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Cancer of Astrology

Lilith Barren (alias) was an oppressive tormenter who lived in the small subdivision that I did in the sixties to the early 1980’s. Despite living so close for many years I did not know who she was until 1977. I attended a private Christian school Kindergarten and First grades and 2nd-3rd in another school tucked neatly into a friendly village about ten miles away. The “birth family” had more than one home and when I was 9 they moved back to this neighborhood filled mostly now with low lifes and Lilith was the worst of the females.

She was not the only bull in the “hood”. The most unfavorable male was 16 and known to make 5 year olds cry and deliberately miss school because they were terrified of him. He was a monster that probably has seen a few jail cells by now. How far would he go? He killed my dog, for no reason, he just wanted to and got away with it. My dog was not the only victim. He also killed other dogs and cats. What a psycho!

My biological parents did nothing, although the police should have been called that horrid day in 1978 when poor Patches was murdered, no one telephoned the authorities. He was ran over repeatedly by this degenerate on his motorcycle and tossed into a corn field and left to rot. Typical behavior, he bragged about it, letting everyone know just what he did, and what he was capable of. He sent warnings to the other children that if they crossed his path he would do so to their pets also or to them or burn their parents house down while they were all sleeping.

My friend at the time heard him talking in great detail about my dog because her brother was one of his friends. She told me everything that she knew. She did the right thing. My biological “father” called this former friend of mine and spoke to her dad and he already knew about it, saying that this teenage boy did indeed kill our dog including information where he left Patches for 2 weeks before my “birth father” was taken to him. Patches was found, decomposed, exactly where my friends father told him he would be. I was ten at the time and heartbroken. That is as far as it went. This villain’s parents were not contacted. Even adults were afraid of him. He should have been sitting in a juvenile detention facility.

This jackass also hit girls. Real manly there don’t you think? Not many sixteen year old males punch, push and give black eyes to little girls as young as 8. He never punched me but did trip me and scads of other younger children on the bus, not to mention kill my dog just for the “fun” of it. Before long he was kicked off permanently on the bus. Rarely a day went by that he did not start a physical fight with someone, usually females but sometimes males too. He should have been a Sophomore but was an 8th grader.

Not many 8th graders have drivers licenses but he did. Time moved on, he went to highschool and he was now their problem – though he still lived in the subdivision, killing animals and scaring children, breaking into homes, toilet papering houses, sugaring gas tanks. He was trash.

The neighbors solution to these two nuisances was putting their homes up for sale and moving away. The two inferior beasts caused many a family to leave. The neighborhood, though once a lovely place to live in the fourties and fifties, a secluded haven surrounded by tree’s, hills and wrapped around a brook, became a dwelling for monstrous children with no discipline and certainly no ethics. I penned them Harvard Hellions.

It was not until my first day of 4th grade, that I met Lilith. I was standing in line on a corner with other children at the bus stop and Lilith immediately let everyone know she was the female boss of the neighborhood and used hateful words like “fatso, ugly, retarded” and a host of others – not just me, nearly all of the girls. Allow me to correct that – the ones she thought she had a chance at scaring them. She got off on making them think she was going to “beat them up”, one of her favorite lines. She was a coward.

My friend who let me in on how my dog was murdered coached me into kicking her ass but I refrained. I was, at the time, frightened of her. The friend said “Sheri you can take her on, if you do it, she will leave you alone!” But I would not do it, thinking I could be nicer and maybe that would change her – it did not. There was no charming that hateful heifer. She threatened anyone vulnerable and unprotected.

Possessed with a sick mind that made many of the children feel unsafe. Lilith was despised by most of the children and also their parents for being a persecuting, manipulative bitch. Today she would be known as a bully.

Someone I know that still lives in that city says she has not changed much except now she has gained a lot of weight — karma! — And at a recent running event it was reported that she had photographs taken, looked ridiculous and pointed out anyone else heavier than she. It is still a small town and people talk. People that were once little kids have grown up. She has very few friends and with good reason. Dumb skank just does not get it does she?

A year older than myself she took daily pleasure out of making people miserable. She had 2 things she really disliked, one of those were red hair and the other fat kids. She said she was superior than they. Having red hair and being over weight was a double whammy she delighted in torturing those kids with impolite wisecracks. She was relentless.

About three years ago It was gossiped back to me that as an adult she is as sterile as a cotton ball and had to adopt her child to become a mother. Here is an interesting twist. The child has carrot-red hair and on the chubby side. I feel sorry for this little girl. I worry her life may not be very happy with this woman as her adoptive mother. With Lilith as a “mother” if she has not changed, the kid is probably in misery. I did hear that the father loves her very much but that Lilith is still as cold as she ever was. No reports of a loving mom and that does not surprise me.

With Lilith Barren it made no difference to her if you were one year or one grade level younger. She badgered scared first graders on the school bus even though she was in the seventh or eighth. Just like the putz on the motorcycle she went after younger, weaker or very kind and sweet hearted children. Lilith would browbeat others because she enjoyed doing so.

She stooped as low as bullying a 2nd grader when she was in 8th. He was a child that was not cared for very well by his family and he had terrible epilepsy with hundreds of seizures every day despite medications. He strongly smelled of urine, and had a large nose that was filled with dried mucus. He was one of very few Special Ed kids that attended school there briefly.

His intelligence level was lower from a difficult birth and he had to take specific classes that the rest of us did not take. Lilith constantly made fun of him and would “pretend” to have grand mal seizures in her bus seat. She was deplorable and very few found her amusing. She was hated by most and deserved it.

Her antics went on in the streets, the school, the playground, the bus. And just like the motorcycle demon she slid through freely. Nothing was done – yet – but that day was coming and it was coming sooner than she thought. Contacting the bus driver did not help. She too was tormented by this dragon and did not know what to do about it. The Principal of the school did not care. He did nothing. I am glad he has retired, he was useless.

The bus driver had a child that had been trampled to death after a birthday party by a horse on May 9th, 1976 in the neighborhood and whenever the bus passed by that area Lilith would make snide comments. I will not repeat them. They are despicable.

I was at that birthday party, from beginning to end, nearly the entire neighborhood was. Lilith was not invited. Gee (sarcasm) I wonder why? The party was not over but the 2 sisters left very early. I liked the older sister very much, she was nice to me and I begged Tammy Lynn not to leave with her sister Susan and to wait. Verbatim, I begged her to “stay just a little longer”, she declined and moments later I saw that innocent little girl dying in a pool of her own blood, not moving and laying in a ditch just steps from her own home.

Directly across the street was the local preacher. My husband and I named one of our children Ripley Riley Hooper after he and my husbands Grandfather. Seemed a perfect combination as both were Godly Men. He was a good man and excellent Southern Baptist Preacher. I clearly remember Brother Ripley as he prayed over her, his hand reaching to the sky as he asked Christ to save her life.

The subdivision was so far away from civilization it took EMT’s forever to get there. This was before the days of Medical Helicopters. The girl and her younger sister walked home taking a longer pathway on the main road and a horse who had been beaten by its owner came charging through the area after its saddle fell off, supposedly scaring it. The horse got spooked and took off, charging at whatever was in its way. The younger sister jumped into a tree, the older sister was not as fortunate. A year older than me, she was approximately nine years old when she died.

I can still vividly remember the sounds the horse made, the lifting of its hooves smashing and slamming into this helpless child. It was a nightmare I carry around and wish I could forget. Sadly, I probably never will. I find comfort knowing she is in Heaven with the Lord.

Lilith took this tragedy as an opportunity to make the most gruesome remarks. Hearing Lilith’s disturbing statements in favor of the horse and not the child, was dreadful. She was revolting. To be even more spiteful she would ride her horse by the bus drivers home, slowing down the pace, looking their way. What an evil person. People who think that bullying is a new practice are terribly wrong. She was still doing this at 14 and in my opinion knew better. A heart three sizes too small? How about no heart at all.

Many years later, In 1981 as a 7th grader Lilith got on my last nerve. We were on the school bus and on that day it was full with every seat taken. Lilith started in on me, opposite side of the bus, 3 seats back. She went too far and I had finally had enough. I handed my books to another friend who lived 3 houses away from me and gave her my purse for holding too and took a few steps and lunged at Lilith. She was shocked, went into a panic as my fists battered her face and stomach. She did not go to school the next day or the day after that. I deliberately walked to her bus stop – I wanted some more of that!

Did she hit me back after all the years of threatening to? NO! What was her comeback on the moving bus fight? She bit me. Seriously, she bit my fingers. No scars. No blood – but I beat some sense into her. She got clobbered! The bus driver watched and kept driving. That was the biggest shock of all. She silently observed and said not a word nor pulled over which was how it normally was done. On that bright day someone’s ass was whooped with a full busload of kids, the bully got her ass battered and frosted – FINALLY.

I never got in trouble and the bus driver praised me later (and thank you Sue if you are reading this) – and best of all the friend who had told me for years to hurl Lilith a good one was right all along. Then she said the funniest thing which further humiliated Lilith, and all the kids heard it. She said out loud, “Lilith, did Sheri’s fingers taste good?” Classic Moment! Lilith had nothing to say and never bothered me again. She stopped riding the bus for about 2 weeks and had her mommy take her to school, ba ha ha ha! She stayed indoors, avoided the playground at school, now hiding out and everyone suspected she was afraid I was going to give her Round Two. I Laid Down The Law – TRUTH! – And enjoyed every moment of it. I did not start this but I finished it. She threw the first stone, she threw many stones, she had it coming! The school bus went roaring with applause – for ME!

Eventually I moved away, and at 16 was up north visiting the aforementioned friend at the apartment she shared with her mother. She had to go somewhere and asked me to answer the door when Lilith came by to return something she had borrowed. Before the friend left she made me promise not to stomp Lilith into the ground (albeit tempting) but if looks could kill she would have perished in 1984.

She was civil, I was a smart ass. I was hot and finally slender and I knew it burned her up. It was one of those precious moments, I now had the power and she looked intimidated. I blew cigarette smoke in her face, watching the magical white-blue cloud of tobacco smother her into alarms of coughing, it was great! Don’t worry folks, I quit tobacco in March 2003, though that beautiful day I relished in every puff that flooded into her foul face. Revenge, ah, so sweet. I wanted her to say something negative so I could embrace my Rebel Redneck side and once again, just like In 7th grade – Lay Down The Law! – She left fairly quickly. I scared the shit out of her.

Another person who still lives in that city (well, close to it) recently gave me some new information I was not expecting. “Hey” she said, “did you not say that people born in late June or early to Mid July are your favorite birth signs? I said yes and asked why which tickled her. She then said, “Sheri I have to tell you this! Lilith was born in the 2nd week of July. She is that sign you say you love so much. You know, the crab?”

My jaw dropped – “WHAT?” Lilith is a Cancer?” – Her birthdate now pulsed in my head. A Cancerian? How can that be? She was a spirit eating, flesh devouring, monster of evil and hate. Even so within five minutes my 40+ years of believing in Astrology totally left me. I now saw it for what it was – divination and the Bible say’s it is wrong. It is complete hokum. False! Deceitful! Or if you want to get Redneck about it – it is 100% BULLSHIT!

And it happened, just like that, 1,2,3 – gone!

I had prayed to GOD not long ago that if Astrology was wrong then to give me a sign and he most definitely did. Divination has been removed from this Christians Soul that lurked there far too long. Two weeks later I was questioning my own thoughts. A realization. What was going on? My hatred for this person suddenly disappeared too. Both Astrology and anger towards this woman – gone! Where was GOD leading me with this? I struggled with the oddity but came up with the answer. Astrology itself is a Cancer. Avoid it!

I could thank this now grown female terrorist for having a later, oddly placed aftercome, but If she is reading this, I suppose that is enough. That is all she is getting anyway. Well there is also the fact she is forever known as the person who bullied many though when faced with a good ass whooopin’ all she could throw out was biting someone’s fingers. One can never forget that. That’s comedy right there!

Suddenly a memory of prayer from at least a year ago, flashed through my mind. While shivers of the Holy Spirit flooded over me, I clearly remembered the night I prayed that the horrid memory of this bully would end. That my hostility within my mind about this person would end. That I would be able to forgive her and though I somewhat said the last part half heartedly, it has happened. I have let it go, I have Let God, and I have forgiven. I never thought this would be possible.

PSALM 71 : 1-5

In you, Lord, I have taken refuge; let me never be put to shame. In your righteousness, rescue me and deliver me; turn your ear to me and save me. Be my rock of refuge, to which I can always go; give the command to save me, for you are my rock and my fortress. Deliver me, my God, from the hand of the wicked, from the grasp of those who are evil and cruel. For you have been my hope, Sovereign Lord, my confidence since my youth.


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