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Elite Little Men, 2014-2015 Event


It is time for photogenic boys to compete in the National Elite Little Man Event at Charming Belles. Boys who are between the ages of newborn to ten are encouraged to compete. Judges will be looking for one specific criteria and that is Photogenic Ability. The new Elite King will know how to win over the audience using his charm in front of the lens. He is able to comfortably pose for the camera with a multitude of looks and actions. The top scoring Elite Little Man loves to be photographed, it comes quite easy for him and it shows. Winner will be rewarded with a large box stuffed with prizes for a job well done!

National ANNUAL Charming Belles hosted by Sheri Hooper, 2014-2015 Elite Little Men Event
Matthew Brock – Reigning – National Elite Little Man

BOYS ONLY – INFANTS to 10 YEARS OLD – as of DECEMBER 15th, 2013

Any type of photograph, Amateur or Professional.
Naturals, Headshots, Snapshots, Portfolios, Stage Shots.
Retouching okay though not mandatory.
Contestants will be Judged on Photogenic Ability only.

Email / Paypal to: Director@CharmingBelles.com
Along with Unlimited photographs send in contestant name and age.
Entry Fee = $20 Paypal to: Director@CharmingBelles.com

To benefit: The Make-A-Wish Foundation for terminally ill Children

December 16th – Sun/MONDAY – 12 A.M. Midnight – Central Standard Time
Stated closing time means that at 11:59 P.M. December 15th, as Sunday moves into Monday, you have only one minute to enter.

Late entries are never accepted. No extending of date or time.

There are no minimum entry numbers to close.

Photographs are not shown to Judges or General Public until after closing.

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