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Paul McCartney “Out There” 2014

Sheri Hooper and Rick Hooper attending the Paul McCartney Event in Nashville, Tennessee 2014

Sheri Hooper and Rick Hooper attending the Paul McCartney Event in Nashville, Tennessee 2014

There are concerts and then there are Musical Events. Paul McCartney’s 2014 “Out There” recently held and attended by myself and husband Rick in Nashville, Tennessee was one such triumph.

Not a P.R. or work night for me, this was pure, indulgent, pleasure. Well, somewhat pleasurable considering that I was recovering from a wisdom tooth extraction. Yeah, mighty good fun there, ahem, embrace my sarcasm – please. Back to subject, getting to see the look on my husbands face, especially in those first few moments were truly magical and worth it despite the pain. I was far more interested in Rick’s reaction, seeing his favorite musical marvel, Sir Paul McCartney, for the first time. It was priceless.

I grew up around musicians, worked with them for decades and have entertained and mingled with more than my fair share. Don’t take me wrong, Paul McCartney, though well known and extremely famous, to me is another bloke making a living through song. Right on brother – Make a joyful noise! – And he did, it was a fabulous show. The experience for Rick however was probably comparable to a child at Disney. He was very pleased. Remembering the evening still sends me into giggles.

A chosen venue at The Bridgestone Arena, located at 501 Broadway, with the ability of holding 20,000 people, were completely filled to capacity. The tickets, Sold Out! Our $1200+ Floor Tickets were priceless. Natalie Portman sitting directly in front of us was an extra unexpected bonus. She was very sweet. Two A-Listers in one night, groovy!

During the presentation Paul sang a song with Natalie Portman and Johnny Depp both implemented virtually by signing. They were each shown on a large screened video using Sign Language as communication, from beginning to end. I could not help but wonder if Mr. Depp was also somewhere “OUT THERE” in the gathering of fans. If he was, I never saw him, though I must admit I looked. Speaking of, both Johnny and Natalie did an astonishing job. Excellent expression and actions. Perfect motion. I am a critical judge, I too can sign. They were skilled and adept at what they were doing. I was very impressed. The song is called, “My Valentine.”

I am getting ahead of myself, must stop digressing and move in reverse. The evening began with a lovely sunset, something I am totally enamored by. Traffic on the interstate and to the arena were not bad at all. Sailing quickly to our destination we were there in no time, parked and doing our “will call”. Basically a will call means my tickets were waiting for me.

Then we were off to the Lexus Lounge where as V.I.P. Members we are rewarded with certain perks. We were both naughty vegans that night though we are still vegetarians. Don’t panic anyone – that will never change – we do not eat animals! The Lexus elevator, Ice/Floor Level, is a trip in itself. It Zooms! moving quite fast, has an operator and (I dared not ask why) has a flat screened television. Since the Lexus Lounge also has televisions (floor to ceiling televisions in the Lexus – yeah!) I am guessing these are all used for Hockey games when playing at Bridgestone, so that attendees do not miss a moment.

The Lexus serves gourmet style food, not your nacho’s and popcorn kind of faire. We chose: Specialty Bread and freshly Whipped Butter, Raw Cucumbers, Grilled Asparagus, Red and Green Bell Peppers, and Tomatoes, Queen Anne Potatoes, Brie, White Cheddar and Stilton Cheeses, Crispy Pita Bread, Humus, Black Olives, Coconut Cupcakes and miniature Caramel Pies. We ate our dinner, grabbed several bottles of water and found our seats in seconds.

VIP Members can have all the food, drinks, even alcohol (beer and wine) if you choose, throughout the event. You can go back as many times as you wish. Drinks in hand we had awesome seats one and two, the very beginning of the row. Instantly I was shocked at the people who were already there. The concert was nearly an hour late starting, though of course worth it. Even so, people were coming in at least an hour into the concert. Hey man – it’s Paul McCartney!

Brilliant, Paul made up for every minute bringing a hardcore 3 hour concert. I got a kick out of the fact that the eldest Rock and Roll Master on Stage was 72 years old. Two words for that ya’ll, straight from the sixties – Far Out! Paul’s vocals are still as strong as they were forty years ago, and another revelation – he is absolutely hysterical. When the audience wasn’t jamming to his tunes they were falling over themselves laughing. What a performer, he is incredible!

Paul gave a generous three encores. There needs to be something said, spread it along because too many people are “not in the know.” Encores are expected. People, stop leaving immediately, you are missing part of the show! When Sir McCartney said “bye” the first time many of them left, too many. Come on now, pay attention, get wise. Paul McCartney is the most generous of all the musicians/vocalists/bands I have ever heard. Three encores? Oh we LOVE You Paul, oh YES we do! Nothing but the highest praise for him.

At the very end of the third encore as the last song of the night ended amongst screaming fans and the band walking off the stage, a long shower of Red, White and Blue Streamers came flooding from the ceiling – magnificent ending! All the early clueless leavers missed all of this. Shame because it was sensational!

Before leaving we secured T-shirts, an enormous Program Book and Coffee Cups then headed to Pinnacle Parking, taking the long way home just for the fun of it. It has been a busy autumn for me but this night was the brightest highlight of them all. I would not change anything. Dreamy!

Peace Love World - The Clothes That Give You Life

Peace Love World - Clothes That Give You Life

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5 thoughts on “Paul McCartney “Out There” 2014
  • praisejesus says:

    I love your stories Sheri. I don’t get out much. And besides who’d take care of the cats? No one, they’d die without me. I’m so glad we have this connection and you can share your life with me. It’s almost like I’m there right at the concert. Only I don’t have to leave the cats alone. Thanks again and God bless.

  • PSgamer66 says:

    You know the films from the early Beatle shows where the girls would be crying when they took the stage? When Paul walked out on the Nashville stage, I looked at Sheri with big tears in my eyes and could only say, “It’s Paul!”. It was an amazing night! From the first song, “Magical Mystery Tour” to the last, “The End”, Paul was awesome. It is a night I will always hold dear, the night that Sheri and I saw the accomplished Paul McCartney.

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