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★ Make A Wish ★ We did!

The Charming Belles 2015-2016 National Pageant has ended with our new Elite Queen, Vanessa Kowalczik. Charitable Tithings for this annual event went to the ★ Make A Wish Foundation ★ one of my favorite charities. Make-A-Wish provides special Gifts, Trips and FREE Adventures for sick or dying children. No matter how much the financing of the Wish, there are no costs for the families of these precious children. Donations and Charitable Events like Charming Belles and Supreme Dolls and other generous people provide the money for any costs.

As a personal choice with any of the businesses I run be that from Writing, Beauty Pageants, Modeling Events or Photo Contests, I always have a tithing, at least 10%, though most often more. Giving makes me feel elated. This Tithing was dedicated to my husbands Aunt who I adored. She accepted me immediately, such a brilliant, loving and giving person, Shirley Hooper, the wife of the late Buddy Hooper, another angelic soul. They were both taken away from us far too quickly, our hearts still ache from this loss. I would like to think that Aunt Shirley would have approved of this charitable gift to the ★ Make A Wish Foundation ★ – I know she would have. GOD Rest Her and Uncle Buddy, we miss them so much.

I choose to do this from a Biblical standing as GOD told all to do so. Though I do not believe that you get to Heaven “through works” but by the FAITH that JESUS CHRIST is the SON of GOD, ADONAI. This is something that I feel very strongly about and hope that others will follow suit, match our Charitable Gift or send the ★ Make A Wish Foundation ★ (or other charities) their own donations. It is a wonderful feeling to know that you have helped make a wish for a child with a terminal illness. It is also how I deal with death, by dedicating the tithe in the Memory of someone I Love who is no longer with me.

I send Blessings of Thanks to everyone who entered this National Event with Charming Belles 2015-2016. You helped raise funds and make wishes for these children. GOD Bless You! Allow me to remind you that your entry brought joy to others and that is a most beautiful and selfless act. I also send appreciation to those who signed Vanessa’s winning Elite National Queen banner on the Sheri Hooper fan page via Facebook, you are all sweethearts – THANK YOU! – ★ Make A Wish! ★ – We did!

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