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Chilling Death of PlayStation Home

PlayStation is “burnin’ down the house” – come this March 2015 there will be no more PlayStation Home. Not merely a rumor or threat, they are ending a major part of their audience, including myself.

This feels like betrayal. Although to walk around in their virtual worlds of beaches, casino’s, bowling, underwater swimming adventures so realistic you would swear you were actually experiencing the fun. Though most people were there for socialization, many were there to escape whatever boredom life was throwing at you at the moment. I get enough of that in the REAL world, and if nothing else, Facebook and Twitter.

While watching the painful reality of our beloved dog of nearly 13 years, Briley Victoria, dying a slow painful death over the course of 5 weeks, this virtual space provided nice music, calming sounds of the ocean, and a helpful diversion from what was coming to a tragic end. The last melodies, sounds and colors that Briley had on this earth were bright daylights with waterfalls, chirping birds, rivers with evening sunsets that turned the den into a tranquil warmth of reds, pinks, oranges and browns that followed with dark nights and chirping crickets that magically made the room shimmer with purples and blues of several shades. Now this mood stabilizer will be nothing more than a memory. Taken away from those who loved it, a calm even if for a moment or two, soon to be gone if not already. I stayed by Briley’s side, never leaving her for a moment as this virtual “peace” lingered in the air. I would lay on the floor with her, numerous blankets and pillows surrounding us both while PlayStation Home gave the ambience. Five weeks later on July 18, 2012 – she was gone – to a place that is not virtual – Thank GOD.

Left behind, I quit playing immediately and until a few months ago while facing the dreaded Dental Specialist for taking out a wisdom tooth, I jumped back on. It truly is a detour from realism. Just like before, two years back, I got right down to it and started buying adorable, overpriced, clothing, homes, furniture that was only fantasy. It is all abstract as none of this will exist in a few days, weeks, months. Some of my items are already missing and I am not very happy about it, though I do not grieve over the wisdom tooth.

It began mid October with complaints of people not being able to reach their destinations, missing Life Points, winnings, and any comps they got for free. For me it was my Yacht decorated in Lockwood Designer furnishings, hot tub, VIP Access to other places. I went bat shit crazy buying fake clothing for a computer paper doll.

There’s one born every minute, I will agree with that. I blew about $1,000 and there is no telling what Rick my old man spent, though he likes buying the games and not fancying himself up in the latest fashions (ha, ha!) Understand, this virtual PlayStation world also offered a “Real Estate Agency” where make believe homes or spaces are purchased. What, buy a million dollar mansion for $100? Sure! Why not? It’s just for fun and it is forever, right? – WRONG!

Add in sarcasm now and slap yourself, we’ve all been duped! PlayStation offers a “sorry” but you aren’t getting your money back or your pretend toys – they have murdered PlayStation Home and everything you bought with REAL money and it is chilling. Dooms Day has hit PlayStation Home. The fun ends here.

Did I mention this real estate agency is in a “mall” with a Hub and two other levels of shops to buy things in? All the PlayStation Cards you see at stores with cash values on them – they are real and PlayStation gladly accepts your money. There are stores galore selling clothing and other items, hair styles, shoes, anything you would place in your home or wear on your body. Good grief, even a pet shop and yes, I bought them too, more than one. Four Dogs (Briley, Spooner, Pugsley and Gunther) and four cats (Madden, Maury, Madeline and Season) I am somewhat depressed, the bastards are taking my pets too! Rick (husband) has 2 fish that he must feed and clean the tank on there or they will die, floating to the top and the water turns green and slowly disappears leaving the corpses of your fish. Good Bye Monty and Python, you too will be missed. PlayStation, you are cold and I find this interesting that as you are pushing your PS4 suddenly PS3 is put to burial. How clever of your market research.

Here is a question for you. Right now at this very minute PlayStation Home is selling the above mentioned items and new updated ones also. They are putting advertisements up for Halloween clothing even though they know in a few months these will all disappear. My point? Why are they taking people’s money for items that will vanish in March 2015? PlayStation – That is Heartless! Where is your conscience? And get this, they are still SELLING their cards for merchandise that literally has a ticking time bomb on them! Look on their website or your local grocery store, anywhere you can buy a PlayStation card – it will be there for another sucker to buy. If the card says $20 that is what you pay, if it says $250, same thing, you get the picture. You spend cash, PlayStation takes it and then takes away whatever you “bought” with it. Devilish!

What do they have to say about all of this? PlayStation has stated that this was an “experiment” held over several years. Never mind they NEVER told the players/participants about that part, being temporary, or the fact that they made millions, probably billions off of this. Folks, do you enjoy being a part of a Science or Marketing Experiment without knowledge? “Lets go to the Lab – And see what’s on the Slab – I see you shiver in Anticipation!”

I know what I am going to do in protest. Screw you PlayStation – in addition to my Nintendo WII and WII Fit – I am buying an X-Box – PlayStation you can bite me! Here is your 2 Fingered Salute Good Bye!



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