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٩(-̮̮̃-̃)۶ Bonnaroo Conspiracy ٩(-̮̮̃-̃)۶

Hosted on 700 Acres in Manchester, Tennessee – now on their fifteenth year, the Bonnaroo Music Festival a/k/a/ Bonna will be fired up for business come this June 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th, 2016. An impressive and huge Line Up includes: Pearl Jam, Dead & Company, Ween, Third Eye Blind and scads of others, perhaps in the hundreds. There are loads of performers covering days of festivities. The Bonnaroo Festival goers sleep either at the Camp Ground or local Hotels. People show up in RV’s, Cars, on Foot, Airport Shuttles, ready to party hard, drink, snort, shoot and smoke up whatever is put in front of them. Drugs unfortunately, (NOT MARIJUANA!) – bad drugs are a major problem and although they should not be brought into the concert they still make their way in. In truth they were hauled in long before the event began not to mention drone drops and other ways I refuse to mention.

The Bonnaroo Experience add’s some “just for fun” activities including The Arch, The Fountain, The Tower, The Comedy Theatre, Snake & Jakes Christmas Club Barn, Bonnaroo Cinema, The Silent Disco, Food Vendors (over 125+ of them!) not to mention Broo’ers Village, 25+ Craft Breweries, Roo Run (cause everyone wants to sprint a good 5K after consuming LARGE amounts of alcohol) hope it’s on a trail you can easily hurl your guts out. Hey, keeping it real here! There is also Yoga-Roo, Splash-a-Roo and the Waterslide, Costume Parties, Feasting (just what you need after all the beer) and much more. Sounds like a rip roaring good time doesn’t it? Idyllic? You’ve been blinded. This is not about Peace, Love, and Music. Attending this creepy event is not what I call a good time. Allow me to explain.

For one, you will see people so out of their minds on drugs and alcohol, slobbering all over themselves, using the restroom in their pants, regardless that there are plenty of port-a-potties. They don’t care, they are so high on an abundance of chemicals. Some do not even know where they are. “We’re all one” and “We’re in Heaven” it’s like Alice went down into that rabbit hole and never returned. LSD is another problem and many if not most are tripping their minds out. Let’s get one thing straight before going any further. I do NOT mean Marijuana. If only it were Marijuana all would be good. The above mentioned description would not happen nor would you witness dirty, filthy, hippie type kids and adults, border lining on the disgusting and oh my let it be said – smelly! – There are showers, use them!

Cigarette Butts litter the entire area regardless of signs. – Rules? WHAT RULES? – Once you’re in, pretty much anything goes. Drunk teens and adults wandering about, speaking gibberish you cannot understand, clothing ripped up and stained with food, alcohol, vomit or all three. It is not pretty as a picture that they want to promote it as being. I would describe it more of a party for satan and his followers. I lean towards the left, a Libertarian, so for me to say that, and you are a regular reader of my work, then you already know this Festival is somewhat of a nightmare for me to feel so strongly about it negatively. Zombie Apocalypse, here they are! – BRAINS! BRAINS! BRAINS! – The Walking Dead are here!

The most popular favorite Party Drug of choice seems to be what they call Molly. Comparable to Meth and MDMA, this drug causes a variety of problems from Seizures, Over Heating, Strokes, and sadly, death. Even though the Bonnaroo people are searched before entrance, these drugs get in and each year that passes more poisons are introduced to the growing audience, including Heroin. Campers have reported Rapes and other Crimes, Theft, Fighting. Synthetics, or Fake Drugs (that are worse than the real thing) are KILLING Bonna goers and others by the truckloads. A troublesome fear is that this year the deadly drug Krocodil will be making it’s entrance onto the grounds. Google it and click Images if you want a look-see at what it does. It is a fake Heroin type high (even Junkies cannot tell the difference) but what it does to your body if it does not kill you the first time, wait a moment, it eventually will. Use this, you WILL die. Can’t handle the truth? Stop reading. My mouth is not a bakery, I will not sugar sweeten and coat it with caramel for you.

I can understand people consuming alcohol (providing they are of legal age) and smoking weed or edibles made from Cannabis but the synthetics that are often legal will flat out kill you dead. If they want to make this truly a great experience make grass legal and sell it there, Tennessee could use the Tax Revenue.

Having pot as a legal substance at Bonna, with booths selling their products legally instead of a “dealer” peddling something that looks like weed but is actually herbs mixed with Angel Dust (horse tranquilizer) will put a STOP to the negatives. Who would you buy from? A stranger offering something that appears to be pot (but you really don’t know) or walk up to a LEGAL tax paying, HEALTHY, ORGANIC safe BUD HOUSE that you know is not harmful or laced with toxins. Got BRAIN? Any cells left? You would go to the place that sells legally not some schmendrick trying to make a quick buck off of your fix. He has no Tax ID, he doesn’t care if his product brings you to a quick death.

Then there is the promised conspiracy that everyone who is anyone already knows about. Why host a Music Festival that will be filled with head banging weed smokers, and the real drug abusers, meth heads, crack, molly, heroin addicts. Don’t you see? Easy Bust and they are all gathered up on 700 acres ready to be busted. Again, use your brain. There are other states to host this in. Why did they choose Tennessee, one of the most REDNECK USA states to get arrested in over pot – especially cannabis? Ever ask yourself that? Maybe you should. Since the beginning of Bonnaroo the State of Tennessee and city of Manchester, TN have made a bundle of cash off of arrests and fines. Don’t BANG your head – USE your head! – This is a money making scheme, you fools!

If Promoters backing the Event really want the folks attending to enjoy a good time have it somewhere else. Protect your ticket buyers (which by the way are outrageously expensive!) and do this somewhere legal. Only takes a moment for a state to pop into my mind. Colorado, see how easy that was? No need to have it way up in the mountains. Host it at the foothills so people do not have to haul their music equipment and gear up the terrain. – Colorado – come on – I DARE you! – Want a bigger attendee rate? Try Colorado! No worries of people who paid you hundreds of dollars to get in just to get busted and thrown out for toking on a joint. Bonnaroo, if you really care about your people send them to Colorado next year and see if it doesn’t make an enormous change for the positive! — PARTY ON!

Stay Fit and Healthy

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