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House Cleaning Online

“Establishing the hair raising truth is easy. Acceptance of such knowledge is the hard part.” — Sheri Hooper ©2013

You know the routine right? Using your favorite Social Media Outlet(s), Facebook, their Groups and Pages – Twitter – MySpace, amongst dozens of others much like them, Yahoo, AOL and MSN Instant Messengers, and Paltalk, to name a few. Every once in awhile one is forced into doing a little House Cleaning. Do I have you puzzled? In other words, taking off your unfavorable friends, chat buddies, and the like periodically. The emotional process of removing people from your friends list is different for everyone. The strong, cavalier types, can do so while never looking back, with zero remorse. Others struggle for weeks, months, even years until reaching their final decision.


Letting go for a number of people can be painful, though in most cases this revolves around a solid reason. Criminal encounters regarding someone not delivering on what was promised and already paid for like pageant wear and fly-by-night photo contests from new people who never pay up or send out prizes to the winners. Ethical grounds, (for example) informing your clients that you will be at their photo shoots or pageant event as their hair and make-up and being a no-show or making terrible mistakes from intoxication.


There is an extraordinary amount of deception hovering over the World Wide Web. Anyone wanting a permanent conclusion of their friendships or services are often using good judgment. Though many find it therapeutic and comforting, they learned a tough lesson online. Some do not bounce back and are left feeling bitterly cheated and assaulted. It may take months, if ever for the victims to place faith in anyone again. Pageants lose alot of contestants this way. Other’s foul play hurts everyone.


In my personal experience there have been many reasons tossing out a “friend”, far too many to compile into one article. Listen to your inner psyche. When sensing something does not feel right, allow the person to hang themselves, watch if it builds, closely observe. That gnawing little hunch, although annoying in nature, often turns out to be correct. Delete and in severe occasions – block – regardless if you are related or not. What, family screwing you over? You better believe it! I predict with 100% certainty that you too will be placed into this position at some point. The Computer Age have stationed us all here and I was allocated into an uncomfortable area last week, repeatedly. It was a massive dissolution that shocked even me. A history making delete-a-thon.


One round was brought to my attention by the beauty pageant and modeling public with a hair and make-up artist they were very unhappy with. One brave person came forward publically which brought others to do so also. Though this individual owes me nothing, I take action before that person causes harm to another. Those who follow me depend upon my candor and integrity. When people have shown without a shadow of doubt, especially anyone considered “professional” that has been unreliable or owes others money for services, refunds or “hands on” items, I remove this person. Recently, after over twenty emails in a very short period of time (hours) with more than enough proof from most of them, I believed every one of them, who would not have? I feel priviledged with those who are unafraid to come to me and the Charming Belles Group willing to make an open report. We do get the word out, sometimes dramatically but always with genuine honesty. Everything is investigated and the goal always the same, shape up or ship out, pay what you owe, say you are sorry and mean it. Polish up your reputation and make it right.


I am a behind-the-scenes person, both online and in the real world. I am seen, though hidden away as most writers are. I do not make friend requests, they request me. If you want my friendship, and I have never met you face-to-face, or done any business with you, my trust goes only so far, that part is earned. I must forewarn that I take care of my own, though demand proof with Screen shots, Video or Audio recordings. One must demonstrate at least one of these suggestions for me to believe them. Simple emails do not count, until they start adding up, that is the moment when my attention is fully on to the complainant(s). When over 20 people are accusing the same person, I am 100% mindful of what is going on. It is then up to the person(s) making the griveance(s) whether or not to call a name out. I do not make accusations to those who have not done me wrong but will support anyone who has proof of anothers unfair play. I also do not concern myself when someone lables me or others in my group as the “Pageant Police Officers”, if that is a worry, what exactly are you guilty of?


Dishonesty overwhelms the Pageant and Modeling Industry. The sad truth is that most pageant parents are afraid to speak out until the very end, right before they are fed up and quit. They are fearing that their children will lose or get lower scores. Wistfully, this does happen especially with the backwoods type of Little Miss Nobody/Little Miss Means Nothing “home grown” pageants. Before entering any event always consider the pageant, it’s reputation (ask!) and the Director, making certain that they all match up. Unknown pageants or those stealing the name of good pageants pretending to be them (do your research and ask your friends) avoid them, they are disasters waiting to happen. Which leads to my next paragraph.


Another bizarre instance happened last week leaving the pageant public in an uproar. Someone at this writing is using the name of another pageant that is owned and copyrighted by two other ladies for many years. This “director” has taken on their pageant system title and scheduled an event in Orlando, Florida. Many people were tricked into believing they were together, that it was the same pageant, a special event, or that the pageant had been sold to another person. Some prompt investigating brought the hard hitting reality to our online audience. More shocking and totally baffling, is that the director at this writing is a mere 16 years old. Everyone is in wonderment of how she obtained a legal business license, became bonded, and also insured with the State of Florida to operate a beauty pageant business. More insult to injury, this “director” additionally is refusing a disabled Military Veteran a well documented, $250 refund. When the Veteran asked for the money back this “director” responded in a most vile manner including threatening statements and outright bashing of the Military Vet’s children. I have never seen a director act in such a way.


Newbies to pageants and modeling get hit right away. Almost everyone has a story or two of something unfavorable that happened in their earliest days of pageantry past. The good folks in Modeling and Pageants, make others want to compete, boosts morale, making everything rosey. Albeit those who refer to themselves as Professionals, no matter how good you are with your trade, if you owe people money or do bad work when you are higher than a kite off of pharmaceuticals, I choose not to work, promote or send anyone to you. I am not nagging on people choosing to use drugs, an adult should have the right what goes into their body; but if engaging in mind altering substances, even the legal ones, including alcohol, is in the way of you performing at an honorable level, I will not associate with you or your business. No more :٩(-̮̮̃-̃)۶ high fives :٩(-̮̮̃-̃)۶ from me, game over.


I send my people to the best. If that makes me a Bytch well then, right on, I am proud to be one! I would rather have folks say, ” Sheri Hooper “Momma Belle” sent me to the greatest Hair Stylist and Make-Up Artists – Coach – Photographers – Retouch Artists, etc…. than have someone declare that I one of those political people who only praise close friends and specific associates, those people are repulsive. It is ღ TOUGH LOVE ღ with me baby and you better be on your game. I am counting on it and so are my most dedicated Fans and cherished FRIENDS!

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