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Post Pageant Revile

Post Pageant Revile  Modeled by: Kenzie Leeser Stage Shot Image represented does not portray event from article.

Post Pageant Revile
Modeled by: Kenzie Leeser
Stage Shot does not portray event from article.

I recently attended a pageant event with an enormous amount of contestants competing. From diapers to dentures, every age group was represented. It seemed the usual routine. Competition followed by Crowning. Everything appeared flowing positively … but only for a few hours. By the next day shouts of bashing from mild to wild were coming in with screen shots made from other websites, message boards, Facebook, Twitter, personal photographs, emails, and texts, oh my – so many texts. You know you have one very complicated fight going on when you have to turn off your cell phone to run away from the dramatics. Before doing so I made a quick call to the Director – that poor woman was in tears. She was well aware of what was being said. I felt bad for her. Had I not been in attendance I might have questioned the event. Thankfully, I knew that a great majority of the “stories” coming from this bash festival were mostly elaborate exaggerations produced by angry parents. Starting from the first few posts to those proceeding after, people went from being so fake with their wordings that you could tell they were agitated to full blown strikes leaving battle wounds. As the hours moved painfully on the more graphic and nasty their descriptions became. For starters were the people who were sending out thank you’s, that is to the naked eye. When reading between the lines you could make out the twinges of sarcasm. Clearly fake. Then came the guilt trippers stating they worked so hard, spent so much money, drove so far, their child was crying and depressed . . . and the one that shocked me the most – their rent will be late because they did not take a cash prize on an expected win. Does anyone else not see how ridiculous this is? What a bomb to drop on the head of the child! They are obviously using pageantry as a second income and she did not take home any money. This will surely be psychologically damaging. Nice parenting! Next up the woman who was showing her child’s awards and though the large towering crown was perfect on stage (as proven with photographs and video) the woman now claims it was placed on her daughters head, broken. She did not go to the Director with this immediately and instead waited until she got home the next day, sassing the Director with a vicious tongue, bent the crown, took photo’s and sent them out with a warning that this Director hands out damaged prizes and her daughter was robbed. Thing is, an audience full of people and camera’s were rolling when she was crowned. Everyone saw it’s perfect shape and it was not leaning like it does now. This was a low blow and just plain stupid. She destroyed her child’s crown! Hello? Maybe the kid might have wanted to keep that? It is a definite “Bitches be Crazy” moment. Next up the judge bashers. You know, it is their opinion and everyone views beauty, stage presence and your dresses differently. But you must understand – IT IS THEIR OPINION – and scores were close! Lastly the people playing the race card. Enough of that! Really, can you be any more cruel to the Director and insulting to the Judges Panel? Ya’ll must have forgotten, four of you have played that card before, and it has gotten old. Each time you do this it becomes more memorable. You proclaim the Director is racist and so are her Judges? Well then, find a pageant that is just for your race or stop entering altogether, though I predict you will find something unkind to say about any pageant when your child does not win the very highest title offered. When people have been on the stage for many years some parents start to have a “we always must win” attitude, an entitlement. They do not get it. This is not a popularity contest, this is a Beauty Pageant. Do you understand? If you are not capable of losing or accepting of an age division queen, princess or alternate title, without complaint, you should find another sport – sour puss, this is not your ball game anymore. The Judges did not “know” the contestants. The Director went out of her way to find people who would be the most honest and impartial. Sorry hon – the Judges did not get your memo that your daughter wins a lot and has competed for years. Your kid is great – beautiful and dynamic on stage – but you need more maturity before you ruin her career not to mention self esteem. I have seen it happen time and time again. I’ve been “playing pageant” much longer than you have (1993) and you need to develop your sophistication skills because you are lacking. Learn from my wisdom, I am trying to help you. Your daughters advancement depends upon it. Acting nutty after a pageant is a terribly bad reflection on you. Some of you owe the Director an apology, especially those I talked with via texts/emails/cell. It does not have to end here unless you want it to be that way. Have the guts to publically admit you broke the crown and call the Director. Get back on the message boards and admit you were wrong. Yeah, I know that is probably not going to happen but one can hope. I stayed over at the event picking up left behind tiara’s, trophies a few toys and the like. I knew from the start this might be a bad omen and … it was … Funny though, no one forgot to leave their cash prizes in the ballroom.


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