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Bad Buyers. Is Facebook an Enabler?

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Model: Paige Samblanet – Charming Belles National Elite Royalty

If you are a website owner running a small business or have a much larger operation with buying and selling, always be mindful of the evil minds that are waiting to attack you. Defined in only two words, “Bad Buyers” and they have ravaged the internet so fiercely that many businesses have decided to stop taking orders online. Some have stopped accepting PayPal and major Credit Cards insisting upon Money Orders, Cashiers Checks or Cash.

There are stores that have closed their virtual doors to those shopping online because of the above mentioned vermin lurking through Ebay, Etsy, Facebook. Ah yes, Facebook, where the villains are actually protected and enabled. Facebook will remove the warnings to others about the guilty bad buyers. No matter how large your force is for the “good guy” – Facebook, especially those knowing and or working with this social media network, will have their warnings removed. They will completely swipe every post off of everyone’s page.

Brave people showing their faces, who have earned an exceptional rating, trying to help innocent people get their money or merchandise back from someone with a history of known problems with payment reversals, theft, fraud are probably telling the truth. What happens when Maleficent vs Cinderella on Facecbook? Sorry luv, Facebook believed Maleficent and you are stuck with your shattered glass slippers that were mailed to you, intentionally broken – vindictively.

Give us a break Facebook! Hire a special team and do a little investigating about particularly rotten happenings. These usually revolve around people buying or selling something. Facebook is capable of making such an interface with problem makers. Before long, I predict that Facebook may take the privilege away to sell, going with paid ad’s only. It starts with one sour, double-dealing, questionable character. The social media outlet get’s tired of dealing with this every day and (snap!) just like that, the freedom of buying and selling to everyone is gone.

Facebook does not allow others to complain or make complaints about other users, even with proof of photographs and video. They do not want the details. They side with the warned about user and mums the word. Anything negative, though the Gospel Truth, will be removed, even if said in a nice way. All it takes is a gang of bad people working together as their own damnable structure. A few complaints to Facebook about specific postings and they win their arguments. There are interconnections everywhere, even Facebook, do you understand?

PayPal also has the “backs” of Bad Buyers who cancel payments, returning damaged items that they themselves destroyed. Those with PayPal Business Accounts are finding out the hard way that unless you are willing to file charges against the Bad Buyer and go through the courts, small “at home” businesses are left empty handed. Buyer vs Seller, I hate to say it, but Buyer wins. There is a very simple way to get PayPal’s attention however, report this person, have others who have dealings with this person also report them. Go to the police in the city where the dealing(s) happened and/or where the person lives. File Charges and get an attorney if you have to.

The Pageant and Red Carpet Gown Industry, Wedding Dresses, Childrens Apparel and supplies have had a very sorrowful roller coaster ride because of Bad Buyers. This is a daily complaint that has been going on for years. Pageant Wear and Wedding Designers are especially vulnerable as the Bad Buyer purchases the items, wears them, is seen wearing them, or photographed while being awarded cash on stage. Wearing a “charged back” dress in your wedding pictures and then posting to social media, especially Facebook, this is white trash at it’s finest and I believe it to be criminal.

Photographers are also screwed over in a multitude of ways. Doing the shoot, sending the proof sheets out only to have the Bad Buyers take their proofs to a retoucher who immediately takes out the real photographers logo, retouches them with natural or glitz (often poorly) at a greatly reduced price. The photographer is never paid, only the artist and sometimes the cheapskates themselves are doing the retouching so they just got a full portfolio of Glitz, Naturals or both free or practically free depending on their graphic artistry skills. This seem right to you? It is robbery people!

Do not believe what you read on those anonymous pageant message boards. However, if you see someone writing their own name down and showing their face and the items and PayPal receipts believe them, especially if they have already developed a GOOD name for themselves. At home small businesses are going out of business every day because of deplorable people with no conscience. They are known as they are known, The Bad Buyers are Con Artists – be very leery of them and again – CASH ONLY! – If at all. Personally I BAN these type of people, they are trouble. Let it be said over and over again – they do not last long – karma always finds them. Let them hang themselves, the fun part is when you get to watch.

Hang Tight and Fight!


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