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Block “Join Game” Requests on Facebook


Blocking Game Requests and Applications on Facebook
You know those geeks right? You are Facebooking and wander into “HOME” to see what is up with your peeps, only to find that you have been badgered with game requests to the right hand side of your Facebook. Moreover, these are usually from people that you really do not know. They are pumpkin headed numbskulls, with hay filled scarecrow dunce hats upon their heads.

I get this “how to” question often; how to block these requests or applications on Facebook. I will show you, step-by-step, correctable, all by yourself. You do not have to bother Facebook with something that takes you seconds to fix. This is remarkably easy, do not panic.

You are blocking a game, not a friend. Speaking of friends, if you are receiving a lot of requests from specific people you are leery of, remove them from your Facebook Friends List. These are often spies, bots, terribly bothersome with your Facebook experience. Bottom line – real friends do not send you spyware applications.

I am being sarcastic here, so by all means go ahead, accept the requests of the games/apps/applications. Have your online activities watched all over the internet. Ghostly figures hover over you. Are you opening your hand? Ah the complexities . . . Your choice. . . BOO!

► ► STEP ONE ◄ ◄
Go to your Facebook personal page
Mine looks like this:

Blocking Game Requests on Facebook
► ► STEP TWO ◄ ◄

Now look to your very upper right and click the asterisk that I have placed a crimson colored square near. This will bring down a box, click the word PRIVACY

Blocking Game Requests on Facebook
► ► STEP THREE ◄ ◄

Now click on BLOCKING

Blocking Game Requests on Facebook
► ► STEP FOUR ◄ ◄

Once placing in their name here they can never try and add you to any game application on Facebook. Simply type their Facebook name in.

Blocking Game Requests on Facebook
► ► STEP FIVE ◄ ◄

Last step – type the name of the app/game/application to permanently block anyone from sending that to you again.

Blocking Game Requests on Facebook
And there you go, you have done what you set out to do. See how easy that was? Congratulations and a Safe and Happy Halloween to all.

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