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The Birth – Merry Christmas 2015

When is Christ's Birth?

When is Christ’s Birth?

When was the actual date of Jesus Christ’s birth? Does anyone (other than GOD, Adonai) and others already in the Heavenly Realm really know? Is there a scripted book or scroll of such babies delivered on this Holy Night? There is much speculation from where stars were pointing to specifics (like paying taxes a certain time of the year) to give us all a clue as to when the Son of God was born in Bethlehem.

Search the internet (cautiously) I have seen birthdates for Jesus suggesting the months of December, September, October and oddly enough — March! The month of March also known as the 12th and final “House” in other words, the last month. Many believe that December is the last month of the year, though just as many refer to March as the last, it is complex. Jesus Christ as a March Baby? I don’t see it. Naturally, I do not know, but I highly doubt it. An October Baby? Now that is not only laughable, but very unlikely, though again, I was not there, how would I know? I don’t. I do know and believe he was delivered safely, The Son of God, to Save those accepting him as such, our Savior. With faith I believe this with all of my heart.

I did not create the rules, but as a Christian I abide by them. December 24th is Christmas Eve and December 25th is Christmas Day. These dates are chosen as celebration for Christians to remember the birth of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, Adonai. The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Those who care about you will ‘get it” regardless what they see these dates as. It is as simple as that. As a Christian, I refuse to back down on what I believe in. If you Love me, you will respect that.

So why the Gift Giving? The Sending of Cards? Making Graphics and posting them to the internet to our Friends and Fans? Sharing Christmas Music? Being Charitable? Saying a Cheerful “MERRY CHRISTMAS” to every person who greets you in Public? What is the point? And, by the way, yes, I do all of these things – because it FILLS my SPIRIT – my cup runneth over – and it is always amusing to see the lost souls (so I can pray for them) who look shocked at me saying “CHRISTMAS” as they timidly shy away as fast as possible. The look on their faces suggest, “Oooo! She’s a Christian! Stay away from her!”

Then there are those beautiful days when they boldly say it back with no “Happy Holiday” or “You too” mumbo jumbo, but a real “Merry Christmas” to you too! I want to hug them, these spirits especially. Why? Because I know that more than likely this soul who faces me will be gathered in Heaven with myself one day, they get a “God Bless You!” back. A bonus prize! The person before me is more than likely part of the Church. A Christian. This gives me great happiness. I want to give them a high five halleluah!

Sure God is “LOVE” and that is sweet, but LOVING one another through JESUS CHRIST is eternal. I will always have you, it will be Forever and that is Spiritual. It is the Best LOVE of them all — MERRY CHRISTMAS 2015 and a SAFE HAPPY NEW YEAR 2016!


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