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Defending Paulina Vega, Miss Universe 2015


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January 25th, 2015 – DORAL, FLORIDA – (Miami/Dade County) – On a late Sunday evening the Miss Universe Pageant was held. It was televised live with a full audience, contestants representing their countries, hoards of celebrities, judges, sponsors and unfortunately …some nasty people… both at the event and online who did not behave themselves.

There was no Audio or Visual delays on T.V. (like there should have been) therefore it did not hush the booing emanating from the gathering. Had there been a short lag going actively the newly crowned Miss Universe would have been spared some of the embarrassment. Thank GOD for editing, hopefully everyone will do so but don’t hold your breath. Everyone paying attention to their televisions could hear them. Sore “Watchers/Losers” shouted out snotty comments and more boo’s when one of the alternates was given a Runner Up title, rather than the Queen title. I felt sorry for her too, surely she did not want people bringing negative attention that she just placed with a Runner Up. Were their comments necessary? – NO! – A Runner Up Title is something to be PROUD of!

There are many countries competing in Miss Universe, though only a mere handful of semi-finalists. Not everyone gets to compete in Miss Universe. There are Pre-Lims (Preliminaries) before you get to compete. They are already winners. To grab a Runner Up title is nothing to be ashamed or “booed” about. I thought it was rotten for people to do this, absolutely shocking. In the final moments it was announced one by one, 4th Runner Up Miss Jamaica, 3rd Runner Up Miss Netherlands, 2nd Runner Up Miss Ukraine, 1st Runner Up Miss USA and then our WINNER: Paulina Vega (Miss Columbia) the new 2015 Miss Universe.

Immediately after, some heartless people hit their computers with every social media they could ravage Paulina Vega on. In her shining moments the new 2015 Miss Universe, was slammed with terribly insulting and flat out disgusting remarks, I will not repeat them all – though I’ll share a few of them with you here. There was your first warning that if some words offend you – stop reading now.

People on Facebook and Twitter were brutal. They insulted Paulina by calling her names and saying “she seemed weird” – “she is not very social” – “she didn’t act right when she won” – “she doesn’t look happy that she won” – “another Runner Up was robbed” – “She isn’t pretty” – “Her dress was ugly” – “She has ugly teeth” – “She’s wearing false teeth” – “She’s wearing a flipper” – “She looked bad in Swimsuit” – “Their new $300,000 crown is ugly” – “Miss Universe robs people” – “Miss Universe Pageant is rigged” – It went on and on. I started to boil.

Finally I had enough of reading these posts when an adult woman on Facebook called Paulina (close your eyes if you don’t want to see a dirty word) a cunt rag. That did it, now I had to publically say something. I felt she was impolite as were all of the bullies who followed her comments, making more startling statements from hers and then laughing, I’ll spare you all but it was crude.

I went to and then left the Sheri Hooper Fan Page on Facebook (it was clean, no one was ugly there fortunately) and hopped over to my Personal Page on Facebook and told people just what I thought of this behavior, bashing the Winner of Miss Universe, Paulina Vega. I did not like it and let folks know it. Many (most infact) agreed with me. Acting like a sore loser is not cool and decades back, this did not happen.

By the way, it is also happening increasingly at other stage pageants, including pageants for children. Find that hard to believe? Attend one some time or watch an episode of Toddlers -&- Tiara’s. There will be booing, you may even witness people dramatically leaving the ballroom before the pageant is over, cursing, screaming, crying, breaking trophies, crowns, tiara’s, running over sashes amongst other prizes. I kid you not. It is ruining the fun and crushing the sport. What does this teach our children? Exactly.

The next thing I knew, within an hour, about 43 minutes or so, people started leaving my personal page. Awe, did they think that would hurt my feelings? It didn’t, in fact I found it quite amusing as did the others who were watching. My personal page dropped from 3,681 to 3,668 in less than 24 hours. I drew respect in the interim and some new people have asked to join and with much joy this experience has made my Fan Page jump up by six new precious souls. I send out ☄ CHEERS ☄ to all 1,048 of you! My Personal FB Page number has now risen to 3,670. ☄ THANK YOU SHOUT! ☄

I got off of Facebook, thinking this drama had ended, and started packing for a trip with photo shoots in Arkansas and Texas. The next day I took care of personal business, finished the suitcases and before I knew it stepping onto a gorgeous luxury bus headed for the Western part of Tennessee, through Arkansas, Dallas, Texas and then Fort Worth.

Why not fly? Most I work with now have stopped using airlines and choose buses, nice big one’s like musicians travel in. Frankly, it is safer, easier, less problems to deal with and surprisingly often it is faster without any lay-overs and no one ever loses their luggage or equipment. Pretty sweet eh? – Traveling like this – are we Rock Stars? No, we are Photographers, Videographers, Lighting, Hair and Make-up Artists, Advertising Specialists, Writers, Models, Parents of the younger models and many others including a second bus carrying hundreds of pageant dresses, evening gowns, shoes – everything but the kitchen sink. No wait, there actually was a kitchen sink, tee-hee.

We were all having a nice time chatting on the road trip. No one was bashing our new Miss Universe (at least not publically) or that I heard. Parents traveling with the crew and their child put them to bed and most of us stayed up into the early hours talking, looking at scenery, telling jokes and eating yummy treats. Hours later I climbed into my bottom bunk, falling asleep somewhere in Arkansas and awakening in Texas to find a message on my cell phone from my current Assistant. Who would that be? As of now, my husband of nearly 29 years, Rick. Though his main job is a Biochemist, when I am on the road he takes over many things for me. He totally rocks! GOD BLESSED ME WITH A GREAT MAN!

He said there were bad posts about me defending Paulina Vega. Some women left messages that were bashing not only Paulina but me too. As if I did not have enough on my mind with work on the road, I now had to wonder what had been written on my pages. I had my laptop but did not want to get into this while working/traveling. I told Rick to remove everything bad and if he felt it was really scandalous to block/ban them and take off their posts. All the bad postings came from women, no males said anything insulting. Bitches be crazy!

The shoots went well and thankfully fast. I said nothing about what was going down online but folks who know me felt there was something wrong. Repeatedly I was asked if I was okay or if I felt alright. I recently got over the flu and some good folks thought there was a connection and wanted to help. Nope, that wasn’t it. Ah, but they will know now. Once home I kissed and loved all over my husband and our furbabies – then headed to one of my computers. Rick said it was more like I “stomped to my computer” – ha ha ha – he was probably right.

To all the morons that left. Most split on their own, a few were blocked and banned for slinging some crap at me and Paulina. Who would think? Defending someone who wins a pageant and people leave my page or are kicked off for being mean. – WAAA – Big babies! I don’t mind the words, I have a bit of a Sailors Mouth (hey, I’m a Writer, give me a break) but I was not aiming it at the new winner of Miss Universe. Tacky people – TACKY!

Remember those bashers. If they bash someone on Miss Universe, they are probably known for bashing kids at children’s pageants. The winner, Paulina? She is only 18 years old. Need I say more? Yes, I do. The gutless bashers, they are identifying themselves and do not even realize it. What do you expect? They aren’t very bright to begin with. The Message Boards are filled with these vile people. Want to know who those people hiding on the message boards are? Take a look at who bashes models, contestants, winners, etc… on Facebook or anywhere else they place their names. They may as well have a sign placed around their neck that says GUILTY! But you know what they say – What Comes Around Goes Around – You Reap What You Sow – Karma!

Why did any of these people feel it necessary to represent the USA by bashing Miss Columbia/Miss Universe? Any idea how that makes us look not to mention the live audience and their roars of disapproval? Ya’ll should be ashamed of yourselves! Is this the way we want the world to view the United States? I guess it is. And to that I say – Grow Up or Get Out! This Industry does not need or want people like that in it. Find a new activity or like the song lyrics go, “Girl don’t go away mad, Girl just Go Away!”

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