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Firework Pranks – Explosions of Fear

Many current Soldiers and those who have Served while fighting in WAR are often terrified of fireworks once returning from their duties. Of course not all are afraid, some even shoot them off by the thousands and attend every show they can reach. Everyone handles stress, in this case, WAR, differently. Some have scars that are deeper and more painful. Regardless of who they were before, perhaps once a great lover of displays in days gone bye, now find them unusually unnerving. Some Survivors who have been there, heard that, done it, and burned the T-Shirt, no longer find this tradition a fun activity.

The sounds bring them back to a time and place they no longer want to remember. They are in Emotional Pain so severe they are paralyzed with each flash. Some unfortunately are too embarrassed and go untreated or not treated correctly and begin to doctor themselves. Alcohol, Hard Drugs (commonly Heroin) or Opiate Pharmaceutical Pills that act much the same, these are downers or sedative type sleeping agents. The upper’s being, Cocaine, Crack, Meth Amphetamine. A rush followed by extreme paranoia. “The Bullets Scream to me from Somewhere.” (Rooster – Alice in Chains) Once on the needle rarely does one survive. A good medical professional will stop this before it happens.

Xanax (Alprazolam), Klonopin, and Valium are rarely strong enough for them and overdose is extremely alarming. When one does not work, they take another, then another, then it’s too late. You get the idea. Doctors should be prescribing the right dosages for body weight, what the person witnessed, present conditions, et al.

Marijuana helps, but is also on the lower end of strength. Millions find relief WITHOUT addiction using this plant alone. However it is also ridiculously illegal in most states and totally placed in the wrong slot on the D.E.A. category list. Unlike Denver the majority cannot simply enter a store and buy a TAXED product for adult relaxation and peace of mind. The harder drugs are easier to find, incredibly addictive, and a dealer now has a guaranteed customer and a product to make money with until their customers perish. This tragedy happens every day. Our Troops, cannot find a pot dealer but will be offered something else by a greedy peddler who is looking for them. Evil Economics.

American Heroes, no doubt, though tormented with Flashbacks that continue throughout their lifetime. Today’s American Soldiers are angry, and rightfully so. Coming home, they may not be spit on, yet, though I predict that too will happen. Another WAR is rearing a ugly head on the home front and nothing about it is Civil. Sadly we see these many of these broken souls on the streets. Our Military, used and abused and an enormous amount are falling victim to homelessness. These are the Mother’s and Father’s who would rather live a “hobo” life (appearing to the naked eye) rather than have their families see them in such a state. They are strung out, dirty, sad, hungry, and desperately lonely.

The clock keeps ticking until time rolls around when fireworks are frequently set off. Echoes of the past come blasting into their ears, because of a date on the calendar. Considering most homeless soldiers are usually in the city, and most cities host a show in the late evening generally around 9 P.M., these troubled spirits are locked into a tunnel of terror they cannot escape from. Suicides are not uncommon. Rural soldiers with a home out in the sticks, or others not homeless and living in the shelter of their own homes are just as terrified. They are all imprisoned in a vortex of bad memories with each blast.

That’s not all. More reports of neighborhood “Rogue Wisecrackers” (pun intended) are increasing year by year. Usually juveniles, (though not always), they find it fun to set off Fire Crackers simply for meanness. You’ll hear of tricks including Roman Candles, Bottle Rockets, Cherry Bombs, etc . . . thrown into the yards, patio’s, over fences or tossed into mailboxes of transferred home United States Infantry Men and Women.

This is a wrathful attempt to scare them. We’ve all heard of the Vietnam Vets who were threatened, and called “baby killers”, but these new malevolent monsters have taken it a step further to torture them. They laugh down the street, running, as their bursts of illuminations shower the area with noise and lights. People who are against Wars and Fighting, even adults, find this acceptable as a prank, a joke, a vendetta for being a Soldier. These games do more damage to our state-side returning military. It casts them back to The Front Lines. This is cruel, and these hard-hearted people are sadistic!

(̅_̅_̅_̅_̅_̅̅()~~☁ Most Common dates “Heard” (̅_̅_̅_̅_̅_̅̅()~~☁

New Years Eve, New Years Day, often until supply runs out. In the South it is common practice for people to actually shoot real weapons up into the sky on this night. Illegal except in places that are out of city limits, though that does not stop anyone (often plastered from New Years Eve drinking) from firing off rounds at the Moon and Stars. Did I mention these shooters are usually not soldiers nor ever been in the Service or Registered with a secured carrying permit?

Memorial Day ( Strangely Enough ) – A day in celebration of our fallen and sleeping soldiers. Additionally in the South there are some cities who celebrate Confederate Memorial Day. In reference to the Civil War (North vs South / Yankee’s “Union” vs Rebel’s “Confederates”. Though the Civil War Soldiers are long since gone on to their resting places, who does this startle today? Our current alive Soldiers, and many are suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, also known as P.T.S.D.

The biggest one of all, July 4th, Independence Day, and all days leading up to it, again, until their stash is depleted. This is a bad day or should I say a bad week? As said before, unfortunately some find it entertaining to abuse returned soldiers by throwing a slew of firecrackers together and tossing into their yard and running. Laughter follows them down the street. Funny? I don’t think so, though I am 48, and not 14 so why would I? Parental Guidance on July 4th please? Why allow your kids to roam the neighborhood on this night?

Veterans Day ( Stranger than Fiction, yet true! ) A Day for Vets, yet following it up with Fireworks will continue to torture them. Please stop!


IPOD / TELEVISION or similiar product – Keep music or radio at a COMFORTABLE level.
SOOTHING CUPS of HERBAL TEA’s (Celestial Seasonings is one of my favorite Brands) I suggest TENSION TAMER by them for recovering Soldiers.

There are no reasons justifiable to pop off rounds of pyrotechnics on these dates or any other. Why not Laser Shows set to Music? No sounds of Bombs or Guns. It would not cause agony to those living with surviving war. The beautiful lights would still be there, it would remain entrancing, the melodies of songs giving a sweet victory for all. It would not cause emotional pain to our Soldiers, or polute the air, water sources, harm wildlife, less dangers of burns and other accidents. It makes sense to stop the “Bombs Bursting in Air” and choking us all with an acrid smell. Forget about the Fireworks and bring out the Lasers and Music!

— Written in Loving Memory of ❥ William R. “Bill” Sharpe II ❥ – WWII VETERAN – TECHNICAL SEARGEANT – B-25 CREW CHIEF

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