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☠ 18 KIDS and 1 PEDOPHILE ☠

I am shocked this evening as more details trail in from this newsworthy, albeit sad event. On some Social Media I see uncaring people defending The Duggar’s (Joshua Duggar a/k/a admitted Pedophile.) People in defense of an admitted incest molester to his baby sisters that went on for years. Anyone defending someone like that are probably also a Pedophile or closely related by blood or some other friendship, protecting “their own” and the heck with the victims, “they’ll get over it, in time” I see these ignorant people type out.

I see the same people asking for prayers for Josh and for Michelle Duggar and Jim Bob Duggar, parents of Josh who helped hide the 12 Years+ and counting family incest secret. Why should we be praying for this child violator and parents like these? They did not protect their little girls – five at this writing – violated repeatedly by their disgusting brother, Josh Duggar.

There are now new reports of outside “non-family” molestations also carried about by Josh Duggar. Though there have been no names released yet but one thing is certain – all were children. I see a lot of people saying to pray for The Duggars, especially for Josh (are you kidding me?) — I see prayers asked for Michelle Duggar and Jim Bob Duggar (who reported their son to police then hid the story from press along with Arkansas Authorities who literally shredded evidence) and waited 10 years to out the truth so that Josh gets off scott free! Another Child Molester – incest – and then some!

How about the East Tennessee Family that stayed with them? Need I remind anyone Josh has his own children now too? I shudder at this thought. Okay, yeah, that’s fine and well you want to pray for them all but how about some more posted prayers for the FIVE sister VICTIMS (they have not released the number of outsider “non relative” suffering martyr’s – yet – this is so pathetic!) I have actually seen posts that said, “the innocent will get over it in time.” Guess these fools have never heard of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, aka, P.T.S.D? It’s not just for Veterans.

The dates, years and numbers keep changing too. First they said it was 2002, then jumped to 2005, and traveled to 2006. The ages changed too. The age of Joshua that is. The ages of his victims not given. Except one not related to him. This gives one the impression that they are still minors. This man, Josh Duggar, commits sexual crimes against children. I pray he does not still do such things, but only a fool would think that way. I will explain below.

How about some Prayers out to all of the Wounded and Broken Prey of Joshua Duggar and his wife Anna Duggar? One can only hope she will leave and divorce him. If she loves her children she will. He is sick in the mind and cannot be mended. A Pedophile cannot be fixed – ask any Psychiatrist. Read that last line again. A Pedophile cannot be fixed – ask any Psychiatrist.

How about some more prayers for the other Duggar’s who have done nothing wrong but will always carry the stigma that their parent, child, sibling, uncle, cousin, grandson is a known pedophile rapist? He cannot escape this judgement. You are in too deep now Joshua. Your parents and your state protected you for an unbelievable decade. The Police/State Troopers shredded important evidence 12 years ago, but this will never go away.

You will stand before JESUS CHRIST himself and everyone will know, even the darker whispers you are not releasing but we all know are there. If you are truly sorry and not doing this any longer, as a Christian, do I believe you are forgiven? Well, raised as a Southern Baptist, that answer would be yes. I do not want to say yes, I have to. I am glad my job is not that of our Creator, GOD, ADONAI, JESUS CHRIST. I could not do their jobs. A big AMEN to that!

Those defending, even with his own admission, anyone defending a Pedophile is either themselves one or they are protecting someone very close to them who are or who have been accused of this filthy crime. Many people do not admit they have been a victim of incest or rape. Most are not believed anyway. That whole “No! Go! And tell someone you Trust?” what a stupid commercial from the 1980’s. Yeah, telling does not work most of the time. So the victims stay silent, they were warned too and they submitted to their torturer. When and if finally freeing themselves of the anguish they endured most are banished and called liars. So in the end most suffering souls feel too much shame to say a word or bring it up again. Their pain does not simply vanish – though if they point out a pedophile they might lose most or all of their birthfamily. Even swiped from obituaries as if you never existed in a Genetic Family. Let those who support them embrace the curse that befalls them. It will happen. Don’t believe me? Read the bible and see what Jesus Christ says about hurting children and then shielding the person who harmed them. He will set you doubters of denial straight.

Lastly, I say Joshua Duggar should have to pay any royalties from this former television program to his victims. He should get nothing! And as for he? I would like to see his vulgar ass behind bars – where people like him belong. His supporters/hiders can be thrown in there with him. They’re just as guilty.

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