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Interview with Model, Vanessa Kowalczik

VANESSA ALEXZANDRIA KOWALCZIK – CharmingBelles.com 2015 National ELITE Queen

Vanessa Kowalczik is a 5 foot 3 inch ball of fire! Pink is her absolute favorite color. She was blessed with lovely, large, expressive green eyes, captivating! She has brunette hair, and weighs in at 110 pounds. She is married, her husband Michael and she have been together for twelve years producing two handsome little boys Nolan age 9 and Patrick 19 Months. She just turned 30 years old and resides with her family in the State of Virginia. Vanessa is very good with a sewing machine and also musically inclined. She has mastered the piano. In addition to Modeling, she also holds an Associates degree in Information Technology & Networking. She loves Halloween and squirrels. Vanessa earned her Wildlife Rehabilitation License and she cares for injured and abandoned squirrels, specifically. Edgar Allen Poe is her favorite author and at the moment she is reading a book of poetry by Paul Verlaine. I hope you enjoy her interview.

.Q. At what age did you begin modeling with photography?

:A: I started with a agency at age 18 (they no longer exist.) I really didn’t start working til I went freelance at age 26.

.Q. Of all the genre’s of Photography Modeling which would be your all time favorite?

:A: “Retro” or Cheesecake pin up is my absolute favorite there are just so many different ways it can be done and it by far is the most forgiving. Generally cheesecake pinup allows for all body types to look amazing.

.Q. Have you ever competed in STAGE Pageants?

:A: Yes, sporadically, throughout my entire life.

.Q. If you could pick an all days shoot, which three Professionally known Photographers would you choose?

:A: I would love to shoot with Horst Diekgerdes, his photos always tell a story. Roy Vargas because his pinups are flawless. And while she is not a photographer I’d love to work with the amazing Olivia De Berardinis

.Q. Who is/are your favorite Hair and Make-Up Artist(s)

:A: That is a tie for me between my two girls Bea Rock and Caila Ann. And as for a famous MUA (Make-up Artist) I’d love to have mine done by Raquel Reed. it is a dream of mine.

.Q. Favorite Fashion Designer?

:A: I have a soft spot for Vera Wang, Betsy Johnson and Louboutin. There is one, young, up and comer, that I cannot wait to see what he does. At only age 17, he is spectacular! His name is Mitchell Carr and his corsets are amazing.

.Q. What is your Physical Fitness plan?

:A: See pizza… fit pizza in mouth. Ha ha, no seriously, I maintain a flesh restricted diet (I keep meats, especially red meats, to a minimum if consumed at all.) I do not eat any sea food other than seaweed. I portion control. And I work out. Not as often as I should but I try to do atleast 30 minutes of something a day. I personally enjoy Zumba and I also love to play, just dance on my Xbox. My family and I hike every Sunday (weather permitting.)

.Q. What are your most recommended cosmetic brand(s)?

:A: I LOVE E.L.F. They are my most favorite brand. But I am also fond of NYX, Kat Von D, and Urban Decay, and at the moment I’m addicted to Jeffery Starrs Lippys in Redrum and Celebrity Skin.

.Q. Hair Care Products?

:A: I’m actually terrible with hair care, currently only using Tresemme Shampoo and Conditioner, and I only condition my hair once a week.

.Q. Favorite Recording Artists?

:A: I have been a fan of Jay Gordon since my teen years. Anything in the late 90s NuMetal/Metal/Alt charts pretty much. At the moment I’m currently obsessed with Todrick Hall, he’s so talented I love it. And The Civil Wars they are my chill music. Really I’ll listen to just about anything.

.Q. You have just been cast in a major film production. Who do you chose as your Leading Man?

:A: In general if I have the choice, Ian Somerhalder …..because well….. Ian Somerhalder.

.Q. Leading Lady?

:A: Meryl Streep. Honestly I’d love five minutes to just pick her brain or Dita Von Teese for the same reasons.

.Q. Your favorite Thanksgiving memory?

:A: Helping my grandmother make pies, something I still do every year, and use her recipes too.

.Q. Your favorite Christmas memory?

:A: My grandparents always made a big deal out of Christmas breakfast and we always had cinnamon rolls. I still do it to this day.

.Q. Favorite Television Programs?

:A: I’m obsessing at the moment over Empire it’s a rather good show.

.Q. What is your favorite Season of the year?

:A: Autumn

.Q. Recommended Television Programs?

:A: American Horror Story, Glee and Empire.

.Q. Favorite Films?

:A: Rocky Horror Picture Show, The Nightmare Before Christmas, White Christmas, There’s No Business Like Show Business, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes,(really anything Marilyn Monroe did I will not turn down.) Legally Blond parts 1 and 2, all the Harry Potter films. These are my TOP Favorite Films.

.Q. Ideal Family Day out with your husband Mike and boys Nolan and Patrick?

:A: We love to hike but anything outdoors on a nice quiet sunny day somewhere the boys can run and explore sounds perfect to me.

.Q. If money were of no object. Where would you travel to? You may name more than one location.

:A: I would love to see somewhere tropical. I would also love to see France, Spain (Madrid), Greece,… Honestly if money were no issue then I’d try to see as much of Europe as I could and also Australia.

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