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Questioning Elections



My husband Rick and I, (wedded 29 years now!) in 1993 voted for Bill Clinton (DEMOCRAT). Barely into our twenties, we were first time voters outside of school, college and beauty pageant events. We just did not register to vote. At that time in our lives it did not seem … important… However watching our town slide and others around us, friends losing jobs, in late 1992 we changed our ideas. We were no longer Republicans, we decided, according to how politics are defined. We were just as shocked. Unfortunately we later regretted our jump into “voting adulthood” by giving our support for him, the first person we vote for, oh my, William Jefferson Clinton. Bill Clinton was an embarrassment to his family and to everyone who voted for him.

I do not know how Hillary and Chelsea kept a smile upon their faces. It must have been terrible for them. I actually felt extreme sorrow for them during that time period when her husband was President. Above all – she stayed with him. You have to admit – that is one strong – FIERCE – woman! I don’t know how she did it. I think everyone expected a divorce but it did not happen. Hillary kept on truckin’ the political highway (though telling some lies along the way, tisk-tisk!) and Bill (GOD Bless him!) became a Vegan. Right on! I am not totally cheering Bill Clinton on – The fantasy of Hillary knocking Bill on his ass has not left. I have my standards you see.

Do not misunderstand what I am saying. I am not politically balanced with Hillary. We are far from parallel. Simply put, our views, mostly do not match. I know she is running for President, or so it has been said, but would I vote for her? No. I am not a Democrat, and I know that now. though it took a few runs.

With Hillary, I admire her strength, and I will say it, I felt sorry for her at one time. Somewhat still do. Is that a good reason to vote for her? I do not believe so though strength is a good Thumbs Up, and she definitely has it.

We did not vote again until 2008 – this time – Obamanation (DEMOCRAT again) – oops! We were both VERY DISAPOINTED in his UNKEPT “Promises.” The saddest part were losing friends for voting for him. We got a few back, but nary a few. That was something we were not expecting, it never had happened before.

Shortly thereafter I looked around the towns and states I had known so well. It was ten times worse than when the Clintons were in The White House and jobs were being replaced to the point of assistants with MASTERS DEGREE’S were fetching silly things like coffee. Fortunately as a Writer, I was not one of those souls. So many in the Entertainment Industry went under. Actors began renting out their homes in order to survive. People you may see on screen may not be living the life you presume they are. Obama changed everything. Everywhere. Registered Nurses were even prey with either being laid off, down to 20 hours or less (so no overtime was paid to them). R.N.’s? The medical professionals one would assume would always have a job. Those days, at this writing, are on hold. Seriously and at Vanderbilt Hospital in Nashville, Tennessee of all places? They aren’t the only one. There are many.

The last Presidential run we voted for RON PAUL (REPUBLICAN) in the Primaries. We donated money to this gentleman. This is the same Dr. Ron Paul whom we adored and then who up and quit on us at the last minute. When he went as far as telling people not to write him in, I knew it was over. Wouldn’t you know it? People actually wrote his name down. He was the New Republican’s Dream, but in the end he left us. We did not write him in.

We then financially supported and voted for Gary Johnson (LIBERTARIAN). We definitely were not going to vote for anyone else. Gary Johnson unfortunately did not get enough votes. Most people I know are LIBERTARIANS, they just don’t know it. I thought I was a LIBERAL for a time but I was wrong, both Rick and I are LIBERTARIANS — 100% — so who will get my vote for the next election? I don’t know. They say if you don’t vote you can’t bitch. I can keep quiet, though have yet to decide if I will vote again. The entire process is depressing!

When a favored and financially supported candidate up and quits on you (Ron Paul), or someone you voted in once (Obama) and becomes a winner despite your vote against him, and for a second time at that while RUINING the country, tragically dragging it down to the darkest paths of American History. And you grasp the concept from past elections that someone else really had the most votes but The Electoral College really was the counter, and not your casting ballot, who wants to vote then? What’s the point? It may be a waste of time and I might not go there again. I am still rolling it all over in my mind.

One thing for certain, If I vote it will more than likely be for a Libertarian Candidate. Problem is there are not enough people willing to let go of the other two parties – Republican and Democrat. Folks say they want change but do not vote for Libertarian.

Take them Seriously! Educate yourself! If change is what you want then mindset is what needs to change. Forget about Democrats and Republicans and hold up a different party.

Go Libertarian!

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