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Ebola Virus, 2 flown to America! WHY?

Ebola Virus - No Treatment - No Cure - More deadly than AIDS

Ebola Virus – No Cure – More deadly than AIDS

August 1st, 2014 – Ebola – a African VIRUS, far worse than A.I.D.S. (air born) where you could contact the illness simply from going outside in the air, grocery store, opening snail mail, going to school. Ready to begin Homeschooling your Kids? It is not a choice that you are able to make with your children’s education anymore – TOUGH! – Sorry, school’s and universities have been closed by the Government, they had to! Won’t this be fun? A hoot and a holler I tell ya!

Ah, such bonding… Although, I should alert you, in this worst case scenario – you are not just Homeschooling, you are all Homebound, the entire family. That weekly paycheck will be sorely missed will it not? Going outside could take your life. And the barn animals? If you want to keep them they will have to live inside now. Where to put Mr. Ed and Wilbur? How to get food for them? How to get food to you? Order everything online and open in a contained room with surgical gloves? Okay, I suppose that is one possibility but what about the person who originally packed it? Was that person infected unknowingly? Has the possible paranoia embraced you now? It did to Canada, and very quickly, because they are some very smart blokes! Their citizens and medical professionals are furious that America did this. Frankly, I am too.

Most people consider A.I.D.S. as the most horrifying virus and death to ever hit the United States and Worldwide. Lets also look at it another way, A.I.D.S. is a terribly deadly, highly contagious, though PREVENTABLE Virus, i.e. you cannot get HIV/AIDS by swinging on a clean park swing. A.I.D.S is horrendously serious, there are no doubts about that. Thankfully, you cannot develop AIDS by going outside or having a guest over. However, the Ebola Virus is a nightmare without end and it does not care what your lifestyle choices are. It does not care if you are gay, shoot I.V. drugs, it does not care what gender you are, age, race, or religion. Ebola will attack all, including your guests. No one is immune. More simply put, and I do hope you are paying attention – Ebola is not curable, there are no treatments to offer. You get it, you die, “the end.” As bad as AIDS is, once the victim has passed away the virus has nothing to live off of and dies. With the Ebola Virus however, even after someone has been dead for months you can still catch the virus even by simply touching them. That is how serious this is. Ebola is nothing to play around with.

In a society like this, one we would all have to live, imagine facing the horror. Eventually everything will shut down. Schools, Factories, Stores, nothing will be open or if it were things would not be as we know them today. Ebola is more of a fierce contagion than any other virus known. Is anyone else wondering why these people were brought to the United States especially since there are no treatments or plans for their cure? Seems to me this is a dangerously close call to a medical apocalypse. All of you Zombie TV Program watchers. You got your wish, are you scared? Close your eyes, the Zombies are all around you. Imagine a World like this. No matter the time of day – it is always set in the dark. We’ve been locked in.

The Ebola Virus arrived today (August 1st, 2014) in two people who are infected at the Winston Salem, North Carolina airport. I do not know where they will be treated or if they will be flown/driven from one state to another. I feel sorry for these two Christian missionaries but cannot understand their desire to travel back to America where this could explode into medical catastrophe. The couple flown back contacted the killer disease while they were in Africa.

I do not mean to sound cruel, but there are certain risks you take when choosing jobs or specific callings like this and catching a deadly virus, the Ebola in particular, is one of them. Flown back to the states, now that really upsets me. It has provoked thousands of people and from more than one country, many are fuming! I cannot help but wonder, who in the United States approved this insane passage of contagious and non curable people back into the U.S.?

Let’s go into the future again shall we? It Spreads, fast and you die. It is a danger to leave your home and your family. You no longer see your friends except over the internet. You see no neighbors, buses, cabs/taxi’s. Everything is paid electronically. You must avoid every human being. Remember all those Asian Folks years ago forced into wearing face masks because of a particular strain of Flu? Imagine that – but worse – a real life screenplay that would have Steven Spielberg shivering at the thought. Hey, do you still want to go to that neighborhood BBQ this year? How about the Local Food Buffett, sound tasty?

We are all living in a modern day society with a DEADLY VIRUS floating around Africa, so what did some American Neanderthal do? Gave permission for two unfortunate sick people with the Ebola virus flown into America for a treatment that does not exist for them. Another question, which Air Line did they use? I would not want to be anywhere near that North Carolina air port right now. Shocking! And where are they hospitalized? Are they staying in a hospital there or still in transit somewhere else? The questions are unending.

Canadian Scientists were 100% against bringing these 2 souls into North America and they are honored with the claim that the Ebola virus is contagious in the air. Face it. This is an air born virus, I do not know how else to spell it out for you. The United States and Canada and South America all line up together. See why Canadians are against this? The Scientists in Canada are saying that this is a huge mistake and I could not agree more with them. They do not want it in their country and I do not want it in mine! So the question remains, Who did?

 – Update August 2nd, 2014

After landing in North Carolina the plane then flew to Atlanta, Georgia. After their arrival in Georgia they were taken to the hospital by ambulance from Dobbins Air Reserve Base in Cobb County. They are admitted to Atlanta’s Emory University Hospital in an isolation ward.

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