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Girl Scouts partnered with Planned Parenthood


Children in Action

Children in Action


The shocking admission of support for Planned Parenthood from the C.E.O of Girl Scouts / U.S.A. has left an outcry from Pro-Life scouting parents shouting, “We do not want our children involved with Girl Scouts based upon your decision with Planned Parenthood!” – “This sickens me!” – “We’ve been lied to!” – “We’ve wasted so much time!” – “Did our money pay for abortions?” – “I feel so guilty!” – “Why were we lied to?” – “Why would Girl Scouts want to be affiliated with Planned Parenthood? – and – “What does this have to do with scouting?”


Hearing the stories I thought it must be fabrication. Obviously well meaning people had their wires crossed, perhaps an angry parent, ex-troop leader or ticked off kid. Someone had to have started a rumor that grew into large numbers over the internet. I traveled to SNOPES (snopes.com) to see what they had to say on the matter. Snopes finds out for free if specific subject matter, tales, declarations, or rumors are true or false. I searched on their user friendly website, and there it was, the information I was seeking, right before my eyes. The accusations are not a hoax. They are real. Girl Scouts are partnered with Planned Parenthood, the number one provider of death to the unborn.


Snopes.com conjecture that the report on Girl Scouts is a “Mixture of Truth” meaning both a Yes and a No. An odd response. Riding both sides of the fence? How socially acceptable of them.

I investigated further on the Girl Scouts domain. The website repeatedly declares a firm “no” to all the Planned Parenthood queries from concerned parents and guardians. Find this in the Girl Scouts “Frequently Asked Questions/FAQ” section. However, the numerous replies of denial on their website have been proven as false by their own C.E.O, Kathy Cloninger. By all accounts, and without exception, they are lying.


While filming live on NBC news, that I will share with you momentarily, Kathy gave the public a truthful and unexpected statement. At least she was honest. Thanks for the tip Kathy Cloninger, your candor is admired if nothing else. What will happen next? Probably the “American Way” – blame someone else and terminate their position within the company. Ms Cloninger is probably feeling a little apprehensive and bothered by her answers on the NBC Today Show.

I present the promised video. With sound checks clear and perfectly audible, the camera is rolling while Kathy publically affirms that the Girl Scouts are partnered with many organizations, including Planned Parenthood. Watch/Listen for yourself below, this will end the argument.



The Girl Scouts of the U.S.A are illusory. We’ve been conned and Pro-Lifer’s are disgusted. There are a strong band of people who are refusing to buy or help sell Girl Scout Cookies or allow their children to participate in Scouting anymore. Can you blame them for their judgment? Supporting Planned Parenthood means that they are helping to snuff out the lives of future Scouts! And lying on their website, clearly they cannot be trusted anymore. The Girl Scouts of yesteryears are gone.

Homeschooling Families are particularly concerned as scouting provides an additional outlet of socialization for Home Educated Students. As a former Homeschooling Parent, teaching my progeny from Birth to age 12, one was also a Girl Scout for a period of time in the 1990’s. The decision was regretted. Nostalgia from this organization is over rated. No pun but we were not happy campers. They were not nice people, specifically the Group Leader who still owes me money. Interesting enough there is a Troop in Tennessee and they are under investigation for stealing more than $30,000 over the period of a few years. I could have told them this was going on nearly twenty years ago. Most of these Group Leaders and helpers are not trustworthy enough to have access to the money flowing in.


Despite confessions from the C.E.O of Girl Scouts, the website of Girl Scouts U.S.A are continuing to deceive the public with misrepresentations. Websites are being created by good folks and making people aware that Girl Scouts are being supportive of a vile, blood money, dead baby business. Here is one of the sites – honestgirlscouts.com


Other problems with Girl Scouts have been reported. Stealing, from cash to cookies that might end up on Ebay and money stuffed into someone’s grubby hands. GIRL SCOUT LEADER in MURFREESBORO, TENNESSEE steals more than $30,000 in FUNDS from their Scout Troop – http://wkrn.com/story/22183657/girl-scout-exec-accuses-troop-leader-of-stealing-30k


This is not a Tennessee issue, it is happening everywhere. ATLANTA, GEORGIA – (video with this link) – another theft crime, $5000 with this volunteer. http://www.wsmv.com/story/22136633/thousands-stolen-from-girl-scout-troop

What are the alternatives? Allow me to introduce you to a Group I was a member with as a child. They are somewhat like Girl Scouts but these good folks are Christian Based, encouraging Missions, Mentoring and Leadership Skills. They are called Girls in Action or the G.A. ‘s (pronounced, “gee-ay”) and also refered to as Children in Action with Boy members too!




Mentoring, Missions, Leadership Skills, Hands-On Experiences, Christian based Peer Group for Grades 1 through 6. Children in Action not only has all the fun activities of scouting but helps your child develop a relationship with Christ. Rest easy knowing that babies are not being slaughtered with any of their funds gathered. No liberal brain washing here. Solid, Christian, Club/Group for children.

Facebook for Girls in Action : https://www.facebook.com/ChildrensMissions

Website for Girls in Action : http://www.wmu.com/index.php

If you are looking for a more Godlike Group/Club for your children I encourage you to contact your State office for additional information. Locations can be found at: http://www.wmu.com/index.php?q=blog/wmu/community/state-wmu-offices

Public, Private and Homeschoolers – enjoy a new school year and blessed wishes in finding the greatest activities. I hope I have provided helpful guidance for you. Have Fun, Study Hard, GOD Bless, and Praise the LORD!


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