, “when did it all begin?” Three entities, The First Lady, Michelle Obama, her husband President Barack Obama and The Federal Government. This trilogy holds the strings. Their programs are being talked about more because it has newly governed and even stronger subjugated definitions of healthy. The school refrigerator is literally under lock and key. Keep in mind that this change in your childs lunch is not something new, it has been going on since Bush left The White House. American children were fed more under the Bush Administration. Now reflect that the Obama “lunch campaign” has been updated again with even harsher guidelines. Yikes!

Most schools are going along with the flow and feeding their children less while others are choosing not to. The more generous schools feel that the framework of this plan is too austere. It is definitely not equal and some schools, most infact, are not measuring up. Pouring over school menu’s I found it shocking what was being plated. In general, and I am just going to say this, the South are taking care of their children far better than other parts of the country. They are serving heartier meals that the children might have at home. I give Honorable Mention to a school in Long Island, New York for having a daily sandwhich station for their kids to gain additional weight or maintain the weight they are now. This is an excellent idea that should be carried out in every school in America. The best schools evaluated were in Smyrna, Tennessee – Mobile, Alabama – and Long Island, New York.

The worst school was located in Washington, Illinois (Central IL/Tazewell County) for passing off hotdogs filled with nitrates. Hotdogs are a molecular mass of garbage that should not be fed to anyone. Corn was the only vegetable. There was nothing green on the menu and the only fruit came out of a can. San Francisco, California took 2nd place dishonors as having the smallest school meals and using trickery to get the students into spending more by serving ridiculously small portions. Though California’s was miniscule it was healthier than what the children in Washington, Illinois are eating.

I thought hotdogs were taken off school lunch menu’s years ago. It depends upon the school however, you must consider the source. Take away their needed nutrients and calories, stuff them full of cancer causing agents like those found in hotdogs. They are cheap, and at best won’t make them fat. The new “F” word – FAT! We cannot have fat children in the school, and be certain not to feature the larger kids on the school website, it would be unsightly on the schools image. Forget their grades are lower than national average, at least they look good. Now let’s have a peek at some of the school cuisines in different parts of the United States and how well they scored on their food report cards.

Tennessee School Lunch Menu

(Smyrna, Tennessee)

$2.00 for Elementary
$2.25 for Middle and High School

Food Served
Baked Chicken Tenders (or) Homemade Meat Loaf
Turnip Greens
Pinto Beans
Mashed Potatoes
Seasonal Fruit
Macaroni Salad
Whole Wheat Roll
100% Apple Juice (or) 100% Grape Juice



Alabama School Lunch Menu

(Mobile, Alabama)

Food Served
Baked Chicken
Roasted Potatoes
Caesar Salad
Canned Fruit
Fresh Fruit



New York School Lunch Menu

(Long Island, NY)
Price: not listed

Food Served
Pizza Slice (or) Pizza Bagel (or) French Bread Pizza
Roasted Zucchini
Green Garden Salad with choice of dressings
Milk comes with this meal in choices of 1%, Fat Free or Chocolate

This school also offers a Peanut Butter/Jelly and Cheese Sandwhich Bar for the children
to get their fill of sandwhiches. This is included free with every paid lunch. What a great idea, kudos to them! Every school in America should offer this.



California School Lunch Menu

(San Francisco, CA)
Price $3.00
All meals come with milk and students must take either the fruit or vegetable that is offered that day. If they want both a fruit and a vegetable they must pay more.

Food Served
Macaroni and Cheese
Sliced Cucumbers

If this is your childs school that is all they will eat unless they buy more. I found this surprising considering the school had the most expensive lunch of all those surveyed. Macaroni and Cheese and Sliced Cucumbers hardly seem enough for growing children.

They may purchase a la carte items for an additional price as follows:
Water $1.00
Juice $1.25
Milk $.50
Fruit $.50
Cookie $1.00

They may also buy (though prices were not listed) daily sandwhiches and other hot entrees like Lo Mein, Pasta, Rice and Salads. But only if they have the money to buy them. Lower income children will go hungry if they do not have the cash to purchase more.



Illinois School Lunch Menu

(Washington, Illinois)

Beverages do not come with the lunch and must be purchased separately for 30 cents with the choices of Fat Free White Milk or Fat Free Chocolate Milk with Lactose Free Milk, if available and in stock, can be by requested by students. They do not offer Whole Milk, 2%, 1% or Skim. This school did not offer juice either, buy Fat Free Milk or have nothing at all.

Food Served
Hotdog on Bun
Mixed Fruit

Do you see anything green on this plate? Fruit cocktail does not count. Corn as the “vegetable”? Genetically Modified no doubt. Really Central Illinois, must you be such a cliché?

This one floored me. Their lunch menu was by far the saddest. Illinois is the claimed “Home State” for Obama. Why are they serving their children unhealthy “stadium” foods? Inadequate lunches here. Tazewell County, Washington, Illinois – you FAIL! The children must be miserable, terribly unfocused and their overall GPA’s will be a despairing reflection. What happens to their rumbling bellies when the new rules take over and they are fed even less? This is not fair – TEAR down the WALL!



Underfeeding the students for bragging rights your state has the thinnest kids is shallow, self-seeking and a power controlled exploitation against adolescents. Thinner does not mean smarter or healthier. According to the National Assessment for Educational Progress in the United States, Illinois is on the list who’s students are scoring lower in testing for Reading and Math. Brains do not function at their highest potential without the proper fuels needed. Feed your kids more Illinois, unless you want the majority of them to grow up and retread tires, dig ditches or work in nursing homes at the lowest level with backbreaking work and little compensation for the rest of their lives. The youngsters in Illinois are worthy and they deserve better. Their tummies need to be full because they cannot learn on a diet like this. Let us not forget that their parents pay taxes too and it is time for caloric compensation.

Whether you like it or not, your children attending public school are on a weight management program designed by your government and Michelle Obama. She is clever. If I could foresee a former First Lady claiming the title of President in the future, it would be Michelle. She successfully pursuaded the businesses of Olive Garden and Red Lobster into changing their menu. Crafty! Michelle’s strategy with the restaurants were not well received with the American Public and many patrons stopped eating there and found new and more generous places to dine. The restaurants served less and charged the same prices while more “all you can eat” buffets, regardless of price, increased in number, popping up everywhere with parking lots filled with customers.

I wonder how long smorgasboards will be allowed to operate in the United States? Do you think that cannot happen in a country where drive-through restaurants are already being banned “illegal to operate” in cities across the country, not to mention an enforced law that was passed on the size of a soft drink you can now buy in New York City? Food for thought. The world grows increasingly peculiar and unrecognizable.

Mrs. Obama pushed herself into the School Lunch Programs deciding what is “wholesome” with very strict limits. Her concern is the growing obesity epidemic with American children. Have you noticed a change in your children? Complaints of headaches at school? Clothing too large that fit when you bought them? Elemental factors have played out that have American citizens outraged. Their children are too skinny. Though changes with school lunches were subtle in the beginning and not as strict as they are about to become, many American children have already lost a considerable amount of weight. Congratulations, you have been raising a dieting child for the last four years! Brace yourself and expect even harsher restrictions in the next four years to come. You may want to think about giving your children larger breakfasts to get through the day.

There is a trending consensus that otherwise healthy children are being diagnosed with low blood sugar or hypoglycemia. Anemia is also on the rise. Schools are filled with physical activity from walking up and down stairs to sprinting through the halls and the joys of physical education, sports, cheerleading, marching band, flags, dance, color guard and the like. There is no room for “The Food Police” in our schools. Calories are energy needed by the body. Heavy burning of these calories and not enough food going in, kids are lethargic, accused of not paying attention, ridiculed for having growling bellies and other intestinal distress, finding it difficult to stay warm and focusing on their teachers and studies. They are thinking about their next meal, day dreaming about food, before long it becomes obsession. Way to go, those in charge, you have made food an even bigger drug to American children. Schools have increased educational demands with more work, and yet turned around decreasing the nutrients they need to retain what is being enriched academically.

Children attending public schools have predictably dropped weight, though not all of these pounds were desired to be lost on students who were already on the small side. Schools accepting the guidelines of this program are given specific orders to follow, and they are. Says one mother; “I thought this was a good idea initially, she (her daughter) felt better about herself but now she’s falling asleep in class and this was never a problem before.” The daughter still has lunch at school but must carry an additional sandwhich from home daily. Says the daughter; “I felt silly at first carrying my lunch tray, sitting down and then taking something out of my purse to eat too” she says laughing, “before long nearly everyone at my table were doing it. After this I stopped falling asleep in class”. Some schools however have banned this practice too, another new rule of bringing in any outside food. It is getting scary out there in the big world, eh? It is building up to something, be aware.

One concerned mother stated, “He has lost so much weight from school, their small meals and his sports activities too are just not keeping him full. When he gets off the bus he runs to the icebox and sometimes eats until he is sick to his stomach and then he cannot eat dinner. He never did this before.” Typical, you take something away from a kid and they will want it even more, even to the point of making themselves sick later. This is text book on how gluttony begins to breed and eating disorders set in for life.

If this Feast and Famine lunch room routine continues we are going to have a country full of yo-yo dieters. The swing in calorie intake children have when eating more during vacations and then drastically less away from home while at school. This is where the pendulum starts to move. It is a set up for disaster. They say obesity is on the rise though I ask why and where because I am seeing many gaunt and malnourished looking children in our country. What if the threat of year round schooling actually becomes law in all 50 states as it is being suggested? Should that happen, the look of an American child will change to an even thinner version of what we are seeing today.

Arguing that your child will simply take their own lunches and snacks to school may not be an option. Some schools have made brown bagging forbidden. The fear of peanut allergies have schools banning peanut butter and jelly sandwhiches altogether. Imagine this: (Little Sally) Why were you suspended? (Little Johnny) I ate a peanut butter sandwhich for lunch. I am a very bad boy and insensitive to others because I was hungry and my parents are poor”. Peanut Butter, an economical staple in families who are either vegan, vegetarian or struggling to make ends meet have been warned not send their children to school with anything made with peanut butter. Some school extremes include not feeding them peanut butter at breakfast, because your child could breathe onto another child with allergies.

I am not mocking those with allergies and I know how severe anaphylactic shock can be, it is deadly, however there are food allergies with everything milk, eggs, wheat and much more. What else will be prohibited? If a child is so allergic to anything that they come in contact with that it will kill them in minutes, they should be homeschooled, or picked up for lunch and brought back after eating, problem solved, life saved.

Plus sized kids will not vanish with these bizarre, military like, basic training practices that when acted upon children, seem perverse. Increase time spent on exercise. Schools are spending less time outdoors limiting students from exercising on the play ground equipment. Taking away their fun, restricting how much they eat, what they can eat, what they can buy at school to eat, and what they can bring to eat at school, and it crosses the line from being a free American citizen to evolving into a controlled, “robotic like” human existing on planet Earth.

You should know by now that it is not what you eat but how much you consume and how much you burn through physical exertion. If you desire a better, brighter, more dedicated, winning football, basketball, cheerleading, dance team, marching band, color guard or any other activity where exercise is in action, give them some perks for joining, such as feeding them more. The reason is a good one, it would increase numbers and provide an outlet for children who are not being fed enough at home. Do not think for one moment that this is always for economic reasons.

Why would a parent withhold food from their off-spring if they had money or were considered wealthy, maybe even owning their own restaurants? Why would their children go hungry? How about public appearance? I knew a child who was placed on a very rigid 600 to 800 calorie a day diet for over six years. Today this child would be removed from the home for neglect and the parents arrested. That child, now adult, became a eating disorder nightmare years down the road. Many of these parents who force starvation diets onto their children are often Entertainment Industry people. Candidly, it seems to go hand-in-hand, a sure sign of “I was raised in this environment and somehow survived” badge of courage.

This is not about discipline or “going to bed without supper” though that too is abuse and criminal to carry out upon a minor in your custody. The parents I am making reference to feed their children but in very limited amounts, or make them feel guilty for eating altogether, encouraging anorexia and purging. These parental types want to “show” off their attractive, thin, perfect, “examples” with the true reality being touched up, glossed over, and agenda’s hidden. They turn the children into their window dressings. A disguised veneer of how ideal they appear to the audience placed before them.

Stretch your mind and be concerned about the children who may be receiving the only meal they will eat for the day. Feed them more at school. There is truth to this – believe it. What if there is no school tomorrow . . . Please sir, more?

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Modeling Credit: Nevaeh Robinson-Tessman

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