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Personal Returns from Sheri Hooper.



As I watch the time ticking away towards Midnight, making it officially, “New Years Eve 2015” I decide to toss out a few words to my Beloved Readers. The most fabulous ones who are “Bold Enough to Leave a Message” on what they have read. – Respect!

You are so appreciated! Kiss-Xo-Xo-Xo-Huggles! Now darling’s, you will have to get over it should this praise to my most active members make you jealous, for it’s true, “Momma LOVES them best! Wouldn’t you?

At this moment I am smiling wider, with a ☄♥☄”ZING!”☄♥☄ in my heart, I have something to declare! Checking the updates on the growing list of “Signed Up” readers, amazing, my world is rocked! It’s shaking ya’ll, W00T! Holla! May you enjoy every moment and THOUSANDS of very Warm Welcomes! Each legitimate Member is a Blessing to my Soul – CHERISHED!

Is that sappy enough for you? I can go way beyond that. I am just one of those types of people. If you don’t get me, you probably are not one – no offence. Oh yes, sweet I am, but also brutally honest and have a bit of a sailor mouth from time to time but hallelujah, also a Bible Thumper. Who am I? – I am me! – I am Sheri Hooper. Are we on the same page? GR00VY! Let’s move on. ☄♥☄ ZING! ☄♥☄

A considerable amount of my personal emails are from people who have asked questions and when I do not respond promptly they start trippin’ — have you ever been trippin, Holmes? Far Out! (giggling) Back to seriousness, you either were not approved because you are not posting back in relation to the article, are spamming your own website, trying to lead people elsewhere, or something that could be a potential virus – I PROTECT MY PEOPLE – Be C00L or I will ZAP you into SUBMISSION! – SWITCH! – FEEL the STING and POUR some GREY GOOSE down it. – Shiver, I dare you to cry!

If you see a link or photograph on my page – have faith – it is perfect and heaven sent safe – why? – BECAUSE I LOVE YOU! – And all we need is Love, my most Precious Sugarplums. What would Momma do without you? Uh-Oh, I feel another huggle coming on – Kiss-Xo-Xo-Xo-Huggles! ☄♥☄ ZING! ☄♥☄

Now to answer that question. I am a very busy lady but WILL respond back as soon as I can providing criteria has been met as stated above. You will also need to come back here ( I BETTER BE IN YOUR FAVORITE’S! – lol – ) to read your response from me or change your settings – and no, I cannot do this for you. In general your wait will be thirty days or less.

Patience is a Virtue you know. ( smile )

This is my final post for 2014. I’ve numerous comments to surf through and either approve, comment (maybe both!) or mark as spam. ( pout )

It is now past midnight and many SAFE CHEERS to all this EVENING, every reader and subscriber have a wonderful HAPPY NEW YEARS EVE and DAY 2015!

Strange tis a Writers Life over the Web.
Thank You, ever so much, for being a part of it.

☄♥☄ ZING! ☄♥☄

Love and Huggles,
Sheri Hooper

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