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Unmindful Graduates – Class of 2016


What Kind of Graduate were you?

Today I am somewhat heavy hearted. With time rolling on into autumn, school supplies and Halloween candy marketing. September merely days away. I think by now the simple “Thank You” from graduation gifts sent from April 2016 to July 2016, are just not going to happen.

I must say to myself, “Suck it up Buttercup, they done got you again, Dumbass!” (sigh) Over the decades I have watched in amazement as the cash and gifts go out, less and less recognition comes back. Everything in the world has changed. People have turned into greedy, selfish zombies, devouring good spirits in the wake.

TOTAL CASH and GIFTS = 177 Graduates, Class of 2016 = sent APRIL-MAY-JUNE-JULY 2016

Those receiving up to $250 = 10 Graduates

Those receiving up to $200 = 2 Graduates

Those receiving up to $100 = 7 Graduates

Those receiving up to $50 = 15 Graduates

Those receiving up to $25 = 100 Graduates

Those receiving “Hands On, Snail Mailed Gifts” = 43


$250 – TEN Graduates/Families Gifted with only ONE response!
Nine families gladly accepted my PayPal and Cashed Checks but said not a word, not even a text message. Only one family responded with happiness, in fact I am at the top of a List the Grandmother kept. That is pretty sweet, totally unexpected and we are both truly honored! We made a change in someone’s life and it was appreciated. That is a GREAT feeling! It was not that Rick and I were trying to compete against others. I decide this from a variety of things: how long we have known them, speak on the telephone, face-to-face, to how well they graduated. Those who opened up $250 were all Honors Students.

2016 Graduates with Honors and Special Achieving Awards, I felt they deserved more. However $250 was not enough (apparently?) to 9 other families. The graduates themselves are ranging in ages from 17 to 19, personally I believe they should know better already. Have they no manners? Class of 2016, were all of you this insensitive or were you an example to behold like the one family who did show gratitude? What kind of family or person were you?

Of all the cash given, only one family. A few had excuses but could not raise their standards to say thanks, some complained. Incredible! And those who received Mailed Gifts = EVERYONE – All 43 of them sent a Thank You Card, many called, messaged or emailed! Therefore I must sum it up with the less people were offered, the more they were grateful! How is that even possible?

If I had to do it over, go back in time with ease, those who never responded or only bitched would not have been acknowledged on their accomplishments. Like the one who welcomed the $250, these other 43 who earned only a “Hands On” Gift would have been given cash instead. The others – who said nothing or only had an excuse so pathetic it brought laughter would have got what they gave back, nothing!

Hindsight is a Learning Experience.

There were some very interesting excuses. Rick and I laughed for hours over some – we still are.

Complainers and outright Liars. I never said all of the above I never heard from, I did not collect even a mere “Thank You” – I waited for it, never happened – I did however have people that came up with heinous things to say, here are a few of the more vivid ones that Rick and I got such a kick out of.


Some were related and ran back to their cousins to see who got what. So Rick and I heard:

◘ She got more than me!

◘ We never received it. (Then I reminded these idiots that I sent it with Signature Confirmation) – Classic! – BUSTED!

◘ Yeah, we got it but could you send more? We had to spend it on something else.

(such as)

◘ Pageant Director Fee

◘ Photo Shoot

◘ New Agent Fee

◘ Groceries

And a VERY ODD ONE. . .
◘ Mother doesn’t know I sent the cash and the Graduate does not want her to know because she has already used it. I probably do not want to know what she bought with it. Nor does her mother apparently, I’ll save her the heartache.

◘ And our #1 FAVORITE!
She gave it to friend and they took a weekend trip and now the friend is pregnant. The friends boyfriend is 21 and they rented out a hotel suite. He bought booze for all three and caused damages that the mother now has to pay for. This girl is 18, an adult who should have known better. Found out from the mother the other girl is NOT pregnant, never was. This 2016 Graduate was trying to get more money out of me.

Though I am still a Cheerful Giver, as is pleasing to The LORD, my days of Gift Giving are coming to an end for most. There comes a time in your life when you must say, “Enough, I am tired of being used”!

The clock has struck upon that hour.

. . . . . FIN . . . . .


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