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☁▲☁ Garage Tornado Shelters ☁▲☁

Tornadoes are apocalyptic with deaths and total devastation every year. Home insurance is outrageous in Tornado Alley, although you do not have to live in such area’s to have a tornado. Los Angeles, California has them now. Who doesn’t? There are no states without tornadoes, period. Technically Tornado Alley is everywhere, with devastation to property, danger to citizens and loss of life. Unfortunately most people do not fear these evil storms and take them with a grain of salt – that is until one comes after them.

With these F1 to F5 Twisters you hear insane stories of cellar doors being blown off and tossed away like a thin cotton sheet and people being sucked out of them. Don’t look for safety in your basement either, they are not much help. Basements often fall in. Considering this odd, paranormal phenomena, think of it this way, basements are not safe, especially in a strong tornado. Basements tumble down and often flood on the people seeking shelter, no other way to put it – a fast way to drown. The best form of safety are those with a garage attached to their home.

These tornado storm safes are like a Bank Safe. They come in many sizes from small to extra large. They hold several people, supplies and pets. This shelter is a thick iron metal that is placed in the garage
and screwed deep into the bottom cement flooring and further into the ground beyond that. These life savers can stand up to a F5 Tornado. Actually, they can withstand more than that. The manufactures tested this out with over three hundred 2×4’s hurled at it with speeds higher than an EF5. F5 Tornado’s have up to 200 MPH winds, though for extra safety the board testing’s were thrown at 300 MPH instead, proving just how safe they are. The shelter, though not like a dug out basement under the top of a house or an outside storm cellar, stays safe.

The entire house can be blown away but this new form of sheltering stays put. There will be no explosions of the Tornado Safe, no debris slamming through the walls or anything falling on your head. Because of it’s construction you will be able to breathe inside and the threat of drowning greatly reduced compared to a measly basement that fills up with water. An entire neighborhood can be blown to shreds, people trapped inside basements, but the garage shelter remains standing, above ground. Anything tossed about around the yard or shelter, neighbors homes and cars demolished, your home flattened, despite all of this there will definitely be at least one thing remaining standing – the garage tornado shelter, straight upright. It may be the only thing standing in your area. Remember I said that.

There are many benefits. The shelter will not detach and take off into the wind. The safe will be securely deep into the cement and ground, it’s not going anywhere. Even if the garage is gone around it, the shelter will remain strong and sturdy like the day it was put in. Another incredible feature are the holes drilled into all the walls so that anyone inside can breathe. Many sleep in these overnight when Storm Warnings are blasted out over Weather Machines. They are comfortable to rest in.

These safe houses also have deconstruction from inside to out incase something is up against the security door. Let’s say a large vehicle is slammed into the protective door. The door did not smash in but you are somewhat trapped. But only for a moment. The shelter will disassemble quickly from all 4 sides, from inside to out. It will easily let you escape no matter what is in front of the door, ceiling or walls. In addition, these are set up with electricity, bunk beds, area’s for pets and family, closets for supplies and many other extra’s depending on what you wish to spend. Keep in mind, even the smallest shelter will save your life.

Who would have thought? A “Garage Bank Safe” large and drilled into the floor gives more protective options for you or your family. Many people also place guns/weapons into these safes. It is a good place for them too, especially those with young children. Garage Shelters are miraculous and save lives. It has already been proven that they stand firm under 300+ MPH winds which is stronger than a F5 tornado. Any home owner needs one in their garage, it is a must have. These garage shelters should be built
into every home with a garage without any thought. Do not fool yourself with a basement. They are not as guarded as once thought. If you are seeking an intact and impervious shelter that will keep loved ones out of harms way, this is the only way to be invulnerable.

Google these safeguards within your city, county, or state and find someone to put one install as soon as possible. They are not as expensive as you might think, not to mention – can you put a pricetag on someone’s life? Do not wait, for reasons only GOD knows tornadoes are happening more frequently and they are striking in all four seasons, not just spring, summer or early autumn, they are preying upon people in the winter as well. No matter where you live.

Remember, basements are insecure, fairly exposed and unprotected. If you want to play it safe have a Tornado Safe Shelter installed into your garage immediately. You and your families lives depend on it. This will be your storm haven and an armory base refuge that will keep the strongest shield around you in the worst tornadic scenario.

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