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Ted Cruz, Report Card – You Lose!

Ted Cruz has went above and beyond what one would expect of a dirty Politician. He pulled a stunt that shocked the world, including his supporters who once (past tense) adored him and were ready to vote for him in the primaries, including myself. That all changed last night. Predictably on his Facebook his numbers are suddenly going down. People who have been informed or victim of this “Report Card” sent out in Iowa are doing a 360 degree turn around and leaving him. Some will seek out new candidates, I am tired of that. Gary Johnson would be my next choice but his Facebook numbers do not even reach one million, he barely has 300,000, this would be a wasted vote, why bother?

Ted Cruz had numbers that were rising higher every day. People liked him, especially Republican or Libertarian Christians who leaned slightly to the left. I was one of those people, still am, but I will not be voting for Ted or Gary. At this moment I am so depressed at this ratfink, Ted Cruz, who sent out mailers with personal information inside of each. These cards, designed in a childish Report Card fashion, gave out people’s real names, and graded them on how they voted or if they voted in the last election. Report Cards, give me a break, most of us are out of school now Ted. You are a Tattletale and American’s, REAL American’s do not like them. They are not worthy of our trust. He has broken the bond with thousands. Ted Cruz, you are a loser.

Imagine opening a letter in your mailbox that tells on you or your spouse, neighbors, partners, co-workers, etc. . . only to find they did not vote as they said they did and now are sporting a giant red ” F ” as their ” Grade. ” This is playground hijinks and I want no part of it. Who would? Did Ted Cruz even once for a moment consider the chaotic problems this would make for everyone? Trying to shame others and allow everyone in the neighborhood know how you voted and give you a grade he feels is appropriate? Think of the relationships this act has destroyed. Speaking of Playgrounds, this is the type of kid others would chase after and threaten because frankly nobody likes a nark!

Ted Cruz got past my radar and that infuriates me. He is a Stool Pigeon, a Squealer! You do not (no matter how tempting) divulge private information to other residents, next door neighbors, associates and everyone else living in your city on how they voted. Shaming the Iowa Voters or Non Voters, that is heinous! Conceptualize what is going down there now. Neighbors finding out you did not vote for the candidate they wanted you to. Same with spouses, friends. Arguments filled with hate are happening because of one person – Ted Cruz.

Remember people like him in school who would stir up a fight to get other children bickering with one another? This is what he did, no doubts about it. I have zero respect for people like him. Ted, why did you brainstorm this? Have you not grown emotionally past the age of twelve? Maybe you need counseling or go back to Jr. High School, I don’t think you learned enough the first time. You created this squabble, don’t be so surprised that people are turning their backs on you now. You have lost at your own exploitations. You wanted to be President so bad you played out this performance? Live with the consequences Ted. You have lost the Presidential Election already and will go down in history as the guy who sent out Report Cards to neighborhoods to try and shame their citizens into voting for you. Not smart!

I tried to figure out how he got such information to place on these Report Cards. It finally hit me. He is a Senator. Well, it does not take someone with more than one PhD to calculate this up. Fairly easy to see through the camouflage. His cloak of evil disguises should have been pulled tighter over his ever enlarging head. You read that right. Despite this Report Card stunt, Teddy Boy still thinks he is going to be the winner. That is comedy and his overbearance of self importance is greatly hyperbolic.

Give it up Ted, you are wasting your family bank account and all the other folks who donated money to you and spent tiresome hours working to get you into office as President. Go ahead and self-admire Ted if that is what makes you glow, though I must say you are the only person looking back at your own reflection. The rest of us? We’ve moved on. Recess is over and so is your career as a Politician. No more applause for you. Go clap the chalk board erasers. You are wiped out!

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