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▲ Divers Places ▲

“What? An earthquake in Daytona Beach Florida? Today? Mere hours ago? Yes! How could that possibly be true? Where did you hear of this?” I heard those lines a few dozen times today. Indeed there was another Earthquake, and of all the impossible places, Florida, a state known for NOT having them. And yet, it is so.

(King James Version a/k/a/ KJV) – ✞ MATTHEW 24:7 ✞

For Nation shall rise against Nation, and Kingdom against Kingdom, and there shall be Famines, and Pestilences, and Earthquakes – in Divers Places.

Since posting this article I have had a few emails. Most people asking, “What does Divers mean”? To answer, in a few words, divers means: Many, Countless, Innumerable, Numerous, Uncounted. Some want to call it diverse. Though diverse is indeed a word, in the King James Version It is pronounced, divers. Rhyming with “rivers” or “shivers”.

There’s more. Approximately 23 hours ago Caruthersville, Missouri had an Earthquake also. I’ve been all over that part of the earth and it is not a shocker on the quake there. I am actually expecting something far worse. It is not a good area to live in or nearby and that includes Hayti, Missouri. Why? Because they are on the New Madrid Fault Line, it has happened before, and though many people do not know it, this is a BAD LAND, a MONSTER of a FAULT, and it is biding it’s time for a major surprise for eight unfortunate States. Sad part is, many folks are not prepared for it. Unbelievable for me, but many are not even aware of it.

Those on the New Madrid, most of the homes, bridges, schools, roads, etc… were NOT built for earthquakes. This is a highly dangerous location. I cannot help but wonder, is there a volcano bubbling out hot lava beneath the grounds there? Are the earthquakes a signal? Imagine the catastrophe of a giant earthquake followed by a rising volcano spewing ash and flooding the states with flaming lava. Sounds like something out of a Hollywood production, but it could definitely happen. Be realistic or be blind, your choice, free will.

The last time, with the most seismic activity in Missouri, were December 1811 -and- February 1812. Those 3 months, what an event they were. Strong numerous quakes and aftershocks. Insane, Historical Data, sounding impossible, though true! It made the Mississippi River flow backwards and formed Reelfoot Lake in Tennessee. Bells in other states were ringing. Canadians felt it, all the way up through our borders into Montreal Quebec, Canada. States hundreds of miles away. There was Massive Destruction. Now imagine this, let us have an update – there are hundreds of THOUSANDS of more bridges, schools, roads, interstates, homes and businesses on the fault that have been built in the 200 and counting years since that time. Let that sit in.

It is predicted that when the New Madrid bursts off like that (or worse) again it will slap not only Missouri but also Memphis, Tennessee (and many other counties in Tennessee!) – Yes, predictably, Nashville will FEEL it and I do not dare predict what it will do! Scientists say that Saint Louis and Memphis will be flattened. I cannot fathom such an occurrence.

Earthquakes are increasing and that is factual. It is also Biblical. This is End Times. Read Matthew 24 if you have the nerve. The New Madrid lets off a little steam now and then but the worst is yet to come and it has awakened, letting everyone paying attention that it is definitely still there. Who besides MISSOURI will experience its wrath? Eight States, at least, with damages and deaths – ILLINOIS – KENTUCKY – TENNESSEE – INDIANA – ARKANSAS – ALABAMA – and – MISSISSIPPI.

This BEAST is 150 Miles Long and extends south – even if you are not in the “Unfortunate 8 States Zone” you may feel it way up in New York, Canada possibly. Everyone may be shaking, who knows? I can foresee heads shaking (probably because I mentioned the Bible, and I know I lost some of you there), folks this is real life, I am not attempting at getting a jolt out of you. No puns anywhere! Some have theoried the next New Madrid quake could possibly split the United States into two sections. Think of this “what if.” Heard of the Pangaea? Consider the possibility of the U.S.A being split right down the middle, top to bottom.

California has a daily issue with quakes, but they are more educated on the matter. Children are taught strategies even before their first day of school. It is something that the parents have to do, it is good parenting. What happens when the kids in these 8 States start feeling the shaking, never to have felt it before? Have the parents made everyone a BUG OUT BAG? Do you even know what one is? Google it and make sure you have one for everyone in your household and for each of your pets too! This is something that must be told and explained gingerly, although truthfully to your children. Make sure your family has a “meeting area” – just in case anyone gets separated from the other.

The New Madrid Fault is a serious fault line, unlike any other, only a 3 and 15 feet depth. The faultline is extremely close to the earth’s surface. It can definitely be labled as shallow and unfortunately this makes it one of the worst faults, period! The shaking is at the top. This will have approximately eleven MILLION people affected in some way. This is the single worst fault line known to anyone and yet gets the least attention.

Now for the biggest pop of the day. There has been another earthquake and I am not refering to Missouri. This is a state I have never heard of an earthquake before. Daytona Beach Florida. This earthquake measured 3.7 at 4 P.M. Eastern Time Zone, just off the coast. This is a state that does not normally have earthquakes, infact only a handful of “shocks” from other states have ever sent Florida jumping. In all the history of Florida only one earthquake ever did any damage and it was minor. This Daytona Beach Florida quake is indeed – ferociously rare. Someone is trying to get your attention. Did I lose you again? How about this, did you know there was an earthquake in Florida last month too?

Did the media let you in on it? They’re keeping things “hush, hush” so that residents don’t flip out. Wouldn’t want that to happen, eh? (blinking) Hello? People need to be warned! If a massive quake hit Florida, think of the Tsunami’s. These folks are like 9 inches above the ocean? Too close for comfort! They as Citizens need to be informed! This is still America, right?

Considering what the Bible speaks of in the last days, SPECIFICALLY on EARTHQUAKES. If you really want to be prepared, I beg you to read the Book of Matthew – Second Testament – Twenty-Four. Also known as, Matthew 24, read it tonight, read it as a family. Please do so immediately. Take care. With Love and Concern, Sheri Hooper -c/o- SheriHooper.com


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