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Bette Midler, The Beast of Burden

Bette Midler Thanks the IRS for Targeting

Bette Midler is thanking and praising the IRS? Does she believe they will find favor with her or send extra-fat-laden cookies at Christmas? Oh wait, that’s right, Bette is a Communist, no Christmas, better send those treats on her birthday, frosted in red, a Commie favorite. She cannot resist eating them. Nom, Nom, Nom, Nom! Fame and Fortune do not necessarily mean someone is an ass. There are thousands of sweet, humble celebrities who do not shout out anti-American comments. And right before Memorial Day – nice move there Bette.

Bette Midler has a “bow down to me” aura and a (I am better than you, I am more famous than you, I am more talented than you) attitude. She is known as someone you do not want to work with. Midler has a bad reputation and was a headache to Director, Hugh Wilson during the filming of the “First Wives Club.” On the film set she repeatedly insulted the Director making fun of him behind his back, rolling her eyes at him disrespectively, trying to get a laugh from fellow cast members. Her strategy of childish insults did not work. Hugh Wilson is a nice, professional gentleman and Bette made he and other cast members uncomfortable. She was a nightmare, a terror! Someone needs to knock her off her high horse, but I think she did that herself when making harsh, Communist statements publically. Defending the IRS and thanking them for Bullying? That is called Career Suicide, Bette – you Dead!

B.M thinks she is untouchable, that she can say anything because she is Bette Midler, the “Divine Miss M!” Divine? There is nothing divine about her. Director, Don Siegel said when working with Bette Midler, that she was an “Arrogant, sour, ceremonial, piously chauvinistic female egomaniac.” This was in 1982 during the filming of comedy/drama “Jinxed.” People are still saying his death was brought on from the stress that Bette Midler put him through. The veteran filmmaker died during this production with a fatal heart attack. He never saw his last film on the screen. Siegel and Bette fought non-stop during filming and Don said the experience of working with her was “extremely unpleasant.” These are actual quotes from Don, GOD Rest him.

Hollywood does not like Bette Midler as much as she wants people to think that they do. This is why Bette lives in New York. She has made too many enemies in Los Angeles. She isn’t likeable and she is cruel. Of all the people to be insulting someone large, Bette had the nerve to Tweet out that “January Jones is Fat!” and “It looks like she is wearing a fat suit!” January was pregnant at the time, though she replied back Tweeting, “Bette, I have lost the baby weight, but you are still fat!” – Right on January, that’s the spirit! – January also has a thyroid disorder, another low blow there B.M. – making fun of a pregnant woman who also has problems with her thyroid gland. Bette Midler is mean and has no manners. Calling someone else fat? That is hysterical! A certified Yo-Yo Dieter who admits that she starves herself for any role. Wait, did she mean “Roll?” Want some extra butter on your roll Bette? Her weight has been well over 200 pounds loads of times. Her scale numbers go UP and then down – UP, down, UP, down, UP, down. When her weight is down she pops off fat jokes. Forget formalities, she is unpolished and without culture, zero sophistication and the social grace of a melting ice cube.

Hold onto your seats as there is another matter not everyone knows. Bette is terrified that someone will think she is a Lesbian. Now why would she fear that? Is being Lesbian something she would find (no pun) distasteful? Yeah sure, she did alot of Gay shows back in the day, and made them think she was a supportive “friend” but only used the LGBTQ community to further her own career. She spoke horribly behind their backs, snorting gay jokes and insults that few found humorous. She is incorrigible. In 2012 Bette said on the talk show (Larry King) that “Gays shouldn’t be allowed to marry because they all sleep around.” That is another quote for you Readers, and when she said it the cameras were rolling and caught every moment. Those who think she is embracing the “Homo Rainbow” you are fooling yourselves, Bette Midler is a homophobe. She is not supportive of gay folks but she will gladly take their hard earned money.

A-List celebs do not want to be seen with her, photographed with her, or work with her. Bette Midler is an embarrassment. She has carried a loathing hatred towards Sally Field (who took a role away from Bette) in 1979. Bette cannot or will not let this go. Sally did nothing wrong, she won the part and was cast into the film. Because of this alone, “Bitter Bette” is terribly jealous of Sally Field. I loved when comic Kathy Griffin said “My Life on the D-List, “Place your BETTE!” that still makes me laugh, well said Kathy, well said. Bette has been on the D-List for quite some time and headed quickly to the F-List.

Not that I am into Lady Gaga but Bette Midler thinks that LG stole her persona. Lady Gaga is her own show, she is nothing like Bette Midler but Bette’s ego is so big that she believes Lady Gaga is imitating her. Bette made a public tweet to Lady Gaga, saying “Stop ripping me off bitch!” Bette has serious mental issues. I do not know what LG said back to her, if anything. Bette Midler is a domineering tormenter who wonders (out loud) why she cannot get Hollywood Roles anymore. She stated, “I don’t get offers anymore, I have to take what is given to me.” She went on saying that only young people get roles in Hollywood (NOT TRUE, I repeat, NOT TRUE!) fact is no one wants to work with a problematic bitch. When she does get a role (few and far between) she complains that she was not paid enough, she finds something to rage about including other actors, directors, hair and make-up artists, anyone can and will be targeted. Maybe Bette Midler should work for the IRS since she approves of targeting. I doubt they would keep her long. In filming, Bette makes everyone on set nervous and edgy, awaiting her ego-trip of the day. Her offers of jobs are dwindling down to nothing. She was booked for a long lasting gig in Las Vegas until they said “no more, you’re fired!” Bette lived for two years at the Caesars Palace in Las Vegas until 2010, performing on the Titanic show. It sunk! A total bomb! Splash! It hit the iceberg! When Vegas drops your act, that is your wake up call.

She fooled so many people, especially the Gays, and when they find out what a evil person she is they will drop her like a hot coal, just like everyone else. Bette declares her love and appreciation for the IRS but says she hates Conservatives, the Tea Party, Christians even the Media. Why? Because the media no longer cares about her. B.M is not newsworthy enough, she is history. The only thing the media will report are the truthful negatives surrounding her. She is a joke and we are all laughing.

Bette compares herself to other celebrities too, not just Lady Gaga. Midler believes that she is more talented than Cher and Madonna but in truth BUTT MIDLER is the cooch crust left over in Cher and Madonna’s thongs. Get over yourself turd burglar, you will never have the talent that Cher and Madonna possess. Bette Midler is an over rated, has been wench, and I am glad that most of the world is finally seeing this for themselves. Bette Midler, the Beast of Turden.

Spread the Word, BM’s a Turd!

Bette Midler is a Crotch sniffing Communist

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4 thoughts on “Bette Midler, The Beast of Burden
  • Website Rank says:

    I just added this feed to my bookmarks. I really like reading your posts. Thanks!

  • PSgamer66 says:


    • Sheri Hooper says:

      This praising escapade of Bette’s is fairly bizarre considering the I.R.S sent out an apology (whatever) but they did say “sorry.” Meanwhile Bette Midler sucks up declaring how wonderful the IRS are for targeting specific conservative groups, forcing them into audits and such, even the Reverend Billy Graham and that is simply perverse. Bette Midler, supportive of bullying the American public? It appears so. New question, did she approve of the abusive name calling when her daughter Sophie (now grown) was cornered for being too fat and not attractive enough on the school playground? Kids will be kids and it’s screwed up, though imagine the parents of those rotten brats, standing up and advocating publically, “We love our children who heckle Sophie, we think they are admirable!” Ofcourse that did not happen, but what would be the difference? Harassment, no matter the age, is wrong. Bette Midler cheering on the IRS for going after Conservatives, The Tea Party, their Members and many other Groups was simply unsuitable. She seems unbalanced. If the IRS or any other agency had went after a group that she supports what would her actions have been then? She surely would not have glorified their conduct.She has lost a great majority of friends and fans. People defending her (in low numbers) are those she has paid to do so including her family and people she has helped out financially in the past. Now she is claiming them to do her bidding. A gift from Bette means, you have sold your soul to her and one day she will instruct or order you to pay her back and that does not necessarily mean a cash payment. As I type this she has her web designer, Don Bradshaw from Franklin, Tennessee, sending out defense on her Facebook Fan Page, it is comical! Each ignorant post sends Bette into more disgrace. He and others are fighting a losing battle. There are hundreds of thousands who are filled with repugnace for Bette and they are informing her just how washed up she is in the United States. Very few are giving her a sanctuary of protection. After what she said, in less than 24 hours, Bette Midler’s Facebook Fan Page dropped over 3,000+ – in just one hour! I would wager this made Facebook history of that many fans leaving all at once. Not long after, and this is a riot, the forementioned web designer came to her rescue, privately begging people to “Like” her page and say something nice for her. His approach did not work. Don might want to start looking for another job or develop another trade. Who wants a Bette Midler kiss ass to make their web page? There are plenty of American Patriots who also make websites. Bette is taking Don Bradshaw down with her into the sewers. Like the Titanic, they are going to sink! – Thank you very much for your comment PSGamer. Have a great evening!

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