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Troubled Trollers


“Don’t feed the Trolls” I disagree. Slay with your potion, cleverly.” ©2013 Sheri Hooper



What are these “Internet Trolls” everyone keeps talking about? They are humans, draining energy from others by starting fights, bullying, asking for resources/financial help, create false rumors, spread malicious gossip, enjoy drama in a negative way. There are different types of Trolls over the web. Today we will be discussing two types: the Fight Starters – Friendship/Family/Group Destroyers and the Con Artist – Woe-is-Me people. They join groups, find social pages about specific subjects, add friends and their friends, a silent domino effect and soon they look legitimate by the number of friends you have in common. They learn the basics of whatever your people are doing and plot an attack, slowly. This can go on for years even decades before being discovered. Think you know who you are talking to online? An astronomical amount of these people have made up names just for the internet. Many people admit freely that they know or suspect who the trolls are, never encouraging or “feeding them” taking a different route on handling the pesky beasts. Personally I either out them publically or silently remove. Above all, take them off, no matter how painful. ღ Tough Love ღ Don’t desire the drama.

Experienced con artists trolls have a constant and public airing of monetary woes that date back for a great length of time. Unfortunate circumstances may have repeatedly happened, year after year, leaving people guessing if all of these problems are true. Troll operators having more than twenty Donation Facebook’s for the same person is not unheard of. It is not always the victims either. There are people who will pretend to be the victim(s) and then profit off of their tragedies that never actually happened to themselves. Always make sure you go from an official website.

A twist to the story, one clever troll made myself and many others believe a twin baby undergoing heart surgery was not actually having surgery, or truly sick. Once photographs came up showing the infant obviously hospitalized with scars and tubes, the troll made many of us believe the photo’s had been retouched, because the shots were not released to the public right away. I will never understand why this woman who stopped doing “stage” pageants years before, why she was specifically singled out. Her children did hundreds of photo contests online but that is all. The troll kept calling her a liar. A Happy Ending to the story, the mother of the child is running her own business and doing quite well. Better yet, the child survived and is now healthy. The troll lost her business and has not been heard or seen in over two years. Remarkable.

Trolls dislike being released or blocked from your friendship. Should you drop one as a friend they become insanely crazy. They will ask others to help them “get even” – heat up everything from Facebook emails (here lately), regular emails, message boards, to overzealous text messaging and telephone conversations to people they assume “have their backs.” They are so wildly excited they do not understand that one troll is telling on another, Secret Double Agent Trolls I guess, is there a Theme Song for that? Ha! Amusing at times they may be. Trolls can drive you insane, that is if you allow them.

Tweens, teens, college aged girls (especially during summer/winter breaks) newbie pageant mothers, and bored housewives are the most found playing around on the computer with people’s emotions, self esteem and let’s face it – your bank account. Oddly enough single mom’s are not as likely to run a full out bashfest. Though many have been found guilty of it, it does not usually happen. I suppose this is because single moms are too busy at their job(s) to live on the internet for more than 12+ hours a day, slandering people. Single moms are working, feeding, clothing their kids and paying bills – most are. Good Vibrations to them and to anyone making the decision not to bash anyone anonymously on some board or website  ★·.·´¯`·.·★ That’s the Spirit! ★·.·´¯`·.·★

The exception to that rule is if it is criminal in nature. A lot of parents get screwed over, especially concerning clothing, unheard of pageants, photographers, or coaches, be careful there. Even well seasoned moms get screwed over though they are considerably harder to take down. Most of them are fast to key in on that this person is up to something and word spreads. Often these “been there, done that” people are the first to catch but they won’t release. These wise souls bring them down! With proof, it grows faster. Some people need to be ousted and the “Elder Pageant Warriors” are taking on these roles.

Most trolls are often unemployed though not always. They spend an incredible amount of time online. Underachievers, generally their “degree” does not match up with their career or the college years go on forever to where the person could have a PHD by that amount of time going. One thing is certain – they all thrive on trouble. One Troll not only made fun of a girl with Autism but said some terrible things about her that shocked an intimate network of pageant/modeling professionals. I will refrain from the details but an odd happening, as one of this person’s “close friends” has an Autistic child. Obviously the need for a psychotherapist should be considered. They need it, that is what they are – Troubled Trolls.

Some act as the victim, putting on a public crying show for others. Those possessing naïve and tender hearts, feel sorry for them, showering them with pity and sometimes funds. Cash often works and is quite a popular choice. Rotten, They will lie about their children’s ailments, their own sicknesses, suicide threats or the famous one-step-away from living in their car story. Once they get their fill of regards from the crowd, it is hard to find them or get a response. You will suddenly see a different personality altogether, or “poof” they are gone.

Not all leave, they do not mind being “known” with a negative reputation. Some people, incognito, chose to continue to hang around them and observe to see what they do next. Some trolls can disappear for months, years, and strangely enough a decade, come back, acting as if nothing had happened.

They all do bizarre things, multi tasking their lives that they are practically living online, constantly wanting to talk. They are addicted to texting and telephoning. Video Chat with Skype and Paltalk are also popular.

Unknowingly, your daytime “bestie” could very well be your arch nemesis in the evening. Other trolls enter chat rooms or online games. First they are fairly normal then act foolish such as typing in the same word every few moments or asking you to marry them, childish pranks. Others shoot their “team” with friendly fire. Gamers know the type. They are bothersome pests. There are considerably more females acting in the “Troll Role” in general, but men and boys do it too, gaming being their choice hangout. No discrimination however, anyone not using their real life can be one, a nasty troll. Maybe they are bullied at school, at home or work. The Troll finds a weird comfort in making a mess of any situation.

After a Troll has a group of friends or family gang traveling in their “own” genetic pack, they push away others, encourage fighting, and are absurdly rude to the point of being cruel. No matter If you know this person in real life or related, the game is played the same, directed by one leader, who is crafty and scheming.

Not exactly a bully, or even that intelligent, the troll is manipulatively clever. No brain smarts, many trolls are academically inferior. They love using the word “karma” as if their powers alone can summon up such an army of vendetta’s. They do not think that any of this applies to them. They do not comprehend that no one but GOD and CHRIST are immune. No biases, call it what you want; you reap what you sow – what comes around goes around – the karma chameleon. It cuts both ways, you can not hide. Trolls eventually fall.

Until caught, their pleasures are watching others bicker. While their groups of “friends” or “family” fall into pieces, scattered and lost, the troll is laughing with pleasure, loving the excitement. They often stay online for an incredible length of time without sleeping. Trolls will acknowledge that they are sleepy and are about to take a nap when you see them post again and again. No sweet slumbers there.

I believe it is psychological. The Troll gains attention to whomever they run to, keeping the tale fresh and alive. The troll may state some of the truth, though it is their own twisted version, keeping large parts out deliberately, fabricating the rest, re-telling the story differently each time, before long they have forgotten much of what they said or how they worded it. They are sneaky and deceitful and here is how it works.

Almost immediately the troll receives dual acceptance, they view as love, from both sides. First to the person they are betraying (thinking the troll is caring for them) and second to the person they are squealing their story to. For a Troll, these are the prizes, it is what they desire most. Your anger towards someone else provokes them wanting more and it is never enough. These are the extreme instigators, their goals are for friendships to end, pageant systems to fail, contestants, models, actors, companies (especially “Mom and Pop” places) photographers, artists, musicians, restaurant reputations, films, filmmakers, known well for encouraging divorces, or ending of relationships, even families, everyone are up for grabs. Hey… batta, batta, batta – SWING!

Family situations, often working together as a network of relation by blood or marriages, are the trolls with an objective of estranging families, separating and keeping them that way. The main troll is so cunning, the others do not realize that they have been used. They are riding a temporary high of feeling empowered and important in the familial group. This type, the whole lot of them, are without a doubt, the most perverse of all. Shameful.

Although this article is about internet trolls, keep in mind that they do not necessarily have to be online. Complaints from your HOA? Apartment Manager? Neighbors? Co-Workers? School Mates? Friends? Obviously these are either neighbors, someone you work with, have some sort of day-to-day relationship. The deed could have been planted over the telephone or face to face. DTA is your best rule of caution – Don’t Trust Anybody! – Trolls are always lurking, they love the thrill.

These people, when listless with life, (or tempted with cash) may begin a out of no where public debate with you in hopes that this will lead to a quarrel. Cheap shot but I have witnessed people doing it. The “worker” troll wants a cheap jolt from whatever “gift” they are receiving. The Leader Troll wants the power – they are terribly wicked. Their “work” often leads to IRL or “in real life” where serious shunning and back biting persecutes the real victims. They are all vampires. Repulsive.

Unbeknownst to others given their “enlightenments” from the “main” troll, this evil individual is also secretively comforting and consoling the other person. Back and forth from one to the next, it is profound. Playing both sides against the middle. Such is the life of a troll. Taking happiness away from the living. Trolls are ruthless.

Anyone who has owned a group, board, worked as an admin, visited or managed chat rooms, social media, and others like it have dealt with someone bothersome. If you are on the internet with something to say, have a difference of opinion, own a business like that of others, have a child or yourself involved with everything from beauty pageants, modeling, acting, cheerleading, voice competitions. Be aware that others are out to beat you, it is not your imagination if they begin acting like a troll. It does not have to be a sport oriented activity, harmless homeschooling groups/clubs often have the same problems with their members.Those who are extremely popular, talented or gifted academically in their own family are also extremely vulnerable prey. Jealousy, one of the “Seven Deadly Sins” has been going on since time began. This is not new or scientific – it is biblical.

This leads me to the message board people where ignorance is believed by a simple sentence or paragraph. Bash Board owners and their equally sickening readers responding back, encouraging more, are on a Primary School level. People will say anything, zero morals. For example, a good friend of mine had her three month old baby girl bashed on one of those boards. This basher, later identified, called this infant, “A Little Bitch!” Her mother and father were also attacked by the same person on a message board. Who would call a newly born baby, or any child, (quote) “A Little Bitch”? The evilness of what transpired over the next several years made the parents, out of necessity, become registered gun owners with license to carry. Shocking as this may be to hear, they had very good reasons to do so and I still support their decision. At this writing they have not been offered an apology. This was perhaps 9 maybe 10 years ago.

Pageant Mom’s have been accused of being criminals by stealing others pageant dresses, at the pageant or borrowing and never returning. Another lady I know was accused of destroying a very expensive pageant garment, with absolutely no proof whatsoever. The vicious trolls see’s no problem in taking away a promising pageant childs career saying/typing whatever is most believable. The above child I make mention of now models in major department stores, children’s clothing advertisements. You often see her in your Sunday newspaper circulars. I love that! Who got the last laugh?

I have seen trolls identify the pageant mom’s as funding their child’s pageant expenses by marrying very old men with large bank accounts, working as strippers, porno film stars, even call girls. They stop at nothing. Why are people’s income your business? How people make a living, does this really concern you? The basher is the trash, not the other way around.

Then the other freakishly odd stories of people participating in partner swinging and having wild orgies while doing massive amounts of hard drugs in someone’s pageant hotel room. 95% of this is bogus. The bashing is real, though the stories they are spinning are usually not. Were you there? Did you see it? Do not believe it on word alone.

After pageants, some mothers practically run to their hotel rooms and begin slamming the winners. The angry mom shouts out with vengeance on bash boards over who should have taken the highest titles, roasting the judges and director over the coals, talking about babies, children, teenagers, adult ladies, calling them everything from ugly to who looked fat. Most horrifying they bash their own children to keep them in the spotlight just a little longer. While others defend them. That’s the idea.

Angry or Newbie parents can ruin events. From ball room to hotel room upon their laptops or cell phones, they bash even the youngest infants. Trolls step in, often asked to help by the pissed off pageant mom, regardless if they were at the pageant or not, a turmoil of lawlessness takes over – everywhere.

Coaches are trying very hard to put an end to the poor sportsmanship with their own people. A sign of a great coached competitor is one that remains composed until out of the eye and ear shot. Many contestants and their parents are fighting a battle online with nearly every pageant event hosted from outside sources. Coached competitors have less bashing coming from themselves and team mates, they do not want negativity brought into the pageant world.

Those with good coaches may speak behind closed doors but not join in on a smear campaign against another. If someone gossips to you, demand proof before believing then talk to your coach immediately. Good Pageanteers, want to stay out of it, keep competing, and make a positive experience for everyone. Contestants should be told to congratulate everyone, and not make sad faces or cry on stage when losing.

Have courtesy for everyone or do not be on stage. Parents and older children (not babies) throwing temper tantrums in the ball room are not only looked at as someone who needs to act their age but also the person who may be suspected of bashing later, child excluded of course. Those who cannot stand to lose should leave pageants. You will not always win. That is something you must accept.

There was a time, early-mid 1990’s when someone not grabbing the title they wanted, children as young as three, stood perfectly poised and held a smile on their faces, no temper tantrums. The parents behaved, at least temporarily. There was no booing. The parents may have called up friends and burned up the telephone lines later but the chaotic circuses you see today is not the way it was back then. Today you see pouting, unhappy tears, temper tantrums, name calling, nasty whispering, face making, public booing from audience, shoving, tripping, refusing to smile for line-up photographs, breaking their prizes, deliberately leaving their prizes in the ballroom. Parents, set good examples for your children. Let them know this is not acceptable at any competitive event.

Trolls will be waiting for your messages of how it went and jump onto a message board. They may even bash your child. A troll knowing a lot about someone can use information against them. When coming from a troll who saw the post or banner of the winners when popping online, they throw their three cents in to get the rumble started. Trolls are good at what they do.

Hidden until caught. Once exposed over the internet they create new identities and start over with the same process. If you ever met them at a beauty pageant, you probably will not anymore, especially if it was something proven, most will be ashamed to show their faces again. Trolls will often steal others photographs, retouch them into a “different” child and use this pic (often looks terrible) as their pageant child.

Word of warning, trolls often re-attack the same person repeatedly, using new aliases and emails to hide with. They feel no remorse for what they do or have done. For whatever reasons, these people are lacking in empathy with no warmth or compassion.

Troll Potion Ingredients:

✓ Have a sharp mind – Know what to look for

✓ Have documented proof. This includes screen shots, recorded conversations, video, and instant messages. Never take something as “word” from someone else without proof. Seeing is believing.

✓ IP numbers from message boards and/or their owners. These numbers are used to locate where the posts are coming from.

✓ When you are 100% sure, again with proof, publically humiliate this person back with a confrontation. If you are not up to a dramatic argument over the internet, the Un-Friend or Block choices are always an option, use them.

Avoiding specific people is a more uncomfortable place to be when living in the same town or county. Stand your ground. Do not hide your eyes. Do not allow the troll the satisfaction. Walk away with your head held high, you are above them.

It is comforting to know that most trolls are not pageant people or if they were involved in pageants at one time, they are not anymore. They may have once brought in big titles but have hit a plateau, finding it difficult to climb above it. They may have never won anything at all after several tries and they leave never to compete again. This type of basher troll is a bitter ex-pageant mom (sometimes dad’s too) and pageants or photo contests are no longer an activity for them. They hit those boards, hard and heavy. Other trolls have no connection to anything in particular and juggle around many subjects, getting folks roweled up just for the fun of it wherever they go.

Everything can be traced no matter how you access the internet. If you thought that your entire journey online was a fairytale land of safely guarded anonymity, you are incorrect.

Internet users are swimming in a rapidly, rolling swirl of evidence,
flowing freely into a sea of well observed data. ©2013 Sheri Hooper
Those bashed on Voyager can make a report directly to them though it often takes days or weeks for slanderous things to be removed. The board owner is contacted from a “form” from their own board, though purposely leave things up, ignoring your SOS requests. They will clear the board or remove whatever was said, but only at the last minute — after damage has been done. There are boards that have been permanently destroyed by taking legal action with those who are out of control. Do not just go after the owners of the boards, go after the Domain Owners, in this case Voy. Get an attorney and show them the exact location. Then give them the Voy/Voyager information below – same location it has always been since 1994.

Voyager Info-Systems
Administrative Contact, Technical Contact:
Sahebi, Rudi or Rudi Sahebi

Domain owner email: voyagersystems@gmail.com
   311 N ROBERTSON BLVD  #778
   BEVERLY HILLS, CA 90211-1705
  (310) 550-0790
Domain expires on 25-Aug-2019
Record of Domain created on 26-Aug-1994

Domain servers in listed order:


Give all of this information to your attorney including the exact www of where the slandering is located.

You will get results by taking the correct steps. Fight Back! Do not simply talk about it. Make examples, out of all of them – and do it now!


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