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Morning After Pill and Age Limits

Plan B Morning After Pill
Since the late 1970’s I have been an outspoken and firmly Pro-Life Activist. Though my field of vision was never popular and remains that way decades later, most people I know are Pro Choice. I am sad to report that many fellow Christians have now become Pro Abortion. Maybe they always viewed it that way but kept it in the closet. I am running into a great number of people with a line that goes something like, “I am Pro-Choice but I do not want to say that publically.” and another group of people saying, “I am Pro-Life but don’t wish to share that so I do not look anti-woman.” I find that these type of people, riding both sides of the fence somewhat cowardly though consider myself highly regarded to know their personal views. They trust me to keep them secretive, and I do.

My feelings on abortion, I am somewhat alone here. As a line from a favorite film, (You’ve Got Mail) states, “I am a lone reed.” Most of my consorts love me anyway, though a debate may pop up once in a great while. With true friends you will always have a mutual respect, even if your opinions are not alike. Variably you may have to “agree to disagree” as the old adage goes and hope they do not make fun of your beliefs and engage in gossip. I have and probably will continue to lose friends through the years on my attitude towards the sanctity of life. I love babies, born and unborn and I will be their voice.

Over twenty years ago I worked at a Crisis Pregnancy Center. I am educated, and have heard thousands of stories, watched the films, conducted interviews and know what I am talking about. Some people do not like the statistics and truth of what I am informed on. They do not want to hear it. With hands over their ears they silence me out and choose to not listen. This is where heated arguments often begin.

My perception remains the same, once the heart begins magically beating on day 18, I am 100% against abortion from that point on. Despite the contrary, the morning after pill, will end the pregnancy before the heart begins its spiritual rhythms. This changes my perspective and an important factor for someone to consider, even those, like myself, who are Pro Life. The issue has more sound judgement than the alternative where surgical abortion would be someone’s eventual decision. Although this is a potential life, there is no head to crush or arms and legs to rip apart. No surgery and no pain to the cells that began but will now end. The “Morning After Pill” is more humane. Dr. Ron Paul supports this pill although he too is Pro-Life and against abortion. Like myself, he believes the morning after pill should be made available to all women.

The Morning After Pill I am seeing marketed is called Plan B One-Step though technically named Levonorgestrel. I survey the aforementioned no different than what girls and women already on birth control pills are taking. They are all taking strong hormones that make the period activate on time ending any unintended pregnancies. The birth control pill does not make you stop ovulating. If you consider birth control pills acceptable yet the Morning After Pill as an abortion pill, or as something viewed more sinister than the regular pill, you are incorrect and misinformed. With both pills there is sometimes conception but the menses set in motion and the egg is shed out with the lining of the uterus. Often, but not always, there is heavier bleeding that gives one the possible tip that they were probably pregnant though are not now. Most women do not have any guilt. All of these pills are one and the same. You cannot praise one and slander the other.

Fertized Egg that leaves the body using Birth Control Pills or Morning After Pills.
Approximately day 15.
At this stage these cells are the size of a pin head and refered to as a Blastocyst.
The instant of fertilization, it was determined a boy or a girl.
This fertiled egg, if using the morning after pill, regular birth control pills or I.U.D’s,
will be flushed out with your period with no physical pain to the Blastocyst.
The heart is not yet beating.
Blastocyst before heartbeat

An I.U.D (intrauterine device), more invasive, operates by floating inside you and knocking the fertilized egg off the uterus making it unable to attach or for very long. Again menstration begins after 28 days. Many women, especially teens do not understand birth control, how it functions or terminates the pregnancy, preventing a live birth. Those with less experience are especially in the dark. Birth Control, that’s what it is, controlling the population, keeping oneself from being a parent, not wanting children at this time or governing oneself from having too many kids that they cannot feed, clothe or care for. As macabre as this all sounds, for many women it brings relief and remember, it is their choice.

Time moves rapidly inside the uterus.
Three weeks later, when you are only 6 weeks pregnant, it is now too late for the morning after pill.
At this stage a surgical abortion would be performed unless continuing with the pregnancy.
The heart has already begun beating, your baby is alive, and moving.
There are hands, a head, brain, legs and feet. A miniature human being.
Despite popular belief, his or her nervous system is functioning and this baby does feel pain.
Ultrasounds undergoing abortion procedures have already proven this.
Heart Beating at 6 weeks

Should you know someone pregnant, see that as privileged information. They trusted you enough to console in you. Be mature, no matter your look on the matter, and do not turn away from your friends. Always be there for them regardless of what they choose to do. Above all, restrain yourself from trash talking them to others. A negative whispering campaign will always bite you back. Do not test those waters, you will drown and it is inescapable. Even if in the end you are not forever friends, keep the secret unless they air it themselves. The penalty of Kharma is virulent.

Most abortions are done for birth control reasons alone despite legal alternatives. I believe the morning after pill should be available to all and one should be able to purchase and use without a doctors approval, or an I.D. and regardless of age. If you are old enough to become pregnant, you should be allowed to buy without consent and no questions asked.

There are only a few hours every month that a woman can become pregnant. Keep track of your cycles once your period begins. This should be taught to girls and charts kept as part of their entrance into womanhood. Parents, teach your daughters on chart keeping, even if they are supposedly “teaching” this in school. Wise yourself up. Surgical abortions are done mostly because of not using any birth control or using the condom the wrong way. If you knew you were ovulating, would you remember to use the condom? How about not engaging in sex at all until your most fertile time passes? Girls should understand how their body works – most do not. I think this would make a difference in teen pregnancy.

Be that as it may, a condom used incorrectly or breaking because it was used with an oil based lubricant rather than water based such as KY Jelly will render it useless. KY and others like it are the only lubricants safe to use with a condom. Using Vaseline, Massage Oil, Olive Oil, Cooking Oil and Baby Oil will all melt and then “pop” the condom making it counterproductive. Men and Women, teach your sons and daughters about this information and do not assume your child or teenager already knows. Passing out free condoms in schools will not help if they are used wrong. Most infact do not bother with reading the small print on the box or package. There are married couples who do not know these facts either and they most often are called – parents. Spread the word and listen to the feedback, you will be surprised at the number who are oblivious to this certainty.

The only 100% safe way of not getting pregnant and avoiding an unwanted pregnancy or sexually transmitted disease is through abstinence. Do not engage in intercourse outside of marriage. The problem will be solved and unpleasant situations avoided. While that may be illogical in todays society, standing firm in your convictions will keep you from being another statistic and asserts that you value yourself and are responsible. A boyfriend or girlfriend, no matter age, if he or she does not repect your wishes, does not truly love you. Read that again! If your current “love” insists upon sex to stay as a couple, you are not respected and are not really loved. Like a rapist, this person is selfish of his or her own sexual desires. You are being used. Be assertive and push away his or her advances. If behavior does not change, nor will the actions and your boyfriend or girlfriend is verifying that he or she is not the soul mate GOD intended for you to be with. A relationship like this is temporary and full of heartache.

Saving your body for a forever love is the most gracious and spiritual gift that you can give to your spouse. This sacred reward is priceless to bestow upon your future husband or wife, showing not only purity, but strength, principles and moral values too. Have enough courage to wait for this special moment in your life. Being able to later state to your marital partner, “I loved you before we met and remained chaste just for you and there has never been anyone else but you”. This is a beautiful love story that I hope more will be sharing in the future.

While concerned parents are disturbed and worrying over the Morning After Pill that will soon be made free and available to minors in their public schools, envision the outcome if the pill were not accessible. Once you give away freely or have your virginity stolen, you often continue with careless passions and eventually become pregnant. This is a despairing phenomenon that is absolute and not a hypothesis.

Girls are starting their periods at a younger age than yesteryears and a shocking amount are becoming pregnant. The youngest I have heard of was nine years old with delivery at the age of ten. Fifth graders having babies, disturbing though true. The Morning After Pill stops the pregnancy, prevents a surgical abortion and keeps children from having children. There are no other ways to look at it. By all means continue to preach abstinence and self-control to your children but hold onto the basic facts and common sense that the medication is essential and necessary in preventing the earliest days of pregnancy.

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