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Anderson Spangler, Charming Belles National Elite Little Man 2014-2015


Andy Spangler, Elite Winner. National Annual Photogenic Event.

Charming Belles / Elite Little Men is a National Charitable Photogenic Event celebrating their 14th year.
This events Tithing was paid to: ☄★☄The MAKE-A-WISH Foundation☄★☄

With strong photogenic appeal, 10 year old Anderson Spangler has great potential in this business. Recently winning the 2014-2015 National Elite Little Man title, the only one available for promising boy models/child actors in the Charming Belles system. Zoom in and take a closer look at Anderson. He is a perfect Paul McCartney double with an unbelievable similarity. Naturally, I love this – yeah, yeah, yeah!

So here he is, Anderson Spangler. Not bad Little Man, Elite that you are, enjoy your win! I am very honored to interview you.

The conversation with the winner is carried out after the Elite’s name has been released. To find out later that Anderson is also Beatles Fan was a shocking bonus that gave me a giggle. After judging ended I brought up conversation to see if anyone agreed with me, dropping a “did you take notice how much he resembled Paul McCartney?” question. They noticed!

Anderson’s family appreciate many styles of music and The Beatles are one of them, though none of us knew that at the time – especially while making comparisons of Anderson Spangler and Paul McCartney. Maybe it was one of those you had to be there moments, nevertheless there are people in the Middle Tennessee area who find Anderson’s love for The Beatles a definite sign he was supposed to be the winner.

As some of you know, prayers are always sent up for the winner(s) in their events. At Charming Belles / Little Men it is left all in GOD’s hands. The 2014-2015 Elite Little Men Event was in remembrance of a good Christian man, Mr. William (Bill) R. Sharpe for the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Many prayers of “please no ties” and “make it easy on the judges” were sent up and all gave the highest scores to Anderson.

♫ Paperback Writer, Maybe I’m Amazed, I’ve Just Seen a Face, Let It Be, Here comes the Sun ♫
Your future is bright Anderson, I am so happy for you, congratulations!

✓ Notes from Judges:
Judge #1 – Natural looking. I like his photo. He looks real.
Judge #2 – Made me smile, he seems like a happy kid.
Judge #3 – Cute! I’d cast him in a minute! He’s Adorable!


Q. What was your reaction when finding out you won the 2014-2015 Elite Little Man Event?

A. I felt very happy!!

Q. What was your favorite gift in your prize box?

A. I love the teddybear with the “King of Hearts” sweater.

Q. How long have you been pursuing child modeling/acting/pageants/photo contests, etc….?

A. I did pageants as a baby, but recently have only been in pageants/photo contests for about 1 1/2 years.

Q. What grade are you in and your favorite subjects?

A. I am in the 5th grade. My favorite subjects are math and band.

Q. What future career would you like to succeed in?

A. I want to be an Air Force Pilot (like my Dad) and an Air Force engineer.

Q. Do you have any pets?

A. I have a fish named “Captain Bruce”.

Q. Which five words describe you best?

A. Friendly, fun, kind, smart and funny.

Q. What is your favorite memory?

A. I liked spraying my Dad with water to celebrate his last flight in a C5.

Q. What are your favorite films?

A. All the Star Wars movies and all the Pirates of the Caribbean movies.

Q. Who is your favorite actor?

A. Johnny Depp

Q. If you could be in a movie that you have already seen what would that be and what character would you play?

A. I would be a Clone Trooper from Star Wars,

Q. Who are your favorite Musicians/Bands/Performers?

A. I love The Beatles. I also like listening to my mommy sing.

Q. What is the most beautiful or fun place you have visited that you believe other boys and girls would enjoy also?

A. I would have to say the Disney Cruise. It was like Disney World on a boat in the middle of the ocean. They also had their own island.

Q. What are your favorite video games?

A. Minecraft.

Q. What are your favorite books?

A. I love the Harry Potter books, Big Nate and Diary of the Wimpy Kid.

Q. What are your favorite sports?

A. I like football and basketball.

Q. Do you know how to play any musical instruments?

A.I can play the snare drum, bass drum and the bells.

Q. Are you involved with Vocal Music? Are you a Bass or a Tenor?

A.Yes. I guess I am a tenor.

Q. What would be your idea of “THE” perfect Birthday Party?

A. A birthday party on a Disney Cruise with all my friends.

Q. What do you think Heaven looks like?

A. I think Heaven is very bright and beautiful.

Q. How would you change the world if you could?

A. I would make the world healthier to live in. I would also make it fun!

Q. If you could give one gift to every child in the world, what would that be?

A. Parents that love them.

Q. What is something that you have learned you could also teach others given the chance?

A. I learned how to fly remote control airplanes with my Dad.



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