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2014 Scammers go “Old School”


image_JAN2014_Article_bnrImage_by_Sheri_HooperJust when I begin to think that every crooked con game has already been played I get word of another. While there are thousands of honest ways to make a living, reprehensible slugs are out there ready to suck the happiness out of you. Scammers never break a sweat while lying to other people, breaking the Ten Commandments, hey – it’s just another day at the office. Stealing and Lying, two Commandments broken, perhaps three if considering what lengths they will go to by Coveting other people’s money. How do people live with such guilt? Therein is the problem, they do not feel guilty. Unfortunately they often go after the elderly, physically or mentally challenged. Easy Direct Hits. How cowardice!

As shocking as it may seem, these real criminals are often not caught until much damage has already been done to scores of innocent people. The solution is that you are going to have to fight this one out with your own knowledge, being prepared and ready to act quickly sharing the information with everyone you know.

The saying, “Everything old is new again” is true. The latest scam crime is not being carried out over the internet with an email or text message (yet) but with your telephone or front door. The thieves are going “old school” directly calling or greeting you face-to-face. Ding Dong! – The 1960’s have returned.

There is a twist to this ancient practice. They are dressed appropriately in uniform trying to represent a company you utilize the services of. Electric Companies, Telephone, Cable, Security, name it and identify. If you send money either electronically or with a monthly check, these hustlers are ready and are very convincing and masterful in their crime. They will appear legit.

Do not trust your Caller I.D. anymore either, they are nearly useless. There is tragedy to this technology that has advanced so it can appear the call is ringing in from anyone or anywhere. It is a playground of deceptive plots for crooks and other deceivers. Do not be their victim.

If someone is at your home threatening you – immediately call the police and file a report. Tell them to wait while you make sure your door is locked, say you have to bring your dog in, or help your husband/wife out of the tub, or take a kettle off the burner. Technically you are lying too but they threw the first stone. Now call the police and I recommend having a weapon already in your hands. That should have been your first step. Yes people, it has gotten that bad.

You might be fortunate enough to have the con sitting on your front steps as the patrol car rolls in. These are the things YouTube VIRAL video’s are all about. If nothing else get a license plate number, description of car and person. Don’t be shy about videotaping. And most importantly – before the door – Granny get your Gun!

If they are on your telephone, take a look a that caller ID, it still has one redeeming quality. If you do not know the name, number or it has been hidden from display, simply do not answer. If you do not have a caller ID and you have already said hello, hang up. It is okay and encouraged to be rude, say nothing and end the call. If they leave a message, do not call them back.

What are they seeking? Your money. They will demand your debit card or credit card information or a pre-paid. Do not give it to them. Again, follow above instructions. No matter what transpires the police need to be notified at once and a report filed. Give the officers all the information you recall about the business this person/people are pretending/claiming to be working for.

Even after closing hours many companies have a answering service that can assist you. Write down the contact numbers of every monthly bill/service you subscribe to and keep this list at hand to find at a moments notice. Do not call 911 unless you are being physically attacked. Have your local Police Department/Sheriff’s number written at the top.

A new era has fallen on us. Do not be a casualty of it’s evil.
✞ Even so come quickly Lord Jesus ✞

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