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WARNING! ☠ Not so Sweet! ☠ WARNING!


WHITE SUGAR, BROWN SUGAR, MOLASSES all come from Sugar Cane. The white or powdered is Heavily Processed, Unhealthy. Not Vegan or Vegetarian, Animal Bones used for whitening, Empty Calories, Cancer Growth “Feeder”, Hyperactivity, Weight Gain. If you have cancer hidden somewhere in your body that you are unaware of, or know that you have cancer and undergoing treatment, be aware that real sugar will feed the cancer causing it to spread and grow. Not a healthy choice for anyone.

AGAVE SYRUP – Comes from the same cactus as Tequila. As bad if not worse than regular white sugar. Expect weight gain from using this. Extremely BAD choice for Diabetics.

HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP – Comes from Corn that is usually Genetically Modified. Major Weight Gain! – Liquid Death – ’nuff said!


All “made in the lab” artificial sweeteners should be avoided – period. You are taking major risks by using them even in small amounts. A trick often used is taking the poisoned chemical compounds and adding them to a less deadly “sweet legal” brand. Watch Out for these deadly mixes and become a strong Label Reader! Read the ingredients!

SACCHARINE / Sweet N Low™ – Mega Cancer causing and has boldly said so on the boxes of the liquid substance and those adorable pink packages at grocery stores and restaurants for decades! Sold with many other Generic names. Buyer Beware!

ASPARTAME / Nutra Sweet™ – Heavily Processed. Sold with many other Generic names. At restaurants it is generally in a light blue package on the table.

SUCRALOSE / Splenda™ – Major Neurotoxin! Increase of developing several diseases including Alzheimer’s. Heavily Processed, Not Vegan or Vegetarian, Animal Bones used for whitening, Sold with many other Generic names. At restaurants it is generally in a yellow package.

INOSITOL / Tagatose™ – Highly deadly to many animals including dogs. Not recommended. Considered a Drug.

TRUVIA™ / PUREVIA™ – Semi-Artificial though marketed as if it were. RED FLAG! “Recipe” Originally from Europe. Truvia™ was approved by the FDA in 2009. Made partially from the Stevia plant, however it is NOT 100% stevia, there is very little stevia in it. Made with a mix of other complex chemicals that are not healthy for humans. To produce they extract a small amount of stevia and mix with other artificials to gain legality. The company is considered one of the TOXIC TEN and marketed in a green and white box. Found in most grocery stores, though you will not find it sold at health food stores because of the massive brew of chemicals thrown in. Additionally, it is not organic and should be avoided. The Truvia™ commercials claim to be natural. I assure you there is NOTHING “natural” with this product, in fact that is an out right lie!

STEVIA / Stevia in the Raw™ – A natural plant with uncertainty of exactly how healthy it is. It is very misleading! The actual stevia plant in whole form, with no processing, was declared as a poison for causing Mutated DNA and Infertility in 1985. Despite this study the FDA made it legal for use 23 years later in 2008. At restaurants it is generally in a brown package on the table. Stevia in the Raw™ is heavily processed. Contains Maltodextrin. If you insist on using Stevia purchase in liquid “drops” form. You will have to do some searching to find as it is rarely in the liquid state in grocery stores. Not Recommended for human consumption no matter how you purchase. Mutated DNA and Infertility? Do you really want to take this risk?

What I also find interesting is that these zero calorie sweeteners RAISE blood sugar in diabetics. Why is that? Take caution that many manufacturers will continue to mix and match all of the above, rename, and market under another “new” brand.


COCONUT SUGAR – My personal favorite. Only 15 calories per tsp, low glycemic and only 3 to 4 carbohydrates. Has a mild caramel or butterscotch flavor that does not affect the taste of Tea, Coffee or Baked Goods. Especially wonderful in Tea or Coffee whether Hot or Iced. Melts or combines instantly into any food or drink. Wonderful for baking! This is the BEST NATURAL sweetener for DIABETICS. My precious husband Rick has diabetes and I will not bring any other sweetener into the house except for coconut sugar. We both especially like the mild flavor in coffee when mixed with natural coconut milk. You would swear it was artificial caramel or dulce de leche coffee creamer. The taste is comparable when combined with coconut milk. We are absolutely mad for it! Coconut Sugar is delicious, affordable and quite healthy! My personal favorite is Nutiva™ – they are ORGANIC and VEGAN! If you go to them (link below) and buy more than one package the associates will generously give you bulk discounts. The more you purchase from them, the greater you save. THIS IS a very SWEET DEAL! Thus far I have seen this particular brand sold in large, pound packages of either one, three or six pounds.

I have also seen a coconut syrup marketed by another brand. Because of the “pour ability” values, it is great for pancakes, waffles and French toast. Others use for nut butter sandwiches, spreads, stir fries, yogurt, oatmeal (especially “overnight” oatmeal you refrigerate for a prompt morning breakfast), hot and cold beverages, even homemade cough syrups and cough drops. It is definitely all purpose! Vegans and Vegetarians are especially fond of using this particular product. Another bonus – it is Organic and Vegan!

HONEY – Great for Iced or Hot Tea, Baking, Cereals, Sandwiches and Spreads. (Debated between Vegans on whether or not this is an actual vegan product because it is taken away from Bee Hives where the Bee’s produce it.) Strong Vegans are concerned about harming and or disturbing the Bee’s.

A plus side buying Honey RAW (not processed) from a LOCAL source is that it is a completely NATURAL way to STOP allergies. You MUST buy this locally, where it is farmed near you, to get this natural remedy to work. For Pollen sufferer’s Honey is Nature’s Best Allergen Cure! As with any product, read the label, often generic brands sneak sugar water into the honey to make more profits while lowering the cost to consumer.

MAPLE SYRUP – Millions of Canadians can’t be wrong. Perfect for Pancakes, Waffles, Baking, Yogurt, Oatmeal and other Cereals. Many children (and adults) like maple syrup mixed with nut butters and spread on bread as a sandwich. Again, read the label and make certain there has been no sugar water added.

Whatever you choose, for the safety of yourself and family members, always buy Organic and make sure there is only 1 ingredient, not an infused blend of toxins. As for label’s, the smaller the print font, and number of ingredients, the more they do not want you to know what is in their product, making it difficult for you to make a decision on whether to buy. If you cannot see the words you probably should not be using. Remember also that many other processed foodstuffs have these hidden amongst the additives. Take a magnifying glass if you have to when shopping, Do not take any chance. Become a strong, educated, label reader!

❥❥ BE SWEET! ❥❥

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