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☀ Sunrise, Sunset ☀ Rivers, Tree’s ☀

Sunrise - River - Backyard

Sunrise – River – Backyard

One of our homes is what Rick has penned “The Sticks.” I’ll say! We have zero light pollution – so far out, you cannot see even the closest city. This does make for incredible Sunrises and Sunsets infact they are as perfect as I have ever seen and I am well traveled. Stars have I never gazed upon before, suddenly appear. We do not need to use his Telescope. They were right there all along. City Living and all the Lights take this away from you, greatly.

Allow me to explain the photograph of the “un-retouched” sunrise taken on Sunday Morning. The darkest part of the photograph is my 6 foot privacy fence, too dark to make it out. However, when you begin to see the tree’s in a perfect straight line that is where I see them too, the fence has reached 6 feet. Therefore it takes up six feet of the view. I wanted it that way. This was intentional. In between the fence is more property that I will mention below followed by a steep bed of white rocks leading to a river. The river is approximately 6-8 feet wide and at it’s deepest? I wouldn’t know. I have never checked, nor will I. If Rick tries something adventurous, like hop in, I will stop him. The heck you say! (grab)

We had scads of rain this Tuesday morning, actually, all day. And don’t even get me started about last nights 50-70 MPH winds. And the gusts? I did not check but I would hate to see the numbers. NOAA said last night, sending out an adorable animated baby duck, falling asleep, waking suddenly and falling right back to sleep. This was to soothe NOOA’s viewers. How nice of them, “ah, don’t worry, just go back to sleep.” – SMDH – I fell for it. Though I love their website, someone needs more schooling in their Meteorology because they were TOTALLY OFF!!! – BEEP – BEEP! – WRONG!

We have a Large PRIVACY FENCE from the sides of the house to the back. Why so Big? Because there is a RIVER back there and I DO NOT want to see it. And I was taking as far as the county would allow – the very front sides. That River. Ah, THAT RIVER! Sure it’s pretty. Indeed, it makes a lovely musical sound. Those knowing me well would think that perk alone would keep my attention and love forever. I’ll listen but I do not want to see. – Call me a kid in a playpen – I don’t care! About 1/4 acre away from the back of the fence is open flat property, even this is a good amount of land and then it leads down to large surrounding rocks and gorgeous full grown tree’s (a small forest) immediately behind it. OOPS! We found out, I don’t like that either, the woods. Apparently I am more of a CITY CHICK than I thought. The Old man (RICK) loves it here, this is his ideal. However, it is not mine. You know what comes with forestry? – ANIMALS and OTHER STRANGE CREATURES THAT I NEVER SEEN BEFORE EXCEPT AT A ZOO! Yeah, that doesn’t work for me at all.

I never thought about buying a home near a river or a wooded setting would involve so much thinking. This would have been all good as a kid, it somewhat was minus the closeness and depth of the water. As an adult? – AT NEARLY 49, even a great swimmer (I took lessons when I was 10 and learned fast.) – (highly recommended, btw, everyone should know how to swim!) – Still the mermaid in me shouts, – I DON’T LIKE IT! – So to satisfy my irritation up came the fence. Is ignorance bliss? – YES! – The tree’s do not bother me but what could live in them does so I have a way to keep them out. But the biggest issue was the river. So the fence is large, the largest in the neighborhood as a matter of fact. A brand new subdivision. After us other people started having theirs put in, even those who do not have a river in their back yard. We found this strange observance hysterical. You know, everything in someone else’s yard is greener or more lush. We still laugh about it. But there is just one more thing I do not like. Subdivisions. I have outgrown them. My age, hahaha, apparently? I don’t want anyone to walk on my grass or through my yard. That was the whole idea. I’ll fence the whole thing up with Iron. Nope, not legal here.

I wanted it completely fenced all around and automatic gated, but I never once thought of asking codes about such matters before buying. Even out in the sticks, or new subdivisions (they don’t care!), with brand new, higher end homes, sadness, it’s a subbie and you are not allowed a fenced in front yard. Sucks to be you! It isn’t this way in all neighborhoods. This is probably a County thing. Other places in this particular state have front fences. Where I lived up North 1968-1982 folks had fenced in yards in the front. Why not here? I have no idea! I wanted an Iron Gated front, all around, though that would have been a problem with the river.

The river was calm and gentle when we bought it, however when rains come, and they do, you can do white water rafting out there and I don’t care for it. I was so disappointed this was literally weeks after we moved in, the rains came and the river rose. And rose. Have mercy – and rose! It went approximately 3 feet ABOVE the rocks. I freaked! It was no where near the home, not enough to get on any of the grass but it went above the rocks. An acre away the home sits. I was not sure what could potentially happen. Fortunately it did not flood.

Eventually we will buy another home, a family with lots of kids would really love it here. We will probably purchase land, have the home built as we want it, right to our specifications and with no rivers, creeks, brooks, or ponds nearby, and definitely – no woods, I’ve learned my lesson. This way, by building on our own private property and not in a subdivision, I can have the whole place Iron Gated front and back, oh yeah baby and with the auto-gate (WooT!) and there will be no reason for a privacy fence so even the back yard will be seen through. For now, it has to be the way it is. Rick said he is getting too old for it. Moving that is. Whatever, he used a moving service last time. I tell ya’ll that is the way to fly! They pack it all up and everything is delivered to your house in a matter of hours! And about Rick and moving, sweetheart? I am looking at you . . . (eye roll)

Don’t get me wrong. I am fortunate to have homes, especially this fenced in one, I am Thankful to God. Some people call it our “Fortress” because of all the fencing. And all the homes here are beautiful and new but when that sun goes down. OY VAY – I don’t even want to think about it – I may not enjoy the sounds of the river this evening. And knowing my husband he will want to go outside unlock the gates and snoop on our own property with his giant sized flashlight. Before you begin to wonder, no, I will not be going with him. There is a very good reason. Coyotes. You know that See-n-Say toy? The COYOTE goes . . . I am now haunted by that toy. I shouldn’t have bought it for my own either. The Coyotes begin and it sounds like sirens, in the middle of the night, then all the dogs say “SHAG OFF! THIS IS OUR HOOD!” and slowly the Coyote sounds leave. They are horrible sounding ya’ll, foreign! So you can see how much I needed our fence and the extremes we went for them. Additionally, I am grateful to everyone out here who owns a dog. God Bless Them. When the dogs holler back, obviously a MUCH BIGGER PACK than the coyotes, they leave. They don’t want no part of that. Whew. I don’t even like talking about them and yes, I never heard one until the age of 48. That is how much city is in me. I have lived rural but never THIS rural.

Well don’t that just figure! – Anyone want to take a guess what it is doing right now? I’ll give you 3 seconds. It’s raining, hard, and to the South-East Big Black Clouds are greeting my eyes, oh that is so spooky — eegads! To top that off, even though it is early in the day heavy fog accompanies it.
Looking up one of the streets I get the chills. And on the day I compose this? Seriously? Is this Ambience? Who put my name down? I won this? Some sort of Bonus Prize straight out of a Film Set? I am starting to think so. Oh but of course! Now that I have spun that all out to you the South East is turning into a purple / red / pink / orange / white. The ominous clouds have vanished. The colors magnificent! The fog? What fog? Gone! I type, look up suddenly and it’s another update. This all happened so quickly – from the superstitious fog and alarming field of vision – to a bright colored, neon sunset. Somewhat like the photograph only turn the lights on.

For now, apparently more rain isn’t coming, though I will check the radar once I publish this. If I type another sentence this may all change again. And I do not want that to happen. The streets are reflecting the sky and it has turned into a plum-purple that is glowing, I must admit, I like it! Oh now why did I do that? I looked up, the red and purples have changed and I see the growing, billowed black clouds of a probable impending thunderstorm. How lovely! I have some radar to look at folks. And so I did, it is all below me, but in a very large line. Right now where I am it is perfectly clear, I see what I believe to be a planet and that Is with a naked eye. No movement so it is not an aircraft. But looking back at this radar. I feel sorry for folks in these states I hope none of that drifts up this way, from Texas to Pennsylvania, all one big storm. It’s like follow the leader. I wouldn’t want to be in the deep south right now because it looks pretty scary. This storm is almost, snakelike. How odd! “Many Signs and Wonders.” – Night ya’ll! – Love, Mrs. Sheri Hooper

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