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MOVE OVER Law – Updated & Enforced!

Beginning July 1st, 2017, tomorrow, this coming Saturday, the new Move Over Law starts for all Tennesseans and those passing through. The Law at this hour is only for Official Vehicles such as Police, Sheriffs, Ambulances, Fire Trucks and the like, however tomorrow the Law
is for all vehicles including motorcycles. If you are driving in Tennessee and you see any car, truck, van, jeep, etc… pulled over on the side of the road with their warning blinkers, flashers, any signals including those placed on the road (generally triangular shaped) pay attention because you must slow down greatly and get into the next lane and/or move away from them. Roads with only 2 lanes must move aside as much as possible, not doing so on Interstates or Country Roads will place a costly ticket into your possession.

With Independence Day (July 4th) coming up there will be an increase in cars on the roads. Be aware of this upgraded Move Over Law that now is set up for everyone. You no longer have to be an Authority Figure. The Law will protect anyone, from any state, on the roads in Tennessee who’s motor vehicles are pulled over. Every citizen or visitor will be further protected should their transportation break down. Whatever reason for them pulling over to the side, you must move away from them immediately into the other lane, slow down and stay as far away as possible.

Law Enforcement and hidden camera’s will be looking for overbearing drivers who refuse to do so. Do not take the risk. Be kind and Move Over – it’s the Law! All travelers have a safe Independence Day, keep in mind and be looking for those pulled over. Obey the new rules in Tennessee because it has expanded to watch over everyone, no matter who they are or where they are from. If you refuse to move away from others you will regret your actions.

Enjoy your Holiday – Happy 4th of July – You are being protected in the State of Tennessee!

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