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My husband Rick and I will soon be celebrating our 31st Wedding Anniversary. Typing out that first sentence my mind was spinning with “huh? – what? – seriously? – 1986? – 31 years? – am I dreaming?” it’s not a dream children, it has been 31 Years and for us it means we stood at an altar, dedicating ourselves to one another in the presence of God, a very long time ago. We were in our then hometown at a sweet Methodist Church. Although Baptist, I was born in a Methodist Hospital, and being only five weeks into the age of eighteen I adored this theme. I’ll spare you the math, in fifteen days, on The Ides of March, I will be turning 49. Moving right along . . .


Rick Hooper, 1985, Fender Squire Stratocaster Electric Lead Guitar

Rick, a once head banging, typical screaming eighties kid, my musically speaking total opposite in every way. I did not listen to Heavy Metal, far from it. I’ll admit it, I have no shame, I grew up in the Music Industry, on stage at 5 and learning much more in schools and private coaching, down to a Jazz Singers/Swing Choir Group. Can you say Glee? How about Odyssey Plus? That was our given name with the Jazz Band backing us up, a time filled with glitter and star lights. Magical! The music stopped playing after marriage, except for occasional weddings. No regrets. Rick was clever and whisked this Southern Gospel, Country, Bluegrass, Opera, Acapella and a host of others, off to Metallica, Ozzy Osbourne, Rough Cutt, even a Live Stage Show of Spinal Tap where we brought our toddler along with us. On a blanket we all sat as Spinal Tap (a parody band) blasted the three of us into kingdom come. I cannot say it has ever been boring. Lots of activity over here. Loads of fun!

Despite all of his musical interests, including Grunge, especially Nirvana in 1992, by 1994 something new was in his hands. Soon it became something he carried every day. Though I had been the major Bible reader in all of the years past, now Rick picked it up and rarely put it down. He even purchased a copy specifically for his lunch carrier. He reads daily, where I focus mainly on Matthew, (especially Matthew 24), Revelations, Daniel, Psalms and Proverbs. The first three being on the subject of Jesus Christ, Second Coming, The Rapture, Heaven, Signs, Visions, Warnings. He however reads every page and not specific chapters. Rick has now finished once again, cover to cover, Genesis to Revelations. He has read everything for the sixth time and now on his seventh. Did I see that coming? Not on your life!

I gush with joy over a man I once knew when he was only 17 and now he is 50. Full circle, he isn’t the person I married but someone who has grown closer to The Lord. The transformation has been incredible, silently watching it all fold out is something the Lord chose to show me, wondrous! Highschool Sweethearts, I have known Rick since April 1984. Who would have thought two years later I would be his wife? Certainly no one would have thought of his favorite book being the Bible. I wish you all could see the smile upon my face right now. The journey has been blessed with the sweetest moments. And through trials, GOD got us through, always.

I watch in awe of my husband, now reading the bible, round Seven, how fortunate I am to have him. God knew what HE was doing when he placed us together. From the first moment, up until this very second, with every beat of my heart, Rick Hooper, I still LOVE – HONOR – RESPECT and KEEP YOU. I am so PROUD of you darling. Reading the Bible, all of it, now on your 7th view, and mastering Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, as well as Bass Guitar. I appreciate just how you are. How you turned out to be. My Man. You are amazing and I Love You.

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