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Femi Nasty – Ashley Judd & Madonna

They said it would be a peaceful Women’s March. I am glad I did not attend. It was filled to the brim with Femi Nazi’s. There was Violence and Arrests. Most embarrassing, the supporters, very well known celebrities from time forgotten long ago. The celebrity trolls collected for the Women’s March, turning this into a Women’s Riot. They were spewing out garbage that unknown citizens were listening to in D.C. and on television. Though they are still celebs, there was a catch, did you take notice? They were mostly D-Lister’s.

Scarlet Johansson was sporting a dead fur coat. As a Vegan I have an issue with that. Ashley Judd screaming like a tone deaf siren, Madonna threatening to blow up The White House! Many do not know all of their names or recollect any of the titles of the films or songs they have worked on. It is for certain these people are not only selling less music and tickets at the box office, but also becoming has-beens right before our eyes. Having your HOLLYWOOD STAR lit up forever is for a very select few. Some will be in the spotlight, beginning to end, but for a very short time. Not everyone is Jodie Foster.

Jodie Foster is a great example of someone who has made billions and received positive attention from childhood to present. Also highly intelligent and classy she possesses Ivy League degree(s).
She has had all of her ducks in order for a very long time and people are still interested in her. I would easily buy her next DVD or watch a Documentary simply because she is narrating it.
A book written by Jodie? I’ll buy it! She is respectable professionally and yes, I am aware she is a Lesbian. So what? Gems like Jodie Foster are few and far between, celebrity speaking. She is still sparkling.

Sadly most Actors become D-Listers, it’s just the way it is, a short career for most. Those on television series often get type casted, then it is over for them. Often not mentioned but the way Hollywood works. Don’t expect it to change. Jobs for Jodie Foster still come in. People want her in their films. Who wouldn’t? Her appearance alone brings people to the theatres. She is a gifted Actor. She can Write, Produce, Act and Direct her own Films as well. Brilliant woman. However, not every “star” will stay shimmering like Jodie’s. They are rare and extremely unique.

For instance, “My name is Ashley Judd and I am a Feminist.” ( eye roll, major eye roll )

Ashley Judd has embarrassed an entire nation of real ladies. Those who once loved her and some of her films are turning away from her now. Ashley has made Nashville seethe with shame. She’s no Hometown Hero now. What Ashley Judd crooned was ridiculously miserable. There are many a suggestion that she was drinking, or maybe someone wanted her that way. Yes, that is totally possible, she could have been a pawn, and set up. What stands out the most to me is the way she swayed with the microphone, and danced, and the guitarist with his electric guitar DIRECTLY behind her, hysterical, you would think she was doing Karaoke or even really singing at a concert. In your dreams Ashley, I’ve heard you sing and it is ghastly! Watch the video with the sound off. She is moving as would Naomi, Wynonna or any other Vocalist. Strange one there Ashley, I don’t get you, neither do others. The very thing she claims to hate, judgment of people, she does herself, while controlling the crowd with her unnecessary bellowing. Her body convulsing with every wrathful demand.

Calling President Donald J. Trump as covered in Cheetos dust is called Bullying – Ashley. While doing her “performance” she looked fierce, insane, a fuming storm burning with flares of mania. Ashley, you clearly need help. I feel most sorrowful for Naomi and Wynonna who have had to put up with Ashley’s antics for nearly 5 decades. Ashley will soon be fifty, in 2018. The Clock began ticking long ago for Ashley, time marches on, ignorant speeches do not. Wynonna (poor soul) has no choice but to pray, continue being the rockin’ Patriotic chick that she is and love her strange little sister. A very strange little sister who stuns the world with disgusting and yes, nasty comments. And while on the subject, Ashley, “Hell” is a noun. And God’s last name is not “Damn”. Just wanted to clarify. Girl, you weren’t brought up that way. Wy, Ashley and Naomi live on the same 500 acres. All three have separate homes, though, same land. Let’s just say it – AWKWARD!

I would imagine the vibe there right now would not be a whole lot of fun. No tea parties and flower arranging. But a lot of prayers. You may hear some lovely harmonies of those who can actually carry a tune (yeah, directed to the unsung Judd) of Amazing Grace perhaps a whole concert of Wynonna, Naomi, and their husbands Cactus and Larry, singing for comfort, I get it.

Off the subject but Ashley did a film in which she sang parts of several songs from way back when in time. It was such a dud, I do not remember the name. I believe it was something based upon an actual story. Beats me, I just wanted to hear her vocals so I watched and listened – my Lawd! – that NASTY WOMAN cannot sing! Obviously she wanted to prove something, “Wynonna can do it so can I!” – Oh NO you CAN’T! – though she did so anyway. This is Ashley, she embraced vocal performance, failed miserably and the nation laughed at the absurdity of it all. I’ve heard worse – just sayin’ – but it was dreadful.

Wy and Naomi, are keeping things cool, what choice do they have? They want to keep the peace and not focus on it. Denial can sometimes be soothing and the only amiable option. They have dealt with enough, especially the last twelve years. Ashley does things to get the light shining back on her, even if it is in not the best of circumstances such as when Ashley created a parental break between Wynonna’s daughter and herself. Ashley ratted out to Wynonna’s daughter something she shouldn’t have. Guess she wanted to appear as “the cool aunt”.

Ashley also wrote a book, I bought it and even though it wasn’t enormous, took me months to read it – snore. I go through a book a week. But not this one. My husband could not even finish it. There is no nice way to say it, Ashley wrote an incredibly boring book. Yes it was about important things but she was not the one who should have been writing it. It was raunchy. Then came the parts thrown in here and there bashing her mother and sister. She’s like a pit bull. Poor Naomi, at least she picks herself right up and guess what? Naomi Judd wrote a book herself last year. Came out December 2016, look for it online or at your local new Best Sellers place you shop for books at. Ask for help at Barnes and Noble,
they will assist you, they’ll even order you a copy if one is not in. Naomi, I can say I am proud of her, in many ways. She really had it rough, all her life. With everything she has been through and got through it while raising her kids and then trying to get them in a better environment with more income using her vocals, I respect that. And as for Wynonna, oh yeah, you go Girl! She is a sweetheart! Incidentally the book Wynonna wrote somewhere around 2005, I could not put it down. It was fabulous. I would love for her to make another with updates. Get over it Ashley, Wynonna was blessed with more talent.

Ashley continues to tattletale and be a troublemaker. Ashley is a whistle blower, even if it hurts her entire family or friends – she does not care, she feels empowered by it. There is one thing that gets up her crawl. She is very much aware of her status in Hollywood. It has plummeted. Ashley has reached the D-List. She is known, and famous but that fame has faded. She, like others doing stunts that are nutty, like saying they are thinking of blowing up The White House, to reach a level of publicity, even if for a short time, that is where she sits amongst thousands of others. You think of Ashley Judd today and you simply shake your head. Damn, she drank the Kool Aid.

Formerly mentioned, there was Madonna who pitched us something else far more sinister. After all the intro’s she shouted to the masses that she was thinking of “Blowing up the White House.”
Tell me. Who did Madonna inspire? Who was in that audience that has decided to take Madonna’s advice? Madonna, another D-Lister, is a revolting person who has become an American Terrorist. This woman, it is rumored, has been contacted by the Secret Service and F.B.I warning her to expect a visit from both. Madonna was desperate enough for attention she threatened murder on our new president’s life. Madonna is Terrorism. Charles Manson is dying in prison right now for not laying a hand on anyone but provoked it with others by talking and getting into their minds. Madonna has done the same thing. By all definitions she is a Terrorist. Someone from NYC, with 911 and the Twin Towers. Of all people, Madonna. Blowing up the White House. Really Madonna? This new reflection we have of you is not positive, it is negative. Are you aware of how asinine you are to billions? Let every hair creep up and be filled with electrical currents – you are being watched. The life you once lead, is gone. Those aren’t the Paparazzi – Madonna, it is the C.I.A – think every neurotic thought because it probably is true. Since you have children, I am quite surprised of your crude disregard. Madonna went from a Has Been Actor and Auto tuned Vocalist, who just happens to still put on vocal tours, while gyrating around the stage to put food on the table. Do you know how many fake free tickets were given out to somewhat help in filling up stadiums, performance venues and the like? Fade to Black Madonna. Your career is over. Exit.

Madonna brutally attacked a man at the Women’s March that day on stage. A man who happens to be our new President of the United States, Donald J. Trump, his wife Melania, his ten year old son Barron and realistically his other children: Donald Trump Jr. Ivanka, Eric, Tiffany – not to mention all of his grandbabies too – all of them, she threatened their lives. You suggested death for them Madonna. You are a horrible woman, how do you sleep at night? Blowing up the White House? Not enough Xanax in you that day? Perhaps too much? Old woman, you aren’t right. You need Jesus!

Ashley Judd may have lost her virtue that day but Madonna lost her acceptance. People have been sent to prison for less. American’s are Angry! Madonna was aggressive, arrogant, wicked and shockingly morbid.
I am surprised she was not handcuffed as she left the stage. I do know this, they are observing you Madonna, so keep the house clean at all times and you may want to keep your Hair and Make-up top notch when out and about. The Federal Government has a particular interest in you now and you are never going to shake them. You really blew it for yourself and family. You inspired thousands of people in an Evil and Ghoulish way, and directed towards, of all people, the President of the United States! You should feel shame.

No more amazing lit up concert performances with you shaking your ass Madonna. No one wants to hear your auto tuned, fake, piped in music. You scare us. You and your creepy Kabala arranged stage (Jewish Mysticism) – see how far that gets you now. Blowing up The White House? Madonna may be finding out soon if Orange, really is the New Black.



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