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Registered Users have passed 110,200+

Never in a million years did I expect the popularity of my Articles travel from Magazines to my Domain (SheriHooper.com) I am incredibly surprised this morning to be reading the numbers and joyously celebrate every one of you!

Thank you for joining and being a Registered User. Thank you for participating in requests and commenting! Thank you for passing on my work and telling others. Thank you for joining my Fan Page, following appearances and linking to me. And lastly THANK YOU for reading my articles. You are so Loved! Your interest in my writing touches my spirit. Sincerely it does!

The total at this moment stands at an outstanding 110,227+. I have many requests of writing more throughout the month, though I must pass those up for opportunities writing not only on my Domains but work for others including comedy, something new that has been unbelievably astronomical. Folks find me amusing, I had no idea. Surprising? Why yes! Most of my English Teachers did not like me. Surely they did not find me funny – not in the least! – I annoyed nearly all of them on a daily basis. It was my pleasure. Shows them all eh? College changed me of course, as did my writing. This adventure has been incredible. A real joy! To see so many of you . . . touching!

I am proud to make so many of you happy and see that you are reading, sharing and joining me. It is truly magical! I Love Every Moment!

Je Temme Mon Cheres,
Mrs. Sheri Hooper
-c/o- http://www.SheriHooper.com

Writer, Sheri Hooper c/o SheriHooper.com


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