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Quotes by Sheri Hooper

” Find Beauty in all Music ” — ©1997 Sheri Hooper
(Directed towards narrow minded people on divergent genre’s of musical interest.)

” Dance Merrily & Cavort, Childhood Lasts but a Whisper of Time ” — ©2000 Sheri Hooper
(A truthful statement with clear significance.)

” Bravery is Best, Equaling Success ” — ©2004 Sheri Hooper
(Take a leap of courage, without fear. You can accomplish anything!)

” Spread Honesty around and Free your Spirit! ” — ©2013 Sheri Hooper
(Be sincere and forthright. Your mind will let go of the past.)

” Establishing the hair raising truth is easy. Acceptance of such knowledge is the hardest part. ” — Sheri Hooper ©2013
(Sharing secrets that hurt to reveal is simple. Those refusing to believe are individuals who are struggling in the hidden camouflage. No matter how obvious it is or how much pain it causes they choose the underground. Hiding in the mystic, they are shrouded with the others. Let them go.)

” Never follow in the beastly steps of those who hurt you. ” — ©2016 Sheri Hooper
(By no means continue abusive people’s actions. Be yourself. Change the cycle. The sequel will be exultant!)

” Blow them off – away I say! Their evil lurks across my way. With spirits ugly and souls of dust. They Lost the only one to Trust! ” — ©2016 Sheri Hooper
(Escape foul and unhealthy people. Leave and never look back. It is their loss, not yours, and will save your sanity in the end.)


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